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StormTech Recommends the “Treatment Train” approach.

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1 StormTech Recommends the “Treatment Train” approach

2 Optional Pretreatment Structure can be placed upstream of chambers. Pre-Treatment ADS Water Quality Structure

3 Pre-Treatment Pretreatment Structure – ADS WQU

4 Pre-Treatment Push Play to see how the ADS WQU works Next Slide

5 Pre-Treatment Isolator Row

6 Chambers Woven Fabric between stone & chamber. This lines the bottom of the Isolator Row. Isolator TM Inlet Control System Wrap Outside of row in a Non-Woven fabric. This isolates the sediment but allows water to escape.

7 Outlet Isolator – Inlet Header Row From Optional Pre-Treatment Isolator TM Inlet Control System Isolator Row can be sized for water quality volume or flow rate Underdrain

8 Diversion Structure From Optional Pre-Treatment To Isolator To Eccentric Header Diversion Weir Nyloplast Basin Isolator TM Inlet Control System

9 Inspection and Maintenance Inspection & Maintenance

10 Chambers Woven Filter Fabric Between Stone & Chamber Manhole Access Point Inspection Ports 24” Access Pipe Inspection & Maintenance

11 During Construction (no flows yet) Inspection & Maintenance

12 After 1 Year of Operation System had very poor inlet protection during installation. Sediment loads in geographical areas that have sanding practices usually only accumulate to 6-7 CF annually. Inspection & Maintenance

13 Jet-Vac Process Inspection & Maintenance

14 Pre-Jet-Vac Post-Jet-Vac

15 Just Prior to Jet-Vac Post Jet-Vac Inspection & Maintenance

16 StormTech’s “Treatment Train” concept removes the majority of sediment (over 80%) from stormwater runoff. By incorporating one part of the treatment train or all you will be providing easy and cost-effective inspection and maintenance for the long-term performance of the underground system. StormTech can assist in CAD layouts which incorporate the use of Water Quality Structures and Isolator Rows. Please call StormTech’s Technical Services department at 888-892-2694 for further information and layout assistance. Inspection & Maintenance

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