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Participants in the ‘Network of Learning Communities’ project.

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1 Participants in the ‘Network of Learning Communities’ project

2 Vesna Šimić –teacher Vesna is teacher in small village Klakar. She teaches her nine and ten years old students and in the same time learns from them (particularly how to use computer). Her children publish their blog which name is Klik-klak, (see at She participated in several action research projects with main question: ‘How to impel children’s creativity in school conditions?’ She is very creative and enthusiastic person who enjoy in painting, singing and taking photos by her digital camera. Her school (where she has apartment) is destination for many guests who could enjoy in her hospitality and domestic specialities.

3 Marica Zovko - teacher Marica Zovko is teacher in small place Mihaljevci. She is leader of learining community at her school. Last year Marica’s children realised their own action research projects and showed that even small children could be action researchers (see at research&T=0&O=A&P=18045). She is very active and engaged person in her local community, so she was elected to be deputy in town council. Last year guest in her school was our president Stipe Mesić. Marica’s children informed them about their humanitarian action and action research projects. research&T=0&O=A&P=18045

4 Biserka Halavanja - pedagogue Biserka is for now only one leader of learning communities who is employed at secondary school. She is new member of our team. Biserka coordinate professional development of pedagogues who are employed at secondary schools in county Brodsko-posavska. She is very active in cooperation with non- government association European House where she leads education for human rights. Her school cooperate with several European schools.

5 Marina Žitković - pedagogue Marina is new member of our team. She is pedagogue at the primary school Pantovčak in Zagreb. She is coordinator of professional development of pedagogues who are employed in primary schools in Zagreb. She is very witty. When she tell her funny story all looks are fixed on her. She is also skilful leader of educational workshops for children and for adult.

6 Željko Klindžić – computer programmer Željko is only one member of our team who is not employed at educational institution. He is computer programmer and he maintains servers at the telecommunication company. Željko developed system for virtual cooperation which he generously donated us. He founded several Internet portals in eastern part of Croatia and he is owner of only one informational portal in our town (see at Through our cooperation he became passionately connected with education and he contributes to developing of our project with his ideas and technological products.

7 Ružica Pažin Ilakovac – higher adviser Ružica is pedagogue who is employed in institution which takes care of professional development of pedagogues in eastern part of Croatia. She helped us that our project got recommendation of educational authorities and to become official project of Institution for education of Republic Croatia.

8 Jasna Zubčić - teacher Jasna is teacher at primary school “Blaž Tadijanović” in Podvinje. She realised her action research project where she intended to improve her teaching practice through team learning. She had been leader of learning communities until she decided to obtain higher professional degree. She studies at Techers’ Academy in Zagreb. She is still critical friend in our ongoing action research projects.

9 Danijela Ljubac Mec - teacher Danijela is member of learning community at primary school “Vladimir Nazor” in Slavonski Brod. She is teacher in small village Gornja Bebrina. She realised one action research project and she started with new one with main question ‘How to improve children’s thinking?’ Danijela realises mentioned action research project within her MA study.

10 Sanja Španja – freelancer Sanja was teacher at primary school for ten years. She cooperates with several non-government associations. From January to December 2004 she worked at Nansen Dialogue Center as Project Coordinator for the ‘New School’ - project with aim to addresses the problem of segregation of children in primary education institutions in multicultural, multiethnic and post – war communities of Vukovar and Baranja region. The education in the project ‘New School’ consist of seminars for teachers, study visits to other countries and schools, regular meetings of small supportive teachers groups (learning communities) and practical work in the classroom with pupils and with parents. Among others Sanja was guest speaker on International Conference in Rome, Italy in May of 2002, which was organized by World Bank and UNICEF. In September of 2003. she was one of the guest speakers and one of the workshops leaders on International Conference in Belfast (Youth Work in Contested Space, Models of practice).In July of 2004 she participated at seminar 'Facing History and Ourselves'.

11 Vesna Svalina – music teacher Vesna is music teacher at music school “Franjo Kuhač” in Osijek. She is leader of learning community at her school. She realizes her action research project within her postgraduate study. Main topic of her research is impelling children’s music creativity. Vesna leads chore at her school and she has gained excellent successes on various music competitions.

12 Zlatko Bagarić - headmaster Zlatko is headmaster of primary school “Ivan Goran Kovačić” in Slavonski Brod (see at Bagaric/). He was for years teacher of informatics. Zlatko joined us as leader of his school team for implementation of our subproject ‘S-portal’ (school’s Internet portal). Zlatko is author of several books about computer programming and teaching informatics. He was very successful mentor to many students whom he taught computer programming. Bagaric/

13 Mato Rakić, headmaster Mato is headmaster of primary school “Vladimir Nazor” in Slavonski Brod. He was for many years primary school teacher and few years he was pedagogue. Mato tries to cover financial resource needed for the project. Learning community in our school has all technical support (video and audio equipments, computers, LCD projector and so on). We bought many books which we could use for teachers’ professional development. He decided to help us in funded of new project - s-portal in organizational, professional and financial sense.

14 Milan Polić, professor Milan Polić PhD is professor of philosophy at Teachers’ Academy in Zagreb. He is founder and editor of the journal for the philosophy of education ‘Metodički ogledi’. He published six books and more then hundred philosophical texts in different journals. He also has private publisher company and he is willing to publish book with reports of our action researches.

15 Teachers – participants of learning communities, headmasters and children are also members of our team

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