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Freddy Cardoza, Ph.D. Department Chair, Christian Education Talbot School of Theology November 2014.

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2 Freddy Cardoza, Ph.D. Department Chair, Christian Education Talbot School of Theology November 2014


4 Professional Networking Plan to Ascend into the Academy

5 Some of What It Generally Takes To Get An Academic Position

6 How You THINK About Your Academic Search Is Crucial To Your Success

7 Mind Your Mentality Avoid Naiveté (idealistic lack of objectivity) Avoid Negativity (pessimistic attitude) Avoid Cynicism (contemptuous attitude)

8 Simple Realities There are lots of good teachers who aren’t teaching There are lots of qualified but unemployed people There are lots of credentialed but jobless Ph.D.’s Schools can’t hire people they don’t know Administrators won’t hire people they don’t like What you’ve done thus far hasn’t produced desired results You can do more than you’re currently doing in the search Pity parties should last minutes, not days, weeks, or months Building a stronger network is your responsibility

9 During Your Search, Beware of Over-Reliance On Your Institutional President, Provost, or Dean Your Doctoral Program Director Your First, Second, or Third Reader Your Favorite Past Professors Schools at Which You Studied Those You Believe “Promised You” a Job Other “Saviors”

10 Helpful Mentalities for a Sustainable Academic Job Search This is my life, my dream, and my problem My profs/readers have academic programs to run My profs have more students graduating this year My profs have more new students coming in My profs did their own search process in the past My doctoral program isn’t a placement service My profs trust in God’s sovereignty to help me

11 The quality and quantity of relationships you have with others who are in or related to higher education equals the strength of your professional network Under normal circumstances, your network will directly affect the length and degree of difficulty in your academic search process

12 Understanding Networks You Need Quality Networks You Need a Quantity of Diverse Networks –Building them takes time (not built overnight) –Building them takes effort (payback is proportional) –Building them requires humility –Waiting for them to produce requires patience

13 Five Aspects of Good Networking 1.Gathering Ideas and Deciding on a Multi- Pronged Strategy 2.Intentionally Invest Time in Different Depths of Relationships 3.Building Diverse Types of Networks using Diverse Tools 4.Supplying Select Content to Different Networks 5.Calling on Select Individuals or Networks to Help Meet Needs at Appropriate Times, Proportionate to Your Contribution to those Persons or Networks

14 Invest in Different Depths of Relationships IntroductionAcquaintanceFriendConfidant Every Relationship Starts Somewhere… and it’s time for you to build new and deeper ones

15 Do This 1.Identify people in key places and positions, or related to people in key positions of academic interest to you in order to build a relationship with them (it’s about trust and relationships) 2.Identify the level of relationship you have with them currently 3.Take purposeful steps to start or to move that relationship to the next level.

16 4.Work to Broaden Your Network by Inviting People You Already Know (1 st Degree) to Help You Cultivate New Relationships within their Networks (both 2 nd and 3 rd Degrees of Separation) 5.Once Those People are Within Your Network, Work to Edify, Assist, and Influence Them- not merely hustle them

17 6.As you influence those people, your reputation with them and others will grow 7.As your reputation grows, your impact deepens and broadens. This influence is what we call “leadership” and such people are sought after by strategic institutions

18 Build Diverse Types of Networks Using Diverse Types of Tools Traditional Networks College Alumni Grad School Doctoral Program Academic Societies Academic Interest Groups Campus Visits Social Networks LinkedIn LinkedIn Groups Twitter Google+ Facebook Bebo Orkut Other Diverse Types of Tools SlideShare YouTube Wikispaces WordPress Instagram Flickr Pinterest Prezi Other

19 Build and Check your Klout Currently, a “60” Klout score means a person wields more influence than 90% of everyone online. People in the 60s-90s have increasingly influential web presence

20 The NET is for NETworking

21 Diverse Networks and Tools Build Expansive Vocational Possibilities

22 Supply Select Content To Different Networks - the following are “ideas” not necessarily endorsements of products -they are designed to help you think more about how you might develop a stronger relationship network to help you in your search Don’t be anyone you’re not. But DO use everything possible to your advantage You can choose to do none of these ideas. What you decide to do for your ministry and career is your choice.


24 Blogs

25 Video Blogs and Video Resume Exploit YouTube

26 SlideShare

27 Twitter

28 Wikis

29 Podcasts

30 Pinterest

31 Instagram

32 Other Creative Ideas: Social Email Signatures,, others

33 Overcome your fears and insecurities Use social media to add to the conversation Use social/digital media to create content, not just consume it Do give great insights and advice Do ask for help while adding value to those helping you Do find some evangelists for you Don’t be the obnoxious, excessive self- promoter Remember that visibility helps you get noticed and therefore, creates opportunities In the meantime, turn your passion into a position (example: JasonNorris)

34 How Else Can Different Types of Select Content Be Fed to Our Networks in Order to Build Networks? Discuss

35 Your Media Kit

36 What IS a Media Kit? Why a Media Kit? My Most Recent: Act like it’s obvious that someone/everyone should have one when someone remarks about it– that takes pressure off you Don’t shrink or exhibit embarrassment if/when they say no one else has one Realize what a professional edge this is for you if you have one and reference it in your interview discussions

37 SUGGESTION Write Down What Might You Want To Share with Others In Order to Introduce Yourself, Show Your Competencies, and Go Beyond What a CV Can Do That’s the Content You Should Try To Put Into a Media Kit

38 Building Your Media Kit Start with http://About.me – –Consider a full-blown website (blog, etc.) Identify Categories and Headings Create a Digital or Physical Media-Kit? (both) Items In Your Media Kit

39 Building Your Media Kit –Tools Youtube,,,,, sume-template, sume-template –Tip: Show savvy with media and technology –It’s easier than you think to do some of these things. Overcome your internal objections (“I already earned a Ph.D., what else do I have to do?”) and learning curve, and act. Action extinguishes fear.

40 Final Important Considerations

41 A Few Final Professional Nuggets Beyond your degree and CV, you will need more skills you probably don’t have now. Find resources to help you (,, etc.) Your reputation– including positive presence in new media– is one of the most important things you have. Build then protect your online reputation. Also, if you’re absent on new media, it’s “money left on the table.”

42 The one with the most connections sometimes wins– it’s not only what you know Remember the “Rule of One:” It only takes ONE call/person/contact/opportunity to change your life. Everything you’re doing is meant to find that One. Train Yourself to Think like an Entrepreneur You are the future– a large number of professors are only a few years from retirement.

43 Your career is in YOUR hands– no one else’s Though your career and calling are not a game– commit the energy to it that makes it a job-like priority (make your job getting an academic job), but also make the search more of a game than a chore. Think Stratego Become a master at Soft Skills, Emotional Intelligence, and Presence/Decorum Become savvy on online and digital tools for the disruption that appears on the horizon


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