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Study In 1 Samuel Presentation 16. David And Goliath Chapter 17v 1-58 Presentation 16.

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1 Study In 1 Samuel Presentation 16

2 David And Goliath Chapter 17v 1-58 Presentation 16

3 Introduction Last time we noted the juxtaposition of two significant verses in ch. 16 v13 and 14... the Sprit of the Lord came upon David and departed from Saul. Saul's deterioration and disintegration of life and personality begin in earnest at this time. The Philistines seek to take advantage of the news of Saul's "condition" and they mount a fresh offensive against Israel. Evil will attempt to advance when it appears that God has withdrawn from the field. Presentation 16

4 God’s Strategy But God had only withdrawn from one man, he uses this attack to further promote his man David in the eyes of Israel. Both armies assumed strategically sound battle positions on the top of high ground. A valley separated them. But the Philistine's secret weapon was Goliath cf. Num. 13.32ff Josh.1 1:21 22. Consult your Guinness book of records and tall as he was Goliath would not be a record breaker. A code of convention in ancient warfare made provision for the challenge of single combat with a "winner takes all clause”. Presentation 16

5 God’s Strategy Israel were dismayed. They thought they had no chance! Their obvious champion, Saul, [tall in stature though he was 9.21] had little will to fight. Saul was terrified and kept in his tent. The Holy Spirit had withdrawn and as a result Saul's leadership qualities were thereby eroded. Samuel had departed the scene, and Saul had little confidence in God. Whenever faith, which is sustained by the Holy Spirit, is eroded we find it increasingly difficult to face obstacles. In addition there is a growing lethargy about becoming involved in the work of God. And as a result the Goliath's that cross our paths when we are in this condition easily humiliate and demoralise us. Presentation 16

6 God’s Strategy David is sent to the battlefront by his father Jesse in v17. Why send David, who was tending his sheep, when there were another five brothers at home? God is the Lord of history and he had his own message to send to the battlefront! Time and again in scripture we see God in control of apparently ordinary and insignificant events but they have monumental consequences for his work. Presentation 16

7 God’s Strategy If we could see history in general and the history of our lives in particular from this perspective we would have a new respect for their ordinariness. On arrival at the battlefront, David is shocked by the arrogance of Goliath and is controlled by a consuming passion for the good name and glory of God 17v26,36. God's glory is something that should influence our thinking not least in situations of spiritual conflict. Presentation 16

8 David’s Zeal One of the remarkable things about David is the way in which his zeal for God's glory was sustained throughout his life. For a concern for God's glory is something that we can lose by imperceptible degrees. And we begin to laugh at some of the things we did in the zeal of our first flush of love for Jesus not long after our conversion. But sometimes behind that laughter we are found trying to justify the loss of impetus and concern in our hearts for God's glory. Presentation 16

9 David’s Zeal David out of concern for God's glory is prepared to take on the giant. However, conceit is the motive that David's brother Eliab attributes to him v28. Was he trying to cover the fear in his own heart and therefore more concerned to put David down than praise his zeal and courage? David is not controlled by presumption or bravado but by faith v32.... This faith had been nurtured out of the limelight in the mountains around Bethlehem. Presentation 16

10 David’s Zeal We often dream about becoming giant- killers for God but the faith that slew Goliath was forged on the Bethlehem hillside where, away from the limelight, David faced the lion and the bear. Secret personal preparation is an important foundation for public ministry. This background helps us to understand David's rejection of Saul's armour v38ff. Saul expresses his confidence in human arms while David chose to place his confidence in the God whom he knew and whose help he had experienced. Presentation 16

11 David’s Victory Goliath is incredulous that an armourless boy should come out against him. He did not "see" David's invisible armour - his faith in God. Goliath unsuccessfully attempts to psyche out his opponent in v43 but only succeeds in uncovering his own pride. It is too late to tell him pride comes before a fall cf. Isa. 14v13,14. Because David was fighting for God's honour he expected victory. And that victory was something that he knew all Israel could enter into. Presentation 16

12 David’s Victory This incident illustrates what Paul is teaching in Rom. 5 about the representative headship of respective humanities. Adam’s defeat in the Garden of Eden had a knock-on effect for all of humanity, while Jesus’s victory as the representative head of a new humanity enables those who are united to him by faith to enter into his victory. Jesus defeated sin and death on his people's behalf and as their champion. Hallelujah! Presentation 16

13 David’s Victory Compare on a map David's victory with that of Saul in 14v23,46. David strengthened by the word of God and endued with the Spirit of God advanced God's purposes more than Saul ever did. This victory brought David to a place of prominence in Israel and showed him to be a man of supreme courage. And it all started as a result of David doing a very ordinary chore. Critics of the O.T see a discrepancy between Saul's question in v55 and his knowledge of David in ch. 16. But the text does not indicate that he doesn't know David. Saul begins to show a particular interest in David at this stage not least because there are the stirrings of jealousy and fear in his heart. Presentation 16

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