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PORTFOLIO H5 „Management of own energy”

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1 PORTFOLIO H5 „Management of own energy”

2 Questions to you Why do we need to manage our energy? How can I manage my energy effectively? Why is energy management more important than time management? What depletes your energy?

3 What is personal energy? Energy: ability to intense action as a feature of a man it is the power and strength Anyone can achieve a high level of energy https://encrypted-

4 The key to being fully involved and productive in life is to utilize the four key sources of energy

5 Physical Energy Physical Energy Emotional Energy Derived from sleep, rest, healthy food and exercis e  Strength  Capability  Stamina  Sustaining power Derived from our ability to control our emotions by understanding our personality types  Patience and dedication  Tolerance  Desire

6 Mental Energy Mental Energy Spiritual Energy derived from developing the different aspects of our mind, IQ,  Memorizing power  Mental strength  Enthusiasm  Confidence http://w Learning_How-to-Increase-Your-Energy-Levels- energyhttp://w Learning_How-to-Increase-Your-Energy-Levels- energy, s.6,7 Connection, self-awarness  Soul presence  Attentiveness  Predictability desire 13259548.jpg



9 Generating of Emotional Energy DecreaseIncrease  Excess of responsibilities  Boredom  Perils of life  Low self-esteem  Working under the constant pressure of time  Inadequate expectations of themselves and others  Excessive worrying about everything  Good relationships with others  The ability to cope with stress  Minimizing the negative reactions  Relaxation  Experiencing positive emotions,  Wisely structured free time (no TV)  Work with verve - find vocation in your job  Understanding your personality’s type  Reexamining your attitudes – Reframing life’s successes and failures

10 Generating of Physical Energy DecreaseIncrease  Poor diet  Lack of sleep  No exercise or improper exercise  No rest  Smoking and alcohol abuse  Fixed hours of sleep  Sleeping 7 - 8 hours per day  Different sport activities  Learn to rest well  A healthy diet  Hydrating of the body  Interruptions during exercise, content/uploads/2013/04/Untitled-280.jpg

11 Generating of Mental Energy DecreaseIncrease  Continuous concentration without rest  Distractibility  Lack of intellectual activity,  Homogeneous intellectual activity  Mental work overload,  No learning,  Lack of reflection  Real optimism,  Creativity  Caring about mental development, creativity  Stimulate your mind with games visualizations, meditations,  Positive self-suggestion,  Time management,  Frequent, short breaks for better concentration  Flexibility, reduction of chaos  Diverse mental activity.  Focusing on goals content/uploads/2012/09/iStock_000015876260XSmall.jpg

12 Generating of Spiritual Energy DecreaseIncrease  Jobs incompatible with our values,  No meaning of their own actions,  Life crises,  Traumatic situations leading to the loss of meaning in life,  Lack of a stable system of values  Acting in accordance with own values  Implementation of the "higher" goals  Reflection on the meaning of their own actions  Rediscovering new challenges  Matching our jobs with fresh challenges and purposes  Personal development  Meditation, prayer  Contact with authorities  Contact with art

13 Five Steps to Energy Managment http://

14 1st step Defined purpose The act of deciding what you want, motivating yourself to achieve it and defining purpose impacts all dimensions of energy. By focusing your resources towards your goals you create an incredible boost in energy, particularly in the emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions.

15 2nd step Create a list of the things that give you energy Keep this list visible at your desk /

16 3th step Manage your energy not time Take this pattern of „sprint, relax, sprint, relax” and turn it into an unbreakable, sacred ritual Recover your energy quickly (do an activity from the energy creating list after every 90-120 minute “sprint” of work or power naps)

17 4th step Avoid –Multi tasking Focus on one thing at a time when working. Multi-tasking is one of those things that feels as if you’re being productive, because you feel very busy, but when you look at the results, you will find that you get much less done, and get tired faster.

18 5th step Learn concept of energy cycling

19 Inject Your Day with Optimism Positivity and optimism motivate and inspire. In other words, positivity creates energy. Learn New Things Every Day Learning must be a lifelong habit, not just a chore to get a degree. Stay healthy. Use Movement and Exercise as a Tool – Circulation of Oxygen and Sugar

20 My personal feedback Complete page …. from the ANNEX 3 to High5 portfolio

21 Bibliography FOAo& energi&ei=DcRfVKzKNc3SaMWigoAN&usg=AFQjCNGRXpT27To0CboWt1Wwe4f5Q9DStA&sig2=c0wlAM s1gdjmrdADpRm_rw Zborowska%20Zarz%C4%85dzanie%20samym%20sob%C4%85%20- %20planowanie%20kakiery%20przez%20student%C3%B3w.ppt Zborowska%20Zarz%C4%85dzanie%20samym%20sob%C4%85%20- %20planowanie%20kakiery%20przez%20student%C3%B3w.ppt fYKCtUe4wDwqhfvu6LneNn9A_nNwh

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