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Union Rainbow Company Profile October 22. 2013 Overview UNN Background UNN Vision & Competitor Advantage UNN Competitive Advantage Product Profolio/Client.

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2 Union Rainbow Company Profile October 22. 2013

3 Overview UNN Background UNN Vision & Competitor Advantage UNN Competitive Advantage Product Profolio/Client Profile Organization & Division Function UNN/UNTOP/TOJI Photos Appendix: Woven/Knit Work Flow Photos

4 Background  1984: Founded at Taipei, exporter/manufacturer company, start from “promotion-purpose” scarf/bandana products. Established by Sandy Luo & Shirley Hsiao.  1990: Commence partnership w/ Esprit, start export fashion accessory field.  1993: Set up Shanghai office in view of it was the key city of textile in China. VP Jerry Li began to technology transfer to China Factory.  2001: Set up Suzhou office in view of Suzhou location convenience for the material, factory, workmanship & transportation  2001: Set up Sourcing/Design team both at Taipei Headquarter & Suzhou Office  2009: Establish UNTOP manufacture factory

5 UNN Vision & Culture  Company Culture: Customer Satisfaction, Innovative, Proactive, Teamwork, Quality, Integrity, Result-oriented

6 Competitive Advantage  Over 30 years experiences in trading/manufacturing woven and knit scarves, gloves & hats.  Abundance of capital to long-term support sustainable growth business trend.  Originally known on pioneering innovative ability in accessory fields by engaging certain manpowers in sourcing/developing  Rich experiences in accessory industry, systemized organization management, non-guerrilla approach, solid professional foundation to ensure deliver competitive edge over competitors  Effectiveness, quality & efficiency management on every workflow step by strictly follow up SOP & internal KPI requirements  Proactive worldwide sourcing to keep up with the fast- moving fashion trend.  Seamless teamwork to ensure outstanding performance

7 Union Rainbow Product Portfolio Woven, Knit, Yarn Dyed, Printing, Flocking, Embroidery, Jacquard….etc.

8 Client Profile Esprit, American Eagle, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Superdry, EXP, Talbots, Kate Spade, New York & Company, Limited, Cabi, Chico, Enesco, Fat Face, Claires, Jos.A.Bank, Bruce, Gouda, Global, MMF, Piquardro etc.

9 UNN Organization Suzhou Office Optimize Division Function to Achieve Professional Service, following Clients/Division SOP

10 Sales Merchandising Division  Effective, efficiency & customer-oriented discipline  Fast discipline on reacting/interact Client’s requirement  Not only direct interpret client’s requirement, but also considering the marketable, new-tech/trend, cost-efficient & bulk feasibility  Team discussion to provide better solutions.  Bi-weekly in-house training & on site training  Try best to transfer mission impossible to possible  Strickly follow up SOP to ensure deliver quality service

11 Sourcing/Design Division  Bi-Monthly int’l sourcing Web-site Member:WGSN, Stylesight, Fashionsnoops Exhibition: Spinexpo Shanghai,Inter textile Shanghai, Premiere Vision,TITAS, ShanghaiTex,China import & export fair… Market:Yiwu Accessory market, Shanghai Accessory market,Guangzhou fabric market,Keqiao fabric market. Market Survey: Shanghai, Hongkong, Guangzhou, Korea, Tokyo, USA, Paris, Milan. Magazine Style Harper’s Bazaar, Elle fashion,Vogue, Look magazine, Fashion knitting  Proactive worldwide sourcing to keep up with the fast- moving fashion trend.  Periodically sharing new tech/trend. (2014 trend )  Base on trend, monthly creating 30 styles for internal review for further developing reference.  Initiative providing new fabrics/samples to Clients

12 Sample Development Division  Experienced textile-related employees to deliver professional performance  Fully understand Client’s style & brand position  Define different sample status w/ different focus, ex Concept sample focus on style, Proto sample focus on style + cost efficiency + workmanship…etc  Raise up sample risk assessment & modify w/ feasibility as bulk development reference.  SOP 

13 Bulk Development Division  Regular internal meeting & factory production meeting to ensure seamless handover from sample to bulk.  Assign QAs to closely supervise every steps of bulk development  QAs closely inspection on every production steps griege inspection-> different fabric shrinkage management -> printing color accurate not only by lightbox but also colorimeter->Inspection: Inline inspection & final inspection-> internal feedback….  Supplementary: Labeling, logo SOP…  Bi-weekly internal cross-client sample sharing for next improvement reference

14 Other Support Divisions  Factory Audit/Compliance Team: Be sure passed Client’s audit standard: BSCI, QMS, C- TPAT conducted by third audit party (BV/SGS/ITS/IPS)  Shipping Team: Following Shipping SOP, well-organize the booking by internet, forwarder, bill-of-lading, commercial invoice management…  Finance Team: Daily financial function, capital control, review development cost, and planning the next year developing investment according to company strategy

15 Involve UNN Competence to Aggressive Build Good Partnership with Esprit Strengthen: Strong R&D Innovative skills to provide full-range services Basic Service Develop products based on designers’ requirements Augmented ServiceProvide additional solution w/ the strategy of bulk feasibility or lower cost or new technique alternatives … Differentiate Offering on Our Core Competence – R&D Skills Periodically sharing new technique/latest trend of fabric & samples Non-charge on developing new concept samples

16 UNN Div Function

17 UNN Suzhou Showroom

18 UNTOP 1 大門 2 正門 3 工厂前台 4 机织车间 5 机织车间 -- 剑杆机 6 裁剪 7 車縫 8 品檢車間 4 机织车间 9 整燙 13 樣本間 (1) 10 包装车间 11 檢針機 12 成箱 14 樣本間 (2)

19 TOJI 1 大門 2 經編機 2 紗線 (1) 2 紗線 (2) 3 橫機 4 修補 5 手工 6 檢驗 7 包裝 8 整燙 9 包裝

20 Appendix

21 1 上漿機 2 整經 3 盤頭 4 織布 5 驗布 6 打捲 6 折幅包裝 7 框版 7 製版 8 檢查菲林 9製版9製版 10 電腦噴印 10 機印 10 手工印花 10 圓網機印 The Woven Scarf Printing Working Flow-1

22 11 蒸色 12 水洗 13 烘乾 14 定型 15 裁剪 16 車縫 17 整燙 18 包裝 19 檢針機 20 成箱 21 樣本間 (1)21 樣本間 (2) The Woven Scarf Printing Working Flow-2

23 Woven factory 紡紗 Spinning 整經 Winging 整經 Warping 牽經 Drawing Warper CreelWinding 提花版 Jacquard mould 提花機 Jacquard machine 驗布機 Fabric Inspection 撚鬚手工打結 Hand Fringe 驗針機 Needle Inspection 機器撚鬚 Machine Fringe 烘乾機 Dryer 縮絨定型 Finisher 提花機 Jacquard machine

24 Knit - Yarn mill 梳毛机 Carding Engine 紗筒 Yarn creel 倒紗成筒 Yarn re-winding 調色 Color Lab 烘乾 Heating

25 Knit Scarf 3. 經編機 1 紗線 (1) 5. 橫機 6. 修補 7. 手工 8. 檢驗 10. 包裝 9. 整燙 10(1). 包裝 4. 半自動手搖機 Flating 2. 編程序 Structure Programming 9(1) 手套模具 9(2). 帽子模具 9(3). 帽子模具

26 Fabric Printing Machine print Rotary print Digital print Hand paintFoil print by machine Embroidery by machine Foil print by hand Hand print

27 Other Technique Dip dye Burnout velvet Machine fringe Laser cut Spray paint

28 Fake fur mill 織毛條 毛肧 假毛銅版 假毛布

29 Knit factory 編程序 Structure Programming 半自動手搖機 半自動手搖機 B 手套模具 帽子模具 穿紗機 紗筒

30 Necktie factory Woven necktie Knit necktie 領帶定型 烘箱

31 2014 色彩流行趋势






37 Market Survey & Exhibits

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