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Gamification Design and Analytics Literature Review by Yongwen Xu.

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1 Gamification Design and Analytics Literature Review by Yongwen Xu

2 Definition

3 Wikipedia Gamification is the use of game design techniques and mechanics to solve problems and engage audiences.

4 Academia Gamification is the use of game design elements in non-game contexts Sebastian Deterding: Toward a Definition, CHI 2011

5 Game Non- Game DesignAnalytics Gamification

6 The Time line

7 Feb 2010 TED: Gaming can make a better world Jane Mcgonigal, PhD, researcher, game designer Time line

8 March 2011 SXSW Keynote Seth Priebatsch, Princeton dropout, founder of SCVNGR Last decade: Social Layer construction is over Next decade: Game Layer construction just begun Time line

9 July 2011 Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Time line

10 Gartner By 2014, a gamified service will become as important as Facebook, eBay … By 2014, more than 70 percent of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application By 2015, more than 50 Percent of companies will gamify their Innovation processes Time line

11 Why Game Now ? Demographics Shift Money Shift Time Shift

12 Demographics 72% US Head of household play computer and video games 96% of youth under 18 play 40% gamers are women 25% gamers are over age 50 average US gamers is 35 years old Shift Jane Mcgonigal, Epic Win

13 Money $65 billion video games industry Gaming industry is now bigger than DVD, box office, book, music Shift Reuters, Jun 2011

14 Time Angry Birds is played 100 million hours each month = Time to create entire Wikipedia each month by age 21, average gamer plays 10,000 hours = Time to acquire a true expertise 100 million hard-core gamers spend more than 20 hours a week = JOB Shift

15 Jane McGonigal: Epic Win Albert Einstein, an avid chess player :

16 Gamification Examples

17 Daily Life: Chore Wars Gamification Example

18 Gamified Health: Nike+ Gamification Example

19 Corporation : Samsung Gamification Example

20 Gamification: Non-game Related but Not: Serious game Playful interaction Sebastian Deterding: Toward a Definition, CHI 2011

21 Serious Games FoldIt World without Oil

22 Playful Interactions

23 Design Game / UX Gamification

24 “The purpose of all video games is to train a player to work harder while still enjoying it …” - Nick Yee, PhD, the Daedalus Project Pioneer Researcher in “World of Warcraft” (MMORPG) Design


26 “… and the success of games demonstrates how seductive and concealed the work treadmill can be” - Nick Yee, Understanding mmorpg addiction Design

27 Flow Design

28 Player Types Design Amy Jo Kim’s Social Actions (2010) Bartles Player Types (1996)

29 Gamification Design 1.0 Sebastian Deterding: Meaningful Play Design

30 Game Dynamics Techcrunch: SCVNGR’s Playdeck “Game layer is about Influence…” “ At SCVNGR we like to joke that with any 7 game dynamics, you can get anyone to do anything.” Seth Priebatsch, welcome to the decade of games (2010) Design

31 Gamification Service Industry

32 Open Source Gamification

33 July 2011 Gartner Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies Time line

34 “Exploitationware” Time line August 2011

35 Gamification = “Pointification” Critiques Gamification = Extrinsic rewards

36 Gamification 2.0 Desig n Amy Jo Kim, PhD. Smart Gamification. GDC 2011

37 Four Keys to Fun Desig n Nicole Lazzaro, Designing Emotional Engagement, BayCHI 2010

38 Intrinsic Motivation Desig n Stephen Anderson, Sustaining passionate users, 2011

39 Game Non- Game DesignAnalytics Gamification

40 Where is the result? Analytics WoW In-game Player Metrics Social Game Metrics Zynga : Data Driven Design

41 Top social game metrics Analytics Entry Event Distribution Messages per user Click-Through Rates (CTR) Virality (K-factor = Message / Users * CTR) Engagement (time on site) Exit Event Distribution Retention – revisit rate

42 E-score Analytics Recency : How long ago did they visit? Frequency : How often did they come back? Duration : How long did they stay? Virality : How many people have they told about you? Rating : How did they rate you? Gamification Metrics ?

43 Conclusions Current state of Gamification: extrinsic rewards Simple Gamification may work in short time Need good game design to make it sustainable Need more data

44 Game Design in Kukuicup 1.Engage participation 2.Effective energy education 3.Encourage energy behavior change Game Design Goals

45 Game Elements Points Leaderboard Badges Quests Notification Game Dynamics Unlocking Appointment Social Bonus Referrals

46 Game Design in Kukuicup Integration of real world (meter, workshop, excursion) and virtual world (points, raffles)

47 Game Design in Kukuicup Scaffolding and raffle Player journey to mastery

48 Research Questions How to use game to motivate effective learning? How to use game to motivate sustainable behavior change? What data we need for analysis and how? What is the unique challenge in gamifying energy conservation? How to extend the game engine beyond energy conservation?

49 Thank You !

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