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Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences First Year Psychology Professor Kim Cornish Head, School of Psychology & Psychiatry.

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1 Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences First Year Psychology Professor Kim Cornish Head, School of Psychology & Psychiatry

2 School of Psychology and Psychiatry  The school is unique in Australia in bringing together the disciplines of psychology and psychiatry into a successful academic and research partnership  By my arrival in 2009 we had a multi-million dollar operating deficit  Academic strengthening 2010-2011 has resulted in almost 20 academic staff leaving. All these staff are based within the psychology discipline  Of these 20 positons we have replaced 7 only resulting in a significant loss of academic staff available to teach in one of Monash largest, multi campus undergraduate programs

3 28th September 2011 Presentation title 3 Psychology Undergraduate Enrolments Enrolments 2011 Overall3386 First year1550 Second year734 Third year1044 Honours (applicants 530) 58 DemographicYears 1-3Honours Clayton1986 51 Caulfield590 Peninsula97 Gippsland32 Malaysia380 5 South Africa243 2

4 Developing a blended learning lecture delivery model for first year psychology Context and challenges:  Large enrolments (N > 1500)  Multi-campus (3 local; 2 international)  On-campus and off-campus learning  Diversity of student cohort (> 160 degrees from 9 out of 10 Faculties)  Transition (school leaver; mature age)  No professors or research fellows taught into year 1 instead we had predominantly junior academics (B/C) or sessionals

5  Teaching Year 1 was repetitive, a chore that was of no interest to our research active staff  Focus on repeating the textbook in lectures  No history of fellows or professors teaching in the first year undergraduate curriculum

6 What we did to change it all in 2011  We changed the culture by bringing back research discoveries into our first year lectures  We changed our lecture format to 2 hour slots instead of 3x1h slots  We brought in professors to teach first year  We partnered with Pearson’s to present our lectures in a new and dynamic format that excited students as well as our research academics!

7 We combined the best of on-line innovations with research-led f2f teaching A recelebration of the academic Research-led but providing a personalised program Creates Communities of Engagement Every class a masterclass 1st September, 20117


9 Online personalized learning resources Week by week study plans customized to the Monash University first year psychology lecture program.

10 Pre-tests provide a diagnostic assessment of prior learning. All assessments provide feedback about the correct response.

11 Pre-test score shows student has not met the learning objectives for this study plan.

12 A personalized study plan directs the student to a select set of learning resources, including links to the e-book, videos, simulations, interactive study aids.

13 Direct links to the ebook, enables highlighting and note-taking

14 Post-test shows improvement!

15 Impact of mypsychlab (formative) on exam performance (summative) Figure 2: Mean scores on the end of semester exam (total = 18 per topic) as a function of use of mypsychlab (not at all; before exam only; before quiz only; before exam & quiz) (Evaluation sample)

16 Learning Resources Rate each of the following in terms of how helpful to learning: Mean SD Attending lectures3.691.02 Listening to the online lecture recordings3.791.04 Studying the prescribed text by Lilienfeld et al. (2011)4.380.84 Posting questions to the discussion forum on Moodle3.511.08 Reading responses on the discussion forum on Moodle3.731.03 Completing the study plans in MyPsychLab3.951.06 Completing the lab journal assignments3.731.13 Completing the lecture topic quizzes4.200.96 Evaluating the student experience

17 Student feedback  Overall improvement on student ratings from 2010 (from 60% return rate)  “MyPsych lab was EXTREMELY useful in preparation for the lecture each week and assessing understanding before attempting the lecture topic quizzes”  “MyPsychLab was an excellent arrangement for us to evaluate ourselves”  “the MyPsychLab quizzes were fantastic. I liked that they were not monitored either and we could do them in our own time at whatever pace we wanted”

18 2011 FIRST YEAR PSYCH  33% reduction in face-to-face lecture time (reduced by 96 h; $121K)  89% reduction in sessional costs for delivery of lectures (reduced by 128 h; $23K)  Reduced printing costs ($8000) and 80 h of associated academic staff time in preparing OCL materials  67% reduction in academic staff time spent travelling between campuses

19 2011 FIRST YEAR PSYCH  Professors now delivering lectures  Reduced demand for large lecture theatres at Clayton (from 6 x 1h to 2 x 2h per week)  Student time: reduction in face-to-face hours (1h per week) with increased use of online learning resources creating more flexibility TOTAL SAVING 2011 = $152k

20 The Future…….  Extending MyPsychLab to 2 nd year in 2012 and to the 3 rd year in 2013  World first in partnership with Pearson: MyPsychHons@Monash in 2014

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