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Video Study Researchers: Helen Roby and Rebecca Whiting at the Open University.

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2 Video Study Researchers: Helen Roby and Rebecca Whiting at the Open University

3 Getting started Your kit Record and narrate ‘a week in your life’ 7 day week can start on any day Aiming to capture different times of day, locations and roles in your physical and digital worlds

4 Focus on roles Different roles: Home, family, work, leisure, community, voluntary Physical and digital settings e.g. online communities How you manage these: Physically e.g. through what you wear or your location Digitally e.g. through using technology such as mobile phone, computer, netbook, iPad etc Mundane, well-established routine, new or interesting

5 Focus on switching Transitions between different roles Physically Through use of technology Situations when it is difficult to switch between these different roles E.g. what you might think of as ‘switching off’ at the end of the working day or when you are doing one thing but thinking about another Your commentary on these transitions Explain what you are doing and your thoughts, particularly what role(s) you are switching – or trying to switch – between

6 What to record We are most interested in seeing what you do as it happens your interaction with different technologies Within these general themes it’s up to you to record what you like say what you like record as much as you like, in long or short takes simply record what is happening in front of you F eel free to be creative, there’s no one ‘right’ way, it should be interesting and fun not a chore

7 Example 1: Switching roles - resuming work after dinner at home

8 Example 2: Transition in the physical world – the walk to work

9 Example 3: Work v Life – blurring the boundaries

10 What not to record Anything of a confidential, sensitive or highly personal nature including such material at your place of work Children Other people unless in a public place where they might reasonably expect to be observed In shopping centres or areas with high security status

11 To summarise Please film ‘as it happens’ Transitions between roles, using digital technologies and in the real world Situations when it is difficult to switch between roles Include your commentary on these

12 If you need help or more information Participant FAQ on the website Participant section with copies of documents Email

13 At the end of the week Keep a copy of your data on your computer Arrange return of camcorder + data Quick chat with me Arrange interview with Petros Explore research platform

14 Interview Study Researchers: Gillian Symon and Petros Chamakiotis at Royal Holloway, University of London

15 Timing and setting Interviews will be approximately two weeks after you have completed the video study Not too long so as you forget what happened Gives us time to review the videos and to select items for discussion during the interviews We will be asking you too to review your videos prior to the interview Face-to-Face at a mutually convenient time and place (probably Lancaster) for approx 1 hour Some interviews may be conducted remotely (e.g. phone, Skype), if necessary

16 Format Information sheet will be provided in advance Specific occasions of switching recorded in the video diaries will be explored and related to wider life experiences You’ll be encouraged to share stories about events identified in your videos We will be reviewing selected excerpts of your videos during the interview to stimulate discussion

17 Thank you Any questions?

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