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Gasoline Approval System™ Patented web-based expense control solution Automates the dealership gasoline purchase process Eliminates: Error, Waste & Fraud.

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2 Gasoline Approval System™ Patented web-based expense control solution Automates the dealership gasoline purchase process Eliminates: Error, Waste & Fraud No intrusion on current dealership operating system Easy to implement & user friendly Fast and accurate reconciliation of accounts GASAlerts Customized Management Reports No contract required

3 eDealership™ manages millions of dollars worth of gasoline transactions for over 300 dealers in North America and Canada. Our proven track record shows average Savings of OVER 20% in the first month! This patented application and process is compatible with any method of payment with your gas station. Credit Cards, Fleet Cards and company gas accounts.

4 Automate Your Process with Four Easy Steps… GAS CREATE PO by entering control data CLOSE PO with gas station receipt RECONCILE expenses & verify transactions REPORT by category to monitor your expenses

5 Key Fields Tracked in GAS Requestor………Person requesting the gasoline. Stock#/RO#........Vehicle for which the gasoline is authorized. Customer……….Customer for which the gasoline is authorized. Amount………….Amount of gasoline authorized ($$ or Fill-up). Approver……….Person that authorized the gasoline purchase. Reason...............Reason for which the gasoline is authorized. Department…….Department that will be charged for the gasoline. Issuer..................Person that creates the actual gas PO. Gas Station Information Receipt Number # of Gallons Used Price Per Gallon Total Charge Amount All gas PO’s are tracked and managed by a unique PO Number All actions in the system are tracked by User, Date and Time Completed Automatically Controlled by dropdowns

6 Purchase Order PO History Last four transactions for the specified vehicle

7 Reports Customized reports available if needed…

8 GASAlerts  Email alert sent bi-monthly to management  Report on individual vehicle gasoline consumption  Notifies management of any transactions that may possibly be redundant, fraudulent or against dealership purchasing policies. Stock #IssueAmountDatesReason/CustomerComments J23928 POs issued after SOLD CAR DELIVERY $64.60 $58.51 $69.00 OPEN 1/18 1/22 1/28 2/5 Sold Car Delivery – USED/smith Company Demos/stock Please Validate 312313 2 POs issued under SOLD CAR DELIVERY $64.87 $50.23 1/15 2/2 Sold Car Delivery – NEW/berger Sold Car Delivery – NEW/Johnson Please Validate **Attached is the Unclosed GAS Voucher Report with 82 Purchase Order’s with OPEN status to date - verification is recommended This email is a courtesy GASalert from eDealership! You are receiving this email because you are registered as an administrator for your company.

9 “We have been using edealership's Gasoline Approval System (GAS) for over two years. Our usage of the product has allowed us to monitor and control gasoline usage in all 4 dealerships we own. In a time of volatile gas price fluctuations, this is an important cost control asset for us. We saw an immediate noticeable decrease in our monthly gasoline expenditures simply by using a system that allowed us to see daily what cars gas was going into. The fact that our employees knew there was a monitoring system in place definitely was a factor in decreased usage. The secondary benefit is the amount of hours our accounting department has saved using the GAS tool. Prior to using eDealership, my office manager would spend hours at month end trying to reconcile gas tickets and allocate expense to the proper department. With edealership's accounting reports, month end is now an easy chore. As you can see, I am a big fan of eDealership.” Tom Croxton, General Manager, Circle Audi, Circle Porsche Long Beach, California "Like most dealerships, during the hard times we look even closer for the changes that will help to bolster the bottom line. Many pretenders, such as the DMS providers, CRM tools, and lead managers take a toll, both in terms of manpower and real dollars with little or no guarantee of enhanced returns. Of all our recent software endeavors, eDealership has come through like gang busters. It’s easy to configure, easy to use, easy on the budget, and protects our 2nd most valuable resource. $$$". Eric Levinson, CTO Garcia Automotive Group, Albuquerque NM “When I first heard about GAS, I really had no idea what our actual expense was per month. I never imagined the kind of fraud and waste that existed in my store. You get so busy with the daily routine, that the gas tickets you sign are the last thing on the radar. The 15 seconds that it takes per gas ticket reduced my expense by more than 30%.” Alen Baik, General Manager, Lexus of Silver Spring, Silver Spring, Maryland RECOMMENDED BY YOUR PEERS

10 “ One such initiative presented to us recently was an expense control product through eDealership. It is a simple to use automated management control solution that is intuitive, easy to implement and something that will generate a surprisingly positive return on your investment.” Chris Chandler, Chrysler “Be assured, KMA is committed to developing initiatives that meet the profit challenges you face; and working with you to grow our mutual business. The end result will mean greater profits – through higher retail and fixed operations volume, increased owner retention, and vigilant, on-going expense controls.” Thomas Loveless and John Crowe, Kia Motors USA “We were impressed enough with this expense control product to negotiate a special introductory offer available to all Hyundai dealers. The attached brochure and pricing schedule is provided for your review and consideration.” David Zuchowski, Executive Vice President, Hyundai Motor America ENDORSED BY MAJOR OEM’S

11 o Lifetime training o 24/7 Technical Support o Bi-Weekly individual vehicle consumption analysis and reporting o Accounting assistance for month end reconciliation o Customized reporting o Gasoline expense analysis and reporting Additional Services Included

12 How much is NOT controlling your gas costing you? Why over-pay for an expense that needs oversight to control and reduce? We are experts in controlling, tracking and reporting on your Gasoline Consumption! Please contact us if we can assist you in any way. eDealership LLC 4800 Hampden Lane Bethesda, Maryland 20814 Toll Free: 866-434-1540

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