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Life through a Lens – The student view of the first 3 weeks of university life Nicola Poole.

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1 Life through a Lens – The student view of the first 3 weeks of university life Nicola Poole

2 Based in Learning and Teaching Development Unit Student Retention Officer 11 years in UWIC Remit is to investigate the student voice Use the findings for enhancement purposes Aid retention of students at University Link with Student Union, Programme Leaders, Student Reps

3 Previous Research Student Withdrawal Survey Diary Room First Year Experience Survey Focus Groups

4 UWIC Through a Lens Why the Induction Period? Withdrawal Stats Withdrawal Survey Responses First Year Experience Survey UWIC Through a Lens

5 Project Outline Aim – to learn more about the undergraduate experience of UWIC in first 3 weeks of term, by understanding more clearly what is considered a positive/negative experience in order to maximise whole experience, social and academic Students were given a notebook and a disposable camera and asked to record in the notebook the reasons behind any picture that was taken Examples were given of what to take photos of Something that makes you smile Something which annoys or delays you

6 Issues between pilot and full project Pilot Fresher's Fayre stand, incentive of prize draw for returned cameras Staff knowledge of project and willingness to allow photos Low response rate, contacting students further proved difficult, no control over campuses attended Full Connection with specific programmes Different campus bases chosen Met with students alongside programme tutors/ice breaker Collection by programme tutor

7 Results – Thematically Analysed Academic life Finance Social Issues and Coping strategies

8 Student Card – didn’t realise how important this would be

9 Workload – if you don’t keep on top of your work from the very beginning then it will pile up and be a lot all at once

10 Icebreaker in first week, glad I am not the only one who is worried!

11 First class presentations – scary, but glad to get it over with

12 Timetable – this is very confusing, when you first look at it and also the tutor group is every 2 weeks, but which week does it start on? There is also room changes on the timetable that you have to look out for (and those that aren’t!)

13 Pictures and Comments Cost of taking money out of UWIC’s cash machine is expensive

14 The price of my textbook, can’t believe how much they cost and how many we may need

15 Yummy coffee – a lifeline when in college all day – would be good if it was cheaper

16 Managing money – this is one thing that you have to learn quickly. You need to budget for food, clothes, extras. Parents can sometimes forget to tell you about them all

17 Traffic and travel 

18 Shopping at Tesco – an annoying chore, students at first do not realise how much shopping for the week costs and how many bags you need to carry back to your flat

19 Freshers week freebies!!

20 First drink in taffy’s bar, ideal to get to know new people

21 Something to pass time is going to Llandaff fields. It is a welcomed break from coursework and confusing lectures. I took this photo because you need time away from all your work

22 Laundry – I can work the washing machine at home, but these machines are worse. It takes ages for the machine to work out how much money you have put in and then there are several buttons to press. I have got the hang of it now.

23 Lots of paperwork, need to be organised

24 On facebook – catching up with friends from home

25 Dirty dishes in the sink annoy me

26 Typical student room – messy! So much has been happening, lectures and getting to know my flatmates, that I’ve neglected my room a bit. Took this to show how busy students can be or maybe how lazy they can be!

27 Letters and cards from friends and family. Make you miss everyone from back home, but I am grateful for the cards and knowing everyone is ok at home

28 Cleaning with a dustpan and brush. Never realised how often you have to clean up. Especially how dirty the floor keeps getting

29 How the information has been used Top Tips guide Information for School Liaison Officer Induction Projects Student Union Programme induction information Student Led Induction

30 “Good teaching means seeing learning through the learner’s eyes” - Ramsden, 1998, p.353. Education providers must be both proactive and reactive in terms of listening and responding to the ever-changing needs of HE students Continually enhance the student learning experience and inform strategy

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