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Effective use of blogs in business: How companies can talk to themselves 2 nd December 2004 Olympia The Big Blog Company.

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1 Effective use of blogs in business: How companies can talk to themselves 2 nd December 2004 Olympia The Big Blog Company

2 Doughnuts, is there anything they can't do? -Homer Simpson BLOGS

3 Links to other sources Links to that article/post Posting content Company and contact info Ability to track events Company name Posts stored for future reference Images Ability to track links to that post Distribute via RSS

4 Blogs are optimised nodes  Content is only half the job  Distribution is the other half Network effect of blogosphere  Ease, immediacy, speed and interaction  Creativity and dynamism  Replicate inside the company network

5 Portals  different forms of information on one page, easy to update & customisable Intranets  secure slice of the web, place for tools to support collaboration KM applications  top-down IT projects Weblogs  designed for individual interaction and networking  Blogs have the right balance between unstructured creativity and structured format

6 Forum is a collective drawing - mess of lines Blog is a painting untouched but commented upon

7 1 st principle Information organisations, knowledge economy 2 nd principle Nothing was ever invented in a meeting 3 rd principle Basic unit is the individual - not a process, department or even a team  Collaboration & creativity is a human problem, not a technological one

8 If we all do this, marvellous things happen e.g. if we all contribute to this new KM/CMS/collaborative software, we unleash a fount of creativity, knowledge, interaction, experience etc.  These are company’s goals

9  What’s in it for them?

10  Collaboration and information sharing must not be a chore  Bottom-up motivation not top-down imposition  Idea ownership  Immediate benefit to individual employee  Job easier or another value  Key to effective use of internal blogs

11 How do you get employees to accept the new methodologies and paradigms?  Don't tell users there are new methodologies and paradigms, they don't care or need to know  Show them that the new systems allow them to get their work done  Show them that you can fix problems that prevent them from getting their work done going forward  Possible with blogs and emergent technologies as they are a ‘multiple orders of magnitude cheaper’

12 Disney Google InfoWorld London Internet Exchange

13 Disney internal communication  Track cable operations across the world  Messages by technical operators  Programming, marketing, traffic, operations Shiftlog  From proprietary DB to blog software  Improving efficiency and coordination Source: Disney Presentation at O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference, February 9-12, 2004

14 Internal expertise and information sharing  Knowledge best shared through a system that notifies users of new content  Email notification replaced by RSS Blogs and RSS aggregators the answer  Easy for each group member to store and share content  Keeps group members coming back, easy to find out when new content is available  Encourages others to share  “Need people willing to share information to get people to use blogs, wikis and other collaborative systems”


16 Use of blogs within Google  Keeping track of meeting notes  Sharing diagnostics information  Sharing snippets of code  More personal uses – sharing what people are thinking about and what they're up to  “It really helps grow the intranet and the internal base of documents”

17 InfoWorld six-months IT initiative  Coherent roadmap on weblog  No need for agendas, handouts in meetings  Changes distributed via RSS to anyone who wants updates  Accountability within IT team and to non-IT colleagues  “Amazing how a system so simple and easy can produce such profound results”

18 LINX internal blog for member updates  More permanent record of announcements than the pre-existing mailing lists  Archiving and clustering of topics easier  More accurate classification and labelling  Tracking and analysis of audience more accurate  Balance of time spent on topics  Timeliness leading to more feedback  Change in dynamics satisfying short and long term reporting

19  Blogs  persistent conversation, dynamic info flows  Movable Type, Expression Engine  Wikis  ideal for collaborative documents created by many  Web Collaborator, Wiki 2.0, MediaWiki, Social Text  RSS readers  Replace email notification, internal news feeds  Newsgator (Outlook integration)

20  Format  Match with purpose and activity  Evolving and dynamic  IT aspect  Flexible  Low cost  Easy to implement  Human dimension  Most important and complex  Individual matters  Collective result emergent rather than imposed

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