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Welcome Mr Fawcett Executive Headteacher. Pledges Rapidly changing nature of education. Times have changed. A committed partnership.

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1 Welcome Mr Fawcett Executive Headteacher

2 Pledges Rapidly changing nature of education. Times have changed. A committed partnership.

3 Pledges ‘Communication with parents will be regular and proactive. We will inform you of all important dates with sufficient advanced notice. Where we have concerns about a student’s progress or behaviour, we will discuss this at the earliest opportunity with parents, and will ask parents to do the same. We will make clear to parents which members of staff should deal with specific concerns, and will ensure that we reply to phone calls and emails within the shortest possible time and allow opportunities for meetings within three days in the vast majority of cases. We will also ensure that we share praise and success as often as possible and will make sure that parents are aware of students’ performance at several points during the school year.’

4 Target Setting Mr Oxford Assistant Headteacher in charge of Data

5 Targets KS4 Target Grade Aspirational, challenging and achievable Based on KS2 entry data Internal data tracking Intervention Support Enrichment


7 SIMS Learning Gateway (SLG) provides secure online access to real-time data in SIMS. Accessible anytime, anywhere, information is available to all those who need it. PARENT section ‘SLG Homepage’

8 Attendance AssessmentBehaviour Pupil Performance Conduct Assessment Contact Details Attendance Behaviour Timetable

9 Reporting Home Increased communication Assessment Points Behaviour, homework and effort Teacher and Tutor comments

10 Who to contact Should you have any concerns regarding data or SLG please contact: Mr Oxford –

11 Expectations Mr Clarke Progress and Achievement Leader for Years 9, 10 and 11

12 Do Now PARENTS – Please remember five of your favourite moments from your school life. Now I look back and I think; ACHIEVEMENT

13 Achievement and Progress………….. I am here to make sure your son/daughter ACHIEVES their potential. If your child is finding things difficult in specific subjects or there are key issues are getting in the way, I am here to get rid of these barriers and allow PROGRESS to occur.

14 The Team Mrs L Howard – Pastoral Support Manager for Years 9, 10 and 11. For any issues that arise during the day, Mrs Howard is always available to meet or discuss concerns with both parents and students. Mrs Howard has set up the Anti Bullying Programme, to ensure all students feel safe at Alfreton Grange.

15 Rewards 1 Merit = Awarded for good contribution within the classroom. 2 Merits = Excellent work within a lesson. 3 Merits = Outstanding efforts and excellent achievements. 5 Merits = Student of the Week – Nominated by form tutor. 5 Merits = A senior member of staff acknowledges excellent contribution to the school. Certificates will be awarded in Reward assemblies throughout the year when students hit a Merit milestone. (25 merits, 50 merits etc.) Rewards trips across the academic year.

16 Behaviour Pledge ‘We will ensure that behaviour policies are applied consistently so that learning takes place in calm and focused classrooms, free from disruption, and that students who need support to improve their engagement with learning receive this.’

17 Behaviour Low level disruption Teacher intervention FORMAL WARNING Second formal warning FACULTY BUDDY Faculty Detention (40 minutes on set date) Refusal to go to buddy, continued poor behaviour SLT INVOLVEMENT Seclusion for remainder of lesson, SLT Detention (60 minutes)

18 So what do we expect? At the beginning of every lesson pupils complete a DO NOW activity. Uniform to be correct - checked at the Threshold. Attendance – access all learning, controlled assessments and coursework deadlines. Punctuality. To be involved in the lesson, not just present in it. Seek advice and support. Follow clear expectations of homework and classroom rules.

19 Progress and Support - High Expectations At Alfreton Grange we really believe that every child matters and we focus on students enjoying their studies, developing skills and achieving success as they grow into young adults. We have high expectations of all our students and we expect them to rise to the challenge and realise their full potential. Our mission is to be a school that celebrates the achievements of each and every individual. We aim to be celebrating with your son/daughter, when they receive their GCSE grades in August 2016.

20 Marking Pledge Students’ work will be marked regularly and promptly according to school policy and relevant feedback will be given to students to support them in developing their work further.

21 Teaching Pledge Lessons will be delivered by teachers who are qualified and competent in that subject. This means that all lessons will be taught to a school agreed standard. There will be a far greater consistency of staffing and staff absence will be much reduced. This means that the number of teacher changes during the year, which was a cause of significant concern last year, will be greatly reduced.

22 Who to contact Your child’s form tutor; 10SCL – Mr 10SAD – Ms Adani – 10JJO – Mrs Johnson – 10NCR – Mr Critchley – 10CFI – Mrs Fairclough – Attendance and Welfare Officer- Mrs West – Pastoral Support Manager- Mrs Howard – Progress and Achievement Leader- Mr Clarke –

23 RPA/IAG/Homework Mr Bowling Head of Sixth Form Mrs Hill Deputy Headteacher

24 RPA Raising the Participation Age Post-16 choices much the same Requirement not a recommendation Complete year twelve and thirteen

25 Your Options Employment with training Apprenticeship Sixth Form College 20 hours voluntary work

26 Employment A Job! Paid – minimum wage? Now has to include training Unemployed and experienced people Careers interviews in school

27 Apprenticeships Employer + young person + trainer Paid - £100 approx. per week (more?) National online matching service National Apprenticeship week, February Workshops in school

28 Sixth Form Local option - AGAC Other Sixth Forms 16 to 19 year olds only Usually A-levels and other courses Strong care and support

29 College / Further Education Derby / Chesterfield / Nottingham …. Travel involved Mixed with adult students Vocational courses offered Low level courses offered also

30 Voluntary Work Not paid! 20 hours per week minimum Local or further away? Placement organisations available Training – experience – qualifications?

31 Information, Advice and Guidance Careers workshops in PSHE Individual careers interviews with an advisor (Summer Term) Opportunities to engage in enrichment programmes with business partners Work experience (June 2015) Drop-in careers surgeries

32 Homework Homework will be set regularly in all subjects and in all year groups according to the school policy which will be shared with students and parents early in the new term. We will provide support for students who may find completion of homework difficult and we will always make sure that students have the appropriate resources and time to complete the homework effectively. Expectations

33 Who to contact RPA enquiries Mr. Bowling - IAG Mrs Hill –

34 Supporting your child at home Mr Smith Deputy Headteacher

35 A list of 8 songs: You’ve got 2 minutes to memorise them! Thinkin’ Samson And Delilah’s Beauty Shop Romeo’s Tune The Sweet Love That You Give The Oil Song You Cannot Win If You Do Not Play My Stolen Identity J-E-S-S-I-C-A

36 How did you do? Who can name all 8? How did you go about it? Did you all do it the same way? Who sang them? Why have you got to learn them? How do I learn?

37 Categories America South America Caribbean ‘Small’ Europe Western Europe Eastern Europe Soviet Europe Middle East Indian sub-continent Far East Pacific/Oceania Africa

38 How to revise Traditional methods (based on a survey of old people)



41 An experience … not a chore!

42 The New Regime The right environment Innovative techniques Proven techniques

43 Visually organise notes Create wall-hangings/posters Arrange posters Use variety of colours

44 Proven techniques Use mind maps and flow charts Discussion Podcasts and recordings

45 Proven techniques #1 technique – testing Exam questions Quizzes

46 Mr Smith’s Top 3 Involve parents in quizzing Post-its everywhere Utilising downtime … the innovative techniques

47 Innovative techniques

48 Organise your work on a tablet (do you have an iPad or similar at home??) Evernote/Studyblue

49 A typical exam week

50 How much time do you really have? What have you got to revise? What have you got to work around? Agree the times to do the work

51 Repetition is the key to remembering

52 Example Revision Schedule

53 Build a revision wall Be imaginative!

54 How to help: further hints Testing knowledge Set and mark practice papers Identify areas of weakness Record marks to show progression Allow them to use the house to aid revision

55 How can you make your child feel supported? S – Stop nagging U – Understanding P – Praise P – Practice, practice, practice O – Organisation (files, wall charts) R – Revision guides (in house, commercial) T – Time management E – Encouragement D – Daily routine

56 Final advice Don’t allow your child to be complacent Good results do not come without hard work Reward the effort rather than the results GOOD LUCK!

57 Thank you Many thanks for attending this evening. Faculty staff and form tutors are available for you to talk to at the end of this event should you have any further questions. We really appreciate your feedback and would be grateful if you could take the time to complete the parental survey. These will be collected by our Senior Students as you leave this evening.

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