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Time management is the process of deciding what needs to be done and developing a plan and/or timeframe for getting it done. Time management is about establishing.

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1 Time management is the process of deciding what needs to be done and developing a plan and/or timeframe for getting it done. Time management is about establishing routines, setting goals, and understanding priorities. Time management is a skill that results in the most effective use of a person’s time. It means consistently making the right decisions as to the best way to use your time at any given moment. Contents Contents Time Management

2 Lead-in 01 Text A 02 Text B 03 Practical Writing 04 Unit 4

3 Listen to the conversation about daily schedule and answer the questions. 1.What time does the man leave home? A. At 5:00 a.m. B. At 6:00 a.m. C. At 6:45 a.m. 2.What time does he get to work? A. At 7:00 a.m. B. At 7:15 a.m. C. At 8:00 a.m. Lead-in Listening 1 Script √ ____ Unit4 Voca Diss √ Self

4 3. What do the man and his wife do around 8:00 p.m.? A. They read books together. B. They read and play with the kids. C. They watch TV. 4. What time does the man begin working on his website at night? A. At 8:30 p.m. B. At 10:00 p.m. C. At 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. 5. What is one thing the man does NOT say about his wife? A. She helps the kids with their homework. B. She has to take their children to school. C. She goes shopping for food. Listening 1 Script √ ____ √ √ Voca Diss Self Unit4

5 Woman: So, what’s your usual day like? You always seem so busy. Man: Well, I usually get up around 5:00 a.m. and work on the computer until 6:00 a.m. Woman: Why do you get up so early ? Man: Well,I have to leave home at a quarter to seven in order to catch the bus at 7:00 o’clock. It takes me about fifteen minutes to walk to the bus stop from my house. Woman: And what time do you get to work? Man: Uh, my bus takes about an hour to get there, but it stops right in front of my office. Tape Script Lisn Voca Diss Self

6 Woman: That’s nice. And what time do you get off work? Man: Uh, around 5:00 o’clock. Then we eat dinner around 6:30and my wife and I read and play with the kids until 8:30 or so. Woman: So, when do you work on your website? You said one time that you create it at home ? Man: Well, my wife and I often watch TV or talk until 10:00 o’clock. She then often reads while I work on my site and I sometimes stay up until the early hours of the morning, but I try to finish everything by one or two. Woman: And then you get up at 5:00 a.m. ? Tape Script Lisn Voca Diss Self

7 Man: Well, yeah, but I think my wife has the toughest job. She spends her whole day taking care of our family... taking the kids to school, working in the garden, buying groceries, taking the kids to painting lessons... Woman: Wow!  Man: That’s a full-time job, but she enjoys what she does. Woman: Well, it sounds like you’re a busy but lucky man. Man: I think so, too. Tape Script Lisn Voca Diss Self

8 Listen to the conversation again, paying attention to the words listed below, and choose the explanation for each word. get off work stay up set aside toughest take care of groceries Vocabulary 2 Script A. not go to bed B. watch, look after C. finish work D. food and other items at a supermarket E. reserve, allow, or give a certain amount to F. the most difficult, hardest 1 2 4 5 6 3 √ √ √ √ √ √ Lisn Diss Self Unit4

9 Discuss with your partner your own typical schedule for a weekday and a weekend with the help of the following questions. What time do you wake up and go to work or school? What time do you go back home? What do you do when you get home? What time do you go to bed? What activities do you usually do with family and friends? Discussion 3 Lisn Voca Self Unit4

10 Time management skills can greatly enhance the quality of your life! To help you analyze how much you could benefit from studying time management principles, answer these questions to yourself: 1. Do you generally spend your time the way others want or the way you want? 2. Do you spend more than a few minutes to find important papers and documents? 3. Do you find there is not enough time to keep in good physical condition? 4. Do you put off setting short-term and long-term goals? Self-assessment 4 Unit4 Lisn Voca Diss

11 5. Do you find yourself spending too many hours in idleness that don’t accomplish anything? 6. Do you wish you had enough time for doing things you really enjoy and benefit yourself and others? 7. Do you suffer from a guilty feeling when you take a longer period of rest? 8. Do you tend to get things done at the last minute after working furiously to complete the task? 9. Do you find yourself busy solving minor problems and then suffer frustration because you cannot get to the major ones? Self-assessment 4 Unit4 Lisn Voca Diss

12 10. Do you scrutinize and read carefully everything that passes through your hands? If you answer YES to any of the above questions you WILL benefit from a consideration of time management. By practicing basic time management principles, individuals are often happier, enjoy more satisfaction from the things they do, and derive greater pleasure and fulfillment from the important relationships in their lives. Self-assessment 4 Unit4 Lisn Voca Diss

13 New Words and ExpressionsReadingText AComprehensionVocabulary SummaryStructureGrammar FocusTranslation Text A Unit4 Discussion

14 secret n. 秘密 no matter how 无论 personal a. 个人的, 私人的 adjust v. 调整, 调节 struggle v. 努力,奋斗 schedule n. 日程表,进度表 priority n. 优先;优先权 identify v. 确认;识别 concentrate v. ~ on 全神贯注于 chore n. 杂事,琐事 be up to sb 取决于某人 fresh a. 精神饱满的;新鲜的 Text A New Words and Expressions: Text A Unit4

15 commitment n. 许诺,承诺 likely a. 很可能的 productive a. 生产效率高的 stress n. 重压,压力 pressure n. 压力 essential a. 必要的 ability n. 能力,才干 goal n. 目标 fold v. 折叠 stamp v. 贴邮票 secretary n. 秘书 ineffective a. 效率低的;无效的 sure a. 确信的 make sure 确保 New Words and Expressions: Text A Unit4

16 Read the passage about time management and answer the following questions. 1. What is the real secret of time management? 2. What is the first thing you need to do to manage your time effectively? 3. Why does the author suggest morning as a good time for daily planning? 4. What is the benefit of scheduling the day before it starts? 5. What are the right things that should be taken as priorities? Reading 1 Text A Unit4

17 1 The best kept secret about time management is that there really is no such thing as good time management. We only get so many hours in the day and there is no way we can change it no matter how hard we try. 2 The fact is that the real secret of time management is learning to ourselves and our own personal energy. The Secret of Time Management Tran manage ① vt. to control a business or department and the people, equipment, and money involved in it ▲ Has she had any experience of managing large projects? ▲ The company had been very badly managed. ② v. (~ to do sth) to succeed in doing sth difficult, especially after trying very hard ▲ I can’t manage all this work on my own. ▲ I only just managed to finish the task on time. 时间管理的秘诀 时间管理的最大秘密就是根本不存在管理好时间这样的事情。我 们每天所拥有的时间都是固定的, 这是无论我们怎样努力都不可能改变 的。 事实上, 时间管理的真正秘诀在于, 学习如何管理我们自己以及我 们的个人精力。 manage Text A Unit4

18 We need to how we look at the time we have and how we choose to use it. 3If you find that you are struggling to fit all the things you would like to do into your, then it is probably time for a change. The first thing you need to do is to spend some time to decide what your are. Think about how you really want to spend your time and the things that you enjoy and are important to you. The Secret of Time Management Tran how... and how... 是并列的宾语从句, 其中 we have 是定语从句, 修饰 time 。 * adjust 我们需要调整对自己所拥有的时间的看法以及使用时间的方法。 当你感到你为了把所有想做的事情都安排进你的日程而精疲力尽 时, 也许就是你应该改变的时候了。首先, 你应该花些时间来确定哪些事 情应该摆在首位。想想你究竟希望怎样使用你的时间, 找出你喜欢的, 对 你来说很重要的事情。 adjust ① vt. to change something slightly, especially to make it more correct, effective,or suitable ▲ If your employment status changes, your tax code will be adjusted accordingly. ② v. to gradually become familiar with a new situation  = adapt  ▲ It took time to adjust myself to the lifestyle of America. Text A Unit4 schedule ① n. a plan of what someone is going to do and when they are going to do it on schedule at the planned time ahead of/behind schedule before or after the planned time ② arrange that an event or activity will happen at a particular time priorities identify * Priority n. something that is very important and must be dealt with before other things ▲ The management should consider office safety to be a priority. top/high/low priority important/unimportant thing have/take/get priority priority over ▲ This project has priority over all others. Identify vt. ① to recognize something or discover exactly what it is, what its nature or origin is, etc ▲ The research will be used to identify training needs. ② to recognize and correctly name someone or something ▲ I cannot identify this signature. Think about... and identify... 是并列的祈使句 ;how 引导宾语从句 ;that you enjoy and... 是定语从句, 修饰 things, 从句中 you 是主语,enjoy 和 are 是并列的谓语。

19 These are the things you need to concentrate on and schedule time for. 4 The basic part for daily planning is taking some time to plan for each and every day. This may seem like a chore; however, you need only take five or ten minutes to do it. When you do it is up to you. The Secret of Time Management Tran 这些就是需要你投入精力, 并排入日程表的事情。 高效的每日计划的基本内容, 就是要花些时间为每一天都做好计划。 也许这看起来很麻烦, 但你只需要五到十分钟就可以完成它。你可以自 己决定什么时间做计划。 taking some time... 是现在分词短语, 做表语 * Text A Unit4 effective effective a. ① successful or achieving the results that you want ▲ The ads were simple, but remarkably effective. ② if a law, agreement, or system becomes effective, it officially starts ▲ This agreement will become effective from January 17. Antonym: ineffective

20 fresh a. ① not usually before noun, full of energy because you are not tired ▲ She always seems fresh and lively, even at the end of the day. ② new, different or another ▲ I’ll just make some fresh coffee. ▲ fresh fruit/vegetables/fish/bread, etc ③ recently made, done, arrived, etc. pressure n. a way of working or living that causes you a lot of anxiety, especially because you feel you have too many things to do ▲ I’m under constant pressure at work. Note: stress 和 pressure 都指压迫人的力量。 stress 指使人感到内心痛苦 的各种原因,pressure 则指强制或促使某种行动的外部压力。因此 stress 通常为不好的东西, 而适当增加 pressure 有时却是件好事。 You can do it at night before you go to bed, or the in the morning. Morning is a good time to do this your mind is after a good night’s sleep. 5 It is important to make a commitment to scheduling your day before it starts. Those five to ten minutes will make you clear about your actions for the day you are more to be highly, and feel less and. The Secret of Time Management Tran 你可以在晚上临睡前,或清晨起床后做计划。清晨是做计划的最好时 间,因为经过一夜的睡眠之后,你的头脑很清醒。 确保在每天开始的时候就做好计划是很重要的。每天五到十分钟 的时间就可以让你清楚一天要做什么,这样你就可以达到更高的效率, 压力也会随之减小。 fresh first thing as soon as you get up in the morning, or as soon as you start work ▲ I’ll phone him first thing Monday. first thing Text A Unit4 as * * solikely productivestress pressure as conj. because ▲ As it was getting late,I decided to book into a hotel. so you are more likely... 是结果状语从句。 so conj. therefore ▲ There was no food in the house so we rang out for a pizza. likely a. something that will probably happen or is expected likely outcome/effects/consequences, etc ▲ What’s the likely outcome of this whole business? likely to do/be something ▲ We are not likely to veto our own proposals, are we? antonym: unlikely productive a. producing or achieving a lot ▲ Most of us are more productive in the morning. ▲ We had a very productive meeting — I felt we sorted out a lot of problems. antonym: unproductive stress n. continuous feelings of worry about your work or personal life, that prevent you from relaxing ▲ People under a lot of stress may experience headaches, minor pains and sleeping difficulties. as your mind is fresh... 是原因状语从句。

21 时间管理的另一个必要因素是有效利用时间的能力。这并不意味 着你要做很多事情, 而是要做正确的事情 —— 那些能让你效率更高的、 赚更多钱的, 以及让你更接近目标的事情。 essential a. extremely important and necessary ▲ Government support will be essential if the project is to succeed. essential for/to ▲ It is essential to book in advance. it is essential (that) ▲ It is essential (that) our prices remain competitive. 6 Another part of time management is the ability to be effective with your time. It is not about getting a lot done, but it is about getting the right things done — the things that make you more productive, make you more money, or get you closer to your goals. The Secret of Time Management Tran Text A Unit4 * essential to be effective with your time 是动词不定式, 做后置定语。

22 例如, 如果你有一家公司, 每天要发送一百封信, 有效利用时间的方 式是, 找一台机器来打印、折叠信件并贴上邮票 ; 或找个秘书来处理。低 效利用时间的方式是你自己每天花两个小时来做这件事。 这就是时间管理的秘诀 : 只把时间用在那些对你来说很重要的事情 上, 并确保要有效利用时间。 matter vi.  [not in progressive], to be important, or to have an effect on what happens ▲ In the marketplace,the design of product package really matters. it doesn’t etc matter ▲ It doesn’t matter who wins. Just try your best. 7 For example, if you own a business that sends out a hundred letters a day, effective use of your time is going out and finding a machine to print, fold and stamp letters; or getting a secretary to do it. Ineffective use of your time is spending two hours a day doing it yourself. 8 So, that’s the secret of time management. Only spend time on the things that to you, and you use that time effectively. (By: Wendy Hearn. Adapted) The Secret of Time Management Tran and 连接两个并列的祈使句 。 * matter Text A Unit4 make sure to take action so that you are certain that something happens, is true, etc ▲ I’d like to make sure my plane reservation is in order. ▲ I’ll make sure that the letter leaves tonight. make sure of/about ▲ There is just one or two details I want to make sure about.

23 Decide whether the following statements are True or False. 1. The passage mainly talks about how to manage time in order to have more time than others. 2. If you have too many things to do but don’t have enough time, you should learn the skills of time management. 3. It is necessary that you set aside some time everyday to make daily schedule. 4. To manage time effectively is to get a lot done within limited time. 5. The example in paragraph 7 is used to show how to use your time effectively. T T T F ____ _____ F Text A Comprehension 2 _____ ____ Unit4

24 Vocabulary 3 managementA. a job or piece of work which is often boring but needs to be done regularly scheduleG. successful or achieving the results that you want effectiveC. a list of planned activities or things to be done choreF. a promise to do something or to behave in a particular way commitmentE. the way that people control and organize different situations that happen in their lives or their work 1 √ 2 √ 3 √ 4 √ 5 √ Part 1 Match the words on the left with the definitions on the right. Text A Unit4

25 Vocabulary 3 productiveB. Extremely important and necessary stressD. An aim or a purpose essentialH. Resulting in or providing a large amount or supply of something goalI. Someone who works in an office typing letters,keeping records,answering telephone calls,arranging meetings etc secretaryJ. Continuous feelings of worry about your work or personal life that prevent you from relaxing 6 √ 7 √ 8 √ 9 √ 10 √ Text A Unit4

26 Part 2 Complete the sentences with the following words. Change the form where necessary. 1. Do remind me of the meeting because I’m to forget. 2. The airline is with high costs. 3. The customer is high on our list of. 4. It the manager to make the final decision. 5. The meeting has been for tomorrow afternoon. Vocabulary 3 priorities _______ struggling __________ is up to _______ likely ______ scheduled __________ priority schedule likely make sure commitment struggle essential adjust be up to identify Text A Unit4

27 6. You need to your priorities. 7. Even in small companies, computers are a(an) tool. 8. Before you print something, the printer has enough paper in it. 9. Try to make some of your differences so that you can cooperate with your colleagues. 10. The banks have themselves to boosting profits by cutting costs. Vocabulary 3 committed _________ essential ________ adjustment __________ identify ________ make sure _________ Text A Unit4

28 product productive Part 3 Study the affixes and complete the sentences with the right form of the words in the brackets 1. Most of us are more (product) in the morning. 2. He works in marketing and (product) development. Vocabulary 3 __________ ______ Suffix -ive 形容词词尾 product → productive effect → effective secret → secretive Text A Unit4

29 3. This ingredient also has the (effect) of making your skin look younger. 4. Training is often much less (effect) than expected. 5. The negotiations were conducted in (secret). 6. Carla was always very (secret) about her work. Vocabulary 3 secretive _______ effective ________ effect _______ secret ______ Text A Unit4

30 ineffective effective 1. An (effective) man should not be chairman. 2. The measure is very (effective) and productivity increases rapidly. 3. I’m sure he has the (ability) to do the job well. 4. (ability) to use a computer is a serious disadvantage when you are applying for jobs. 5. Business letters do not have to be (personal) and formal. 6. My (personal) view is that we shouldn’t offer him the job. Vocabulary 3 __________ ___________ Prefix in-/im- 前缀,表示否定。 effective → ineffective ability → inability personal → impersonal ability _______ personal ________ impersonal __________ Inability _______ Text A Unit4

31 Complete the summary of the passage by filling in the blanks with the words or phrases from the passage . In order to manage time effectively, we must learn to and our. First, we should decide what our are, and 4_________time for them. Everyday we need five or ten minutes for and is a good time to do this. Scheduling your day will help you to be,and feel less. In addition, we need to be effective with our time. The point is, we should fit the into our daily schedule — things that increase our, help us earn and help us realize our. pressure stress and ________ 8 ________ schedule 4 ________ more money own personal energy priorities manage ourselves morning Summary 4 2 ___________________ 3 ________ 1 _______________ 6 _________ right things daily planning 5 _____________ 9 _________ highly productive 11 ___________ productivity 10 ___________ goals 12 ______ 7 _______________ Text A Unit4

32 Study the examples and do the exercises after the model. Example 1 Structure 5... there is no way we can change it no matter how hard we try. no matter how 意思是 “ 无论怎样 ” ,用来强调不论情况怎样, 某事一定会发生。 how 可以换为其他疑问词,即: no matter what/why/when 等。 Model: 不管你因为什么被解雇,都不要抱怨你的老板。 → No matter why you were fired, don’t blame your boss. Text A Unit4

33 1. 不管这项任务有多艰巨,我都要接受它。 2. 无论你是谁,你都不可以迟到。 3. 不管发生什么事情,我都不会放弃我的工作。 I will accept the task, no matter how hard it is. I won’t give up my job no matter what happens You can’t be late no matter who you are. Structure 5 Text A Unit4

34 Example 2 Structure 5 It is not about getting a lot done, but it is about getting the right things done. get sth done 意思是 “ 完成某事 ” 或 “ 安排某事被完成 ” 。 Model: I need to find someone to fix the printer as soon as possible. → I need to get the printer fixed as soon as possible. Text A Unit4

35 1.We must finish this work on time 2.Let’s clear up the matter, once and for all 3.I will ask someone to clean the office tomorrow morning Let’s get the matter cleared up, once and for all.________________________________________________ We must get this work finished on time. Structure 5 ________________________________________________ I will get the office cleaned tomorrow morning.________________________________________________ Text A Unit4

36 Translate the following sentences into English, using the expressions given in the brackets. 1. 这家公司正致力于开发新产品。 (concentrate on) 2. 我们公司承诺提供良好的质量和客户服务。 (have a commitment to) Our company has a commitment to good quality and customer service. The company is concentrating on developing new products. Translation 6 Text A Unit4

37 3. 我会确保信在今晚邮出。 (make sure) 4. 他非常有可能成功。 (highly likely) 5. 我们的头等大事是提高质量。 (first priority) It’s highly likely that he will succeed. I will make sure the letter leaves tonight. Translation 6 Our first priority is to improve quality. Text A Unit4

38 表语 (Predicative) 表语是谓语的一部分,它位于系动词之后,说明主 语的身份、 特征、属性或状态,补充说明主语的意义,因此,它也叫作主语 补语 (subject complement) 。可以做表语的成分包括 : 形容词、代 词、名词、分词、动名词、数词、介词短语、动词不定式和从句。 系动词可以分为三类: 1. 表示具有某种性质、特征或出于某 种状态。如: be, appear, feel, sound, seem, look, smell, taste 等; 2. 表示从所叙述的动作和过程所产生的结果;或者表示状态 的变化。如: get, go, come, become, turn, grow, fall, prove 等; 3. 表示某种持续的状态。如: keep, continue, stand, remain 等。 Grammar Focus 7 Text A Unit4

39 Text B according to 依照,根据 data n. [datum 的复数 ] 资料, 数据 leisure n. 空闲, 闲暇 expert n. 专家 organization n. 有效安排,组织;机构 manageable a. 易处理的, 可管理的 calendar n. 日历 short-term a. 短期的 relate to 与 …… 相关 program n. 程序;计划 categorize v. 分类 delegate v. 授权,把 …… 委托给 put off 推迟 New Words and Expressions: Unit4 Text B

40 Part 2 Complete the sentences by translating the Chinese into English. 1.Working hard is ___________________ ( 通往成功的惟一道 路 ). 2.The problem is _____________________ ( 决定下一步要做什 么 ). 3.My suggestion is _____________________________ ( 我们应 该降低成本 ). 4.The right thing to do is _________________ ( 遵守规则 ). Grammar Focus 7 deciding what to do next to follow the rules the only way to success that we should cut down on costs Text A Unit4

41 Discuss the following questions with your partner and report your answers to the class. 1.Have you ever made a plan? Did you stick to your plan? Tell your experiences. 2.Do you think making a plan for each day is necessary? Why? 3.What are your priorities in life? List down the three most important things and explain how you plan to achieve these goals. Discussion 8 Text A Unit4

42 New Words and ExpressionsText B ComprehensionVocabulary Text B Unit4

43 delay n. 耽搁, 延迟 daunting a. 使人畏惧的 component n. 成分 let go of 释放, 放开 contribute to 有助于,促使 ( 发生某情况 ) psychologist n. 心理学家 formal a. 正式的 come down to 归结为 lead to 导致 force v. 促使;强迫 New Words and Expressions: Text B Unit4 Text B

44 organization n. ① planning and arranging something so that it is successful or effective ▲ The organization of such a large-scale party takes a lot of time and energy. ② a group such as a club or business that has formed for a particular purpose ▲ The organization was founded in 1980. 有效管理时间的 5 个简单技巧 最新数据 —— 以及大多数人的经验 —— 表明, 人们每周的工 作时间变得越来越长, 空闲时间却变得越来越短。这种情况并非 仅出现于高层领导中, 普通人也一样。专家指出, 合理的安排是有 效管理时间的关键。 1 According to recent data — and most people’s experience — the workweek is getting longer and leisure time is shorter, not only for top-level managers but for the average people as well. Experts say that is the key to manage your time effectively. Tran organization 5 Simple Tips for Managing Your Time Better Unit4 Text B

45 专家建议, 你应该先问自己, 你自己的、家庭的、及工作的真正目 标是什么。在目标确立后, 再将你的时间分成可支配的若干部分。 使用月历制订短期计划 ; 使用单页的半年历制定长期计划。 you start... 是宾语从句, 省略了关联词 that;suggest 后接宾语从 句时, 从句用 should+ 动词原形,should 可以省略。 They suggest you start by asking what your real goals are for yourself, your family, and your. With goals established, break your time down into manageable parts. 2 Use a monthly calendar for short scheduling and a 6- month calendar for long-term scheduling. Tran * career n. a job or profession that you have been trained for and which you do for a long period of your life ▲ He’s hoping for a career in the police force. career development/advancement/progression,etc ▲ Career prospects within the company are excellent. Note: 注意比较 job work post position ccupation profession career  career -term suffix long/medium/short-term lasting a long/medium/short time ▲ The project will have long-term benefits.  -term 6-month calendar a calendar with 6 months printed on one piece of paper. * 5 Simple Tips for Managing Your Time Better Unit4 Text B

46 relate ① vi. if two things relate,they are connected in some way relate to ▲ Chapter nine relates to the effects of inflation on consumers. synonym: connect ② vt. if you relate two different things,you show how they are connected relate something to something Note: relating to 是介词短语, 意思是 “about or concerning” 。 ▲ Anything relating to maths is a complete mystery to me.  Note down all things that to your goals, including classes you want to take (learning a computer program for your job or mastering the piano for fun), regular exercise time, social events, and family time. 记下所有与你的目标相关的事情, 包括你想参加的课程班 ( 如为 了工作而学习计算机程序, 或因为兴趣而学习弹钢琴等 ) 、日常运 动的时间、社会活动、及与家人在一起的时间。 Tran relate career 5 Simple Tips for Managing Your Time Better Unit4 Text B

47 5 Simple Tips for Managing Your Time Better delegate ① v. to give part of your power or work to someone in a lower position than you delegate something to somebody ▲ Minor tasks should be delegated to your assistant. ② vt. to choose someone to do a particular job, or to be a representative of a group, organization, etc delegate somebody to do something 3 On a daily action list, categorize tasks: those that need immediate attention (you had better do them yourself), those that can be ( you can hire someone to clean the floor or type your letter, for example), and those that can be put off. To avoid delays, deal with the toughest jobs first, breaking them into smaller, less daunting components. 在每天要做的事情列表中, 将事情分类 : 需要立刻处理的事情 ( 你最好自己做的事情 ), 可以别人代做的事情 ( 例如, 你可以雇人 来擦地板或写信 ) 、以及可以被推迟的事情。为了防止延误, 先做 难度较大的事, 将其分为较小的、较容易处理的部分。 Tran delegated Unit4 Text B

48 通过使你的生活简化, 来为你真正想做的事留出时间。不要 做那些对实现你的目标没有意义的事情 ( 例如, 花一整晚时间来 看电视 ) 。 减少每天因等候而造成的时间浪费。无论去到哪里, 一定要 随身带着阅读材料或存有你想听的音乐的 MP3 。这样在你不得 不等候的时候, 你就可以更好的利用这段时间。 contribute ① vi. to help to make something happen ▲ Stress is a contributing factor in many illnesses. contribute to ▲ What are the factors contribute to the safety of a car ﹖ ② v. to give money, help, ideas, etc to something that a lot of other people are also involved in  make good use of 和 enjoy 是并列的谓语动词, 接共同的宾语 the time 。 4 Free up time for the things you really want to do by simplifying your life. Let go of activities that don’t to your goals (for example, watching television for a whole evening). 5 Reduce the waste of everyday delays. Wherever you go, take reading material or an MP3 with music you want to hear. Then when you have to wait, you can or enjoy the time. Tran * contribute make good use of make use of to use something that is available ▲ We will make use of her vast experience. 5 Simple Tips for Managing Your Time Better Unit4 Text B

49 come down to If a situation or decision comes down to something,that is the thing that influences it most. ▲ Eventually our choice of hotel will come down to how much we can afford.  在每天的最后留半个小时来烦恼。心理学家认为, 为自己专 门设定一个时间来烦恼, 可以最终减少令你烦恼的事。 时间管理, 归根结底是要做出选择。好的选择会产生好的结 果, 而糟糕的选择则会导致时间和精力的浪费。 连词 while 连接并列句, 表示对比, 相当于 whereas, 可译为 “ 而 ” 、 “ 然而 ” 。 6 Set aside a half-hour toward the end of the day to worry. Psych- ologists believe that having a formal worrying time cuts down the amount of worrying you do. 7 Time management choices. Good choices lead to better results, while poor choices wasting time and ene- rgy. 5 Simple Tips for Managing Your Time Better Tran * comes down to lead to If an action or event leads to something, it causes that thing to happen or exist. ▲ Reducing speed limits should lead to fewer deaths on the roads. Unit4 Text B

50 没人会强迫你明智地管理时间。时间管理所能做的只是为你指 明方向, 帮助你走向成功。所以, 你常会听到这样的说法, 即时间管 理事实上并不是去管理时间, 而是管理你自己和你的生活。 No one can force you to use your time wisely. All that time management can do is to point the way to help you succeed. That’s why you will often hear that time management is not really about managing time, it is about managing yourself and your life. Tran 5 Simple Tips for Managing Your Time Better Unit4 Text B

51 Part 1 Choose the best answer for each question according to the passage. 1.What is the present situation of working people? A. They work hard and don’t have any time for leisure activities. B. Average people have to work longer than top-level managers. C. They have less time for leisure activities. D. Top-level managers often work longer than average people. 2. The word “organization” (Para. 1, Line 4) most probably means A. a group such as a club or a company B. planning and arranging something so that it is successful or effective C. a group of people who work together for a shared purpose D. a large party or official event √ ______ √ ______. Comprehension 1 Unit4 Text B

52 3.The first step of time management is to. A. set your goalsB. set aside time for each activity C. use calendar for scheduling D. ask experts for suggestion 4.The author categorizes tasks into types. A. 2B. 3C. 4D. 5 5.If you have some worries, you should. A. think about them all day long B. forget them at all C. talk to a psychologist D. set aside some particular time to think about them √ ______ √ Comprehension 1 ______ √ Unit4 Text B

53 6.Which of the following statements is NOT true about time management? A. Time management is to make right choices. B. Actually, to manage time is to manage yourself. C. Time management means using your time wisely. D. Effective time management can help you get more time than others. Comprehension 1 ______ √ Unit4 Text B

54 Part 2 Find the examples for the following statements in the passage. Comprehension 1 1. The classes you may want to take 2. Tasks that you can ask someone else to do 3. Activities that don’t get you closer to your goals 4. Things that help you reduce the waste of time Reading material or an MP3 with music you want to hear. Watching television for a whole ev- ening. You can hire someone to clean the floor. Learning a computer program for yo- ur job or mastering the piano for fun. Unit4 Text B

55 Part 1 Complete the sentences with the following words. Change the form where necessary. 1. The population is according to age, sex, and social group. 2. Why was there a in carrying out the plan? 3. An is someone who has a special skill or special knowledge of a subject. 4. The letter was in its wording. categorized expert _______ delay ________ formal ________ ___________ Vocabulary 2 according to expert leisure establish relate to categorize delay formal contribute to deal with Unit4 Text B

56 According to 5. How do you plan to the problem? 6. Most people only have a limited amount of time. 7. Our goal is to a new research centre in the North. 8. What he said does not the problem we discuss. 9. our records you owe us $130. 10. His college education his success. ____________ contributed to _____________ establish _________ relate to _______ deal with __________ Vocabulary 2 leisure _________ Unit4 Text B

57 Part 2 Complete the sentences with the right form of the words in the brackets. 1. She’s now an assistant marketing (manage) for the south east area. 2. I want to work with a well (organize) team. 3. Since its (establish) two years ago, the advice centre has been seen over 500 people a week. 4. Too little exercise is a (contribute) factor in heart disease. Vocabulary 2 establishment ________________ manager __________ organized ___________ contributory ___________ Unit4 Text B

58 Weekly Schedule A schedule is a list of planned activities or things to be done showing the times or dates when they are intended to happen or be done. The weekly schedule shows what one normally does for a complete week. A well-planned schedule helps people manage work time and personal time effectively. Kate is a freelance writer working at home. She is talking about her weekly schedule. Read the following paragraph to see how her working from home fits in with her regular chores and family life. Practical Writing Unit4

59 “I start working from 8 in the morning. From Monday to Thursday, I work until 10 in the morning. And then, I do the house chores until 12, while Wednesday is an exception as I do facial and pedicure in this time. I work from 1 to 3 in the afternoon and after that I prepare dinner for the family. I can take a 2-hour break on Wednesday as we eat out that evening and I don’t need to cook. My husband and children usually get back around 5, and I don’t work after that since that’s my family time. I often do the laundry in Thursday evening. On Friday I work until 12 in the morning and take a half day off. I don’t work on weekends.” Practical Writing Unit4

60 w Complete the schedule from according to her statement. Practical Writing 8-10 a.m.10-12a.m.1-3 p.m.4-5 p.m.5 p.m. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednes- day no work work house chores house chores cook family time family time facial& pedicure break family time& laundry Unit4

61 w Practical Writing 8-10 a.m.10-12a.m.1-3 p.m.4-5 p.m.5 p.m. Thursday Friday Saturday no work work no work cook house chores family time &laundry family time Unit4 Contents Contents

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