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Saint Valentine’s Day. The motto of the lesson: Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none (William Shakespeare).

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1 Saint Valentine’s Day

2 The motto of the lesson: Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none (William Shakespeare).

3 All ages bow to love. One cannot love and be wise. Love is blind.

4 Представление проектных работ учащихся о происхождении праздника и его символах.

5 Pupil 1: Saint Valentine’s Day There is a beautiful legend behind St Valentine’s Day. Saint Valentine lived in Rome in the third century AD. At that time the Emperor of Rome was Claudius who thought that single men were better soldiers than married, so he passed a law which banned marriage. Valentine was a Christian priest who didn’t like the new law. He secretly married people who were in love. One night the Emperor’s soldiers caught him and put him in prison. Many people were sorry for Valentine and visited him in prison. One of them was a daughter of a prison guard. On the day of his execution Valentine wrote a note to her and signed it “Love from your Valentine”. This was on 14 February 269 AD. Since then 14 February has been the Day of Love, when people send love letters and presents to each other. They don’t sign the cards with their names, but write “Guess who” or “Your Valentine”. At first this was a European tradition, but then it became popular in other countries. It came to Russia too, but a lot of people say, “If you love somebody, you should show it every day, not only one day a year.

6 Valentine's Day symbols : roses hearts Cupid doves love knots laces lovebirds

7 to pursue –преследовать; impassioned suitors – страстные поклонники; to enrage – приводить в ярость; thorns – шипы; Pupil 2 Valentine's Day roses

8 red roses mean love and passion yellow roses mean friendship and domestic happiness white roses symbolize unity(единство), sincerity(искренность), loyalty(верность), purity(чистоту) and love, so they are usually for brides(невест) pale pink roses mean gentleness( мягкость ), grace ( изящество ), happiness Pupil 3 Different colours of roses

9 Green roses symbolize growth, life and also relaxation and tranquility (спокойствие) mixing different colors together in one bouquet is an excellent way to convey (передать) a mixture of emotions when one sentiment (чувства) is not enough a mixture of pink and red roses signifies a romantic relationship deep hue (оттенок) of pink roses symbolizes appreciation (высокая оценка) and gratitude (благодарность)

10 to pierce – пронзать, протыкать; to hand over – передавать; to reject - отвергать, отклонять; vulnerability – ранимость; aware – осведомлённый; to derive - устанавливать; prevalent – распространённый; slips of paper — полоски бумаги. PUPIL 4 Valentine's Day hearts

11 mischievous – озорной, непослушный; to trace – находить; errands – поручения; chubby - круглолицый, полнощёкий. PUPIL 5 Cupid

12 lovebirds – небольшие попугаи; in privacy – в уединении; doves (pigens) – голуби; fidelity - верность, привязанность. PUPIL 6 Lovebirds and doves

13 weave (wove, weaved / woven, weaved) – ткать, плести; woven – плетеный, сотканный. PUPIL 7 Love knots

14 сourtesy- правила вежливости; deliberately - преднамеренно, нарочно. PUPIL 8 Valentine’s Day lace

15 Контроль понимания прослушанного. Complete the sentences. 1. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on _____________________________________. 2. On this day people ________________________________________________. 3. The day got its name from __________________________________________. 4. St Valentine went to prison because __________________________________. 5. For romantic people the lovely rose stands for __________________________. 6. According to the legend Goddess Diana turned a beautiful maiden Rodanthe into _____________ and her suitors into ____________. 7. On the wedding day, the bridegroom usually presents his bride ____________ because they symbolize unity, sincerity, loyalty, purity and love. 8. Though it has been scientifically proved that emotions come from the brain heart remains __________________________________________. 9. According to the Roman mythology Cupid has a bow with arrows and anyone hit by Cupid's arrow did not die but ________________. 10. Lovebirds and doves are the symbols of love and loyalty because __________________________________________________________________. 11. The tradition of sending messages through the knots gave birth to the concept of ________________that exist even to this day. 12. When kings and knights went to battles their ladyloves presented ____________ to them.


17 Используемая литература: 1. Кауфман К., Кауфман М., учебник «Happy» 8 кл., - Обнинск: Титул, 2011. – 256 с.; 2. Кузмин С.С. «Русско-английский фразеологический словарь переводчика» - Флинта Наука, 2001 – 766 с.; 3. #module152777473; #module152777473 4.; 5. ine%27s%20day&stype=image&lr=213&noreask=1 ine%27s%20day&stype=image&lr=213&noreask=1

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