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Bienvenido a Guatemala By Crystal Bonaventure Ms.Albuixech 2003-2004.

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2 Bienvenido a Guatemala By Crystal Bonaventure Ms.Albuixech 2003-2004

3 Geography Famous People ArchitectureTraditions History Gastronomy

4 The Mayans In the pre-columbian period the mayans were known for there excelent skills in hunting and gathering.

5 Map of the Mayan Territory

6 Guatemala/Chiapas "My sweet beloved homeland, your voice and my song joined today in exile wound me like a dagger in my soul." Patria, mi dulce amada, tu voz y mi canto unidos hoy en el exilio me duelen como puñal en al alma."

7 . In the Guatemalan government strong executives were known for characterizing their government with the military often playing a major role. Captain general Jose de Bustamente was the ruler of the Kingdom of Guatemala from 1811 to 1818. He repressed all moves toward independence,that maintained the region’s loyalty to Spain.Guatemala had gained it’s freedom from Spain without wars that had ravaged a lot of Latin America. In 1821 Mexico had proclaimed itself an independent empire, that was led by General Agustin de Iturbide. Colonial Period

8 Guatemala achieved its independence on September 15, 1821 when a group of council notable men in Guatemala City declared it independent from Spain.In 1945, a lot of political parties began to form which was represented by one leader. When people wanted agreements to end the long Civil War of Guatemala leftist parties participated in politics., Modern Period

9 Guatemalan Government President Alfonso Portillo Guatemala is a constitutional democratic republic. The president is from the executive branch. The political party ideas areto help their country when It is need of many things. Also many candidates have been attacked because some guatemalan residents think they are unfit to be a president.

10 Guatemalan Economy Guatemala offers coffee, sugar and bananas as their main products. The agricultural sector counts for about one- fourth of the GDP. It also counts for two-thirds of the guatemalan export,and half of the labor force. Coffee beans sugar bananas

11 Guatemalan Industry The industry of Guatemala is the sector is mainly made up of cotton trousers, shorts, fiber skirts, fiber coats, woven shirts, cotton such as threads, cotton yarn dye, poplin, polyester, fleece, jerseys, and terry cloth. Army trousers Woven shirts Poplin in Wisteria Jerseys

12 Guatemalan Population The population of Guatemala is 13,909,384 people. The percentages are 55% Amerindian, 43% whites, and 2% of others. The language they speak is Spanish, Amerindian, Quiche, Cakchiquel, Kekchi, Mam, Garifuna, and Xinca. Mestizos AmerindiansWhites

13 Guatemala Map of regions Guatemalan Weather

14 Gastronomy The Pepian Oysters marinated in lime juice(Ceviche de Ostras

15 Beverages Coffee Tropical Cooler

16 Famous Writers Augusto Monterroso Tegucigalpa, Honduras 1921. Guatemalan writer. He was born in Honduras, but always Guatemalan considered itself since her paternal family was original of Guatemala. This small volume of extremely short fables -- many only a page or a few paragraphs in length -- is a virtuoso display of writing The Black Sheep

17 Famous painters The Hand of God by Mario Madriz Amor Infinite by Mario Madriz. Mario Madriz uses life and death in his paintings.He expresses different situations and feelings that are inspired by Guatrmalan rich culture. Mario Madriz

18 Famous Architect

19 Famous Politician

20 Tradition

21 Folkloric Dress

22 Guatemalan Dishes The Pavoasado is only eaten on Christmas. Rosco-Choux de Cafe The Jarufmachi

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