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How to Sail/Sell to Schools. Online retail sales ARE growing Amazon is Expanding into new markets Vendors/Dealers/Competitors are improving websites Many.

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1 How to Sail/Sell to Schools

2 Online retail sales ARE growing Amazon is Expanding into new markets Vendors/Dealers/Competitors are improving websites Many Shopping Mall Stores are showrooms

3 Invest the time to thoroughly think through what you are going to do. Make a list of all the reasons doing business with schools is important to you. Be less calculated and more visual. Can you solve a problem for your school? School budgets have been cut in half… and the IT departments are taking most of it. Tap into the School’s employee directory. “The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of setting goals and achieving them. Even the most tedious chore will become endurable as you parade through each day convinced that every task, no matter how menial or boring, brings you closer to fulfilling your dreams” -Og Mandino

4 Potential Niche Selling Opportunities Be “In the Know” They don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. Know your customer’s culture Listen, Listen, Listen… and then talk! Apply a human touch If you stumble, say you’re sorry Work Your Customer They know your company and have already shown a need for your products. You know them! Do your research. What are your competitors doing? If the product addresses their needs, give them a sample first. Keep it short and keep them focused.

5 Capital Projects Director Procurement Curriculum & Instruction School Performance Office AV Equipment Department Before & After School Care Program Character Education Department of State & Federal Programs Early Childhood Early Learning Programs ESOL/Language Minority Even Start Grants Development Head Start Information Technology Mathematics Purchasing/Supply Services Reading – English – Language Arts Special Education Talented & Gifted Department Technology Title 1 Visual Arts

6 Defining Moments Laurie, Thank you for the opportunity to meet today to discuss how your company can benefit Calvert County Public Schools staff and students. I appreciate your willingness to customize services to the needs of our school district. Also, thank you for the goodies from Panera. I look forward to receiving more information about the Educate & Celebrate website. It will be a boon for us if/when the site reflects actual CCPS pricing. I will happy to share information about the site and services your company provides with our financial secretaries. Thanks again and go Steelers! Kevin Kevin Michael Director of Procurement and Resource Management Calvert County Public Schools 410-535-7503 (office) 410-535-7496 (fax)

7 U.S. Communities School Supply Contract Powered by Independent Stationers

8 Independent Stationers Established in 1977 in Indianapolis, IN Dealer owned cooperative – Dealer Members own Independent Stationers – Answer to Main Street not Wall Street Currently have over 370 dealers – over 500 servicing locations – over 1,900 sales representatives Sales in excess of over $2.3 Billion Relationships with major wholesalers Over 98% + line fill rates

9 Who is U.S. Communities? The leading national cooperative purchasing program for non-federal tax supported agencies including – K-12 School Districts and Higher Education – State and Local Public Agencies – Non-Profits Founded by 5 national sponsors

10 Why Agencies Choose U.S. Communities? Competitively solicited contract by a lead public agency No cost to agencies to participate Best overall government pricing Optional and non-exclusive contracts No minimum spending requirements Over 65,000 agencies that are registered with U.S. Communities today

11 U.S. Communities School supply contract

12 Overview of School Supply Contract Lead Public Agency: Prince William County School Board Contract Length: 3 years with three 1 year extensionsContact Number: R-LB-13042 Evaluation Team: San Diego USD, Salem-Keizer SD and Great Valley SD

13 Benefits of the Contract LocalProducts Rebates and Incentives Ease of Transition

14 The Power of Local Invoiced Locally Local customer service Local sales and service Local delivery

15 Products Most comprehensive and extensive school supply product offering anywhere – The products schools need by the manufacturers they have come to trust – Over 23,000 items on contract – Access to over 350 manufacturers FREE shipping on all products Products are delivered in days and not weeks

16 School Supply Products Flashcards Reading/Language Arts Math Social Studies Arts and Crafts General Office Supplies Classroom & Essential Products Bulletin Boards Classroom Decorations Teacher Aids/Resources Games and Puzzles

17 Pricing Fixed contract pricing - the price they see online is the price you pay – No surprises so it makes budgeting and auditing easier

18 Programs That Stretch Budgets Further Warehouse ProgramOne Time Large Quantity Purchase ProgramQuarterly PromotionsAverage Order Incentive ProgramSchool Volume Incentive /Combined Rebate

19 Office Supply Contract Independent Stationers also is the sole awardee for the U.S. Communities Office Supply Contract – Lead Agency: County of Los Angeles – In 4 th year of contract Over 23,000 office supply products on contract – General office supplies, breakroom, jan/san, furniture, technology, paper, and tone (OEM and Reman) – Volume and eCommerce rebates available

20 What’s in it for me… Win more new business Win additional business in existing accounts Solidify your relationships Avoid going out to bid

21 I am interested, now what? Visit Independent Stationers at our booth in Hall F at the IS Pavilion Contact Tom Ashburn at

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