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Awards, Contests, and Scholarships. I Can Be Recognized? That’s right! Every Key Clubber has some chance to be acknowledged for their hard work throughout.

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1 Awards, Contests, and Scholarships

2 I Can Be Recognized? That’s right! Every Key Clubber has some chance to be acknowledged for their hard work throughout the year. You can receive recognition for things like: Doing an outstanding job as an officer. Participating in major projects. Raising a large amount of service hours. Participating in contests. Don’t forget about your adults! Think your Sponsoring Kiwanis Club, Kiwanis Advisor, or Faculty Advisor is amazing? Applications can be turned in for them to be recognized also!

3 Definition of a Service Hour It is important to know the District’s approved definition of a service hour because if you report hours incorrectly, you may be disqualified from awards that use hours in their criteria.

4 What Counts as a Service Hour? Projects pre-approved or organized exclusively by the individual Key Club Any project that contributes to the overall betterment of the community Book drives, food drives, or any other drive benefitting others (the service is the actual time worked to collect, count, package, plan, and/or deliver the objects) Time spent planning for a project. Serving as a host club at District Convention (actual time worked, not time attending convention) When reporting hours on Pride Reports or applications for awards, only hours worked by dues paid members of that Key Club can be recorded. No outside volunteers can count towards these hours.

5 What Doesn’t Count as a Service Hour? Attendance at DCMs, KCKCs, Zone Rallies, DCON, and ICON (Exception: when a service project is done at this event, only the time spent doing the project counts.) Club and board meetings. Socials or church services (attending worship services, etc) Anything considered to be a chore or that is supposed to be done Fundraisers for the individual Key Club’s own use (Example: raising money to have an end of the year banquet or to attend DCON) Time spent not working during overnight service projects (eating, sleeping, etc) Providing transportation for members or time spent going to and from a service project NOTE: Clubs may award additional hours for incentive purposes or purposes for their own records, however they must not be reported to the District as Key Club service hours.

6 Types of Awards Portfolio Awards : application completed in a ‘portfolio’ format, like a folder or binder No Application Required : based on club performance as reported on Pride Reports or through dues payment Application Required : based on specific criteria Conference Contests : submitted at District Convention District Awards : given by the District Board, Governor, or District Administrator Key Club International Awards : sent to and reviewed by KCI

7 Types of Awards: Portfolio Awards Robert W. Thal Outstanding Sponsoring Kiwanis Club Jack Gander Outstanding Key Club Faculty Advisor J. Walker Field Outstanding Kiwanis Advisor

8 Types of Awards: No Application Required Early Bird Dues Governor’s Citation Pride Report Submission Award Key Club Service Award UNICEF/ELIMINATE Fundraising Award (Key Club Int’l)

9 Types of Awards: Application Required Distinguished Club Editor Distinguished Club Treasurer Distinguished Club Secretary Distinguished Club Vice-President Distinguished Club President Distinguished Class Director Distinguished Member Every Child a Swimmer G. Harold Martin Outstanding Club President Governor’s Project Banner Patch Governor’s Project Member Badge Ribbon K-Family Relations Award K-Family Ties Banner Patch UNICEF/ELIMINATE Fundraising Award Malcolm K. Lewis Key Club of the Year Award

10 Types of Awards: Convention Contests Oratorical Contest *Talent Contest *Club Poster: Non-Digital *Club Poster: Digital *Club Video Distinguished Club *Year in Review: Scrapbook Non- Traditional *Year in Review: Scrapbook Traditional *Single Service Award Club Project Display Club T-Shirt *Major Emphasis Program

11 Types of Awards: District Awards Recognize Key Clubbers on the District level Judged and awarded by the Board of Trustees and/or the Governor G. Harold Martin Fellowship Distinguished Lieutenant Governor Leader of Leaders Most Improved Division Most Outstanding Division Outstanding Board Member Robert A. “Bob” Parton Outstanding District Committee Chair

12 Types of Awards: Key Club International Awards Given by Key Club International All applications must be sent to KCI Recipients are recognized at International Convention Advisor Recognition Program Outstanding Sponsoring Kiwanis Club Recognition Program Distinguished District Bulletin Editor Distinguished District Treasurer Distinguished District Secretary Distinguished District Governor Robert F. Lucas Outstanding Lieutenant Governor

13 Scholarships! There are several scholarships available to seniors in Key Club Go to or look in the Awards, Contests, and Scholarships packet for details on eligibility and how to apply!

14 So… How Can I Start? Don’t waste time! Do the best you can do! Take initiative!

15 Want to Know More? There are plenty of ways to find information about awards! You can: Contact the Awards Committee Check the Key Club International Site’s Awards Resources. Look out for the Awards, Contests, and Scholarships Packet on the Florida Key Club site! Check the packet for details on deadlines and where to send your materials!

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