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TITLE: A Commercial and Newly Patented Advanced Non-Toxic Polymeric Antimicrobial Additive for Plastic Products Including LDPE Masterbatches and Thin Films.

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1 TITLE: A Commercial and Newly Patented Advanced Non-Toxic Polymeric Antimicrobial Additive for Plastic Products Including LDPE Masterbatches and Thin Films International Polyolefins Conference 2011 Evolving Polyolefins Technology for the Global Economy February 27 - March 2, 2011, Houston, Texas Presented by: Gerry D. Getman, Ph. D. BIOSAFE Inc. 100 Technology Drive

2 What is HM 4100? What is HM 4100? Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Quaternary Ammonium Salt “Poly Quat” EPA Reg. No 83019-1 Liquid AntimicrobialDry Polymeric Antimicrobial Water Solution HM 4100 MonomerPolymer Polymer In methanolSolvent free Water or alcohol solvent Surface applications Heat Stable Used in prepolymer systems Solid Surface applications HM 4072 HM 4100 HM 4001 (5)

3 SUMMARY Patented platform technology (US 6,572,926, 6,146,688, 7,858,141, and 7,858,653. that enables poly octadecyl aminodimethyltrihydroxysilyl propyl ammonium chloride to be incorporated into various materials producing permanent bacterial protection of the material. Applications include: Plastics for Packaging, Thin Films, Foams, Activated Carbon, Consumer, Medical, Healthcare, Department of Defense, Homeland Defense and First Response, master batch resins for above applications in addition to building construction materials, industrial surfaces. The polymeric antimicrobial technology is a highly effective, permanently bound antimicrobial providing protection from gram positive and gram negative bacteria, fungus, mold, algae, spores and viruses. EPA label Approval June 1, 2007. Food contact approval in progress. FDA listed as a modifier to medical devices, 510(k)-able

4 Substrate surface Polymer Network SiHO OH N + CH 3 CH 3 CH 3 Cl - Octadecylaminodimethyltrihydroxy-silylpropyl Ammonium Chloride

5 Other Antimicrobials Traditional plastic preservatives Arsenides and other heavy metal compounds Triclosan (Microban) Structurally similar to Dioxin and unstable when exposed to heat or UV light. Drug resistance identified by CDC Silver Ion (Agion) Silver changes product color, not fast acting, environmental concerns over heavy metals, is very expensive BIOSAFE Thermally stable, safe and non-toxic, superior efficacy, excellent color and clarity, competitively priced

6 TEST METHODS ASTM E 2149 Standard Test Method for Determining the Antimicrobial Activity of Immobilized Antimicrobial Agents under Dynamic Conditions “Shake test” – test articles are cut to size and placed in a volume of inoculum containing phosphate buffer and a known concentration of bacteria (E. coli, S. aureus, etc.) JIS Z 2801:2000 Antimicrobial Products – Test for Antimicrobial Activity and Efficacy “Cover test” – test articles are placed in a Petri dish where the surface is inoculated and covered with a glass coverslip -after the test duration, samples are washed in buffer, then serially diluted and plated to obtain colony counts

7 Reporting Antimicrobial Performance


9 Polypropylene vs E. coli – 4 Hour Shake Test

10 Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) – 2 Hour Coverslip Test

11 Conveyor Belt Treatments vs. E. coli – 2 Hour Shake Test

12 TPE vs. E. coli – 24 Hour Coverslip Test

13 PEBAX vs. E. coli – 2 Hour Coverslip Test

14 Nylon (PA) – 1 Hour Coverslip Test

15 Monoprene vs. E. coli – 24 Hour Shake Test

16 Thermoplastic Silicone Vulcanizate vs. E. coli – 1 Hour Shake Test

17 High-Performance TPE vs. E. coli – 2 Hour Shake Test

18 PP/Silicone Rubber vs. E. coli – 2 Hour Shake Test

19 Polyurethane Isogel vs. E. coli – 1 Hour Shake Test

20 Excellent performance against Algae Aquaculture

21 HM 4001 Custom Blend Coating Netbook for international market Coating is effective even after abrasion

22 Non-woven vs. E.coli – 2 Hour Shake Test

23 Non-woven vs. S. aureus – 2 Hour Shake Test

24 Non-woven vs. P. aeruginosa – 2 Hour Shake Test

25 Non-woven vs. MS2 Phage (E. coli) – 2 Hour Shake Test

26 StudyResult Acute DermalLD 50 5050 mg/kg Dermal IrritationCategory IV (slightly) Acute Inhalation>2.19 mg/kg Acute Oral> 5000 mg/kg Eye IrritationCategory III (mildly none of day 4) CytotoxicityNon Cytotoxic Toxicity Studies

27 Medical Products BIOSAFE kills bacteria on contact Product containing BIOSAFE launched, initially for markets outside the U.S. Clinical trial completed for PVC catheter.

28 Pathogen Testing on Face Masks Seasonal flu Avian flu (H5N1) Tuberculosis Francisella tularensis 010min0.512 No treatment (PBS)00000 Face Mask0(-52)(-27) Face Mask +BIOSAFE 939999.999* Shake flask assay of HIV-1 (SF162) - ASTM E2149-01 % reduction in viral load Time post treatment (hr)

29 PE sheet – Bathroom Partitions – Medical Wall coverings – Indirect food contact surfaces Working on food contact label to expand application to cutting boards and food packaging Plastic Materials

30 BIOSAFE provides antimicrobial protection for products in consumer, military, construction, healthcare, water storage, filtration and management, food handling and storage, and general health and hygiene markets. We provide long lasting protection against bacteria, mold, mildew, algae, yeast, and even certain viruses, without promoting the emergence of microbes that are drug resistant. BIOSAFE technology can be compounded in plastics or applied through a surface treatment including proprietary paint systems. E. coli S. aureus MRSA A. niger (fungus) HIV (virus)

31 Non- leaching, permanent antimicrobial protection. Proven to be nontoxic - free of carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxins. Kills instantly by disrupting the cell membrane, eliminating any possibility of mutation, adaptation or resistance. Broad kill range. Environmentally friendly (Green) -EPA approved; FDA and NSF listed. The technology can be used on wide range of materials. Low cost. Excellent optical properties for clear applications. Benefits Benefits

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