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Providing the Ultimate Customer Service Experience Presented By: Leah Graves.

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1 Providing the Ultimate Customer Service Experience Presented By: Leah Graves

2 Many people believe that going above and beyond is not a chore, but a way of life. In this session we will discuss delivering exceptional customer service with the unified mission of aiding families through the financial aid process.

3 Be a Fred Everyone makes a difference Success is built on relationships

4 Fred believed that “excellence and quality should be the goals of every person in any business or profession.” What kind of difference did I make?” Why Be a Fred?

5 Un-Fred Like Behavior How could you unintentionally be saying any one of these things to your students by your mannerisms? 1.I don't have time for this. There's too much important stuff to do. 2.Don't you raise your voice to me, you so and so... 3.If you don't like the way we do things, why don't you go someplace else?

6 4.You're just going to have to learn to follow our policies. 5.This is not my problem. This is your problem. Can't you read the instructions for yourself? If you want this fixed, here's what YOU have to do. 6.The computer says you didn't send it in. (That means you're wrong). 7.Look, I get off in 15 minutes. I can't be bothered with your problem. Un-Fred Like Behavior cont’d

7 “The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.” ~Peter Drucker

8 Nonverbal Communication How we say words, tone of voice, style Facial expressions, body language Words we use 38% 55% 7% ~ From Silent Messages

9 Smile Silent nod Eye contact Body position Gestures Nonverbal Communication

10 Vocal Delivery Volume Rate Pitch Inflection Vocal variety

11 Practice Communication What do you want me to do about it?

12 Are You An Effective Communicator? Do you make eye contact? Do you watch the person's body posture and facial expressions? Do you empathize and try to understand feelings, thoughts and actions? Do you keep from interrupting and let the person finish? Do you ask questions to clarify information?

13 Do you smile and nod your head to show interest? How do you listen, when you don't like the person who is talking or what someone is saying? Do you ignore outside distractions? Do you listen for and remember important points? Do you keep from judging what was said - do you remain neutral? Are You An Effective Communicator?

14 The Image You Portray Students read between the lines. We aren’t judged by our intentions; but on our actions. Student’s experience is based upon that one moment in time. The student can only judge the service based on their individual and momentary contact.

15 Acceptable Things To Say/Do Treat every question as if it were the first time it was asked. (For the student, it IS actually the first time.) Don’t assume that you know what they are going to ask. Listen attentively. Don’t criticize or judge. Offer assistance and become a resource for the student. Remember, students do not receive the formalized loan training that we do. What may seem like common knowledge is not so.

16 Listen To Their Concerns! Take time to LISTEN Let them vent; you may find out the root cause of the problem DO NOT INTERRUPT!

17 Listening for Understanding When working with students, it’s best to S.T.O.P. what you are doing: S: step back from what you are doing T: take time to listen O: objectively listen without making judgment P: pay attention to what they are really saying

18 Empathize with the Student Customer-centric culture Verbalize your understanding and acknowledge their problem Be sincere in stating your empathy

19 Key Phrases “I can understand why you are angry, if I were in this situation, I would be as well.” “I definitely understand, let’s work together to get this fixed today.” “My name is _____. If you have any further problems please contact me! We want to make sure you are taken care of.” “Unfortunately, we made an error. I apologize for the inconvenience. I know this is frustrating for you. Let’s work to get this fixed.”

20 Provide a Solution or Resolution Do not put up barriers Focus on solutions OK to say no – if there are other options to offer! Not all requests can be met, but offer other assistance

21 Honesty & Ownership Be honest! –Do not make claims that cannot be accomplished. If we made a mistake, take ownership of it and fix the problem. Apologize when appropriate. –There is a chance they misunderstood or were even given incorrect information. This helps you deflate escalated situations.

22 Close and Follow-up Close with resolution or acknowledgement of the problem Paraphrase and summarize solutions Advise of documentation Advise of any needed follow-up

23 Perspective Offer service through the eyes of the student The student’s perspective is vastly different than yours You are their only hope in some circumstances They don‘t know if there are any options and what those options may be Make explanations simple and complete without causing more confusion

24 What About You? What factors have a direct reflection on how you will handle a situation? –Mood –Illness –Family issues –Work issues –Unhappy at job –“It’s All About Me” attitude

25 Strategies to Reduce Stress Recognize when the stress hits you Do some breathing exercises Keep in mind that it’s just another day Don’t just complain, find a solution! You control yourself and only you can relieve stress

26 Exceed Expectations Make it easy “That’s what I’m here for…” Make sure to communicate your openness and willingness to help “How can I help you…” Give them one source service Don’t make them have to go 10 places for something

27 Positive Impressions Leaves the student feeling good Student can be easier to deal with Cuts down on we vs. them syndrome Leads to overall job satisfaction

28 Summary Be a Fred to your students Know the importance and effects of nonverbal communication and vocal delivery Listen Offer a customer-centric focus to your service

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