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7 Habits of Highly Defective Teens Summarized and Illustrated by Harrellland 6 th Graders, 2012.

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2 7 Habits of Highly Defective Teens Summarized and Illustrated by Harrellland 6 th Graders, 2012

3 Do you blame things on your parents, your teachers, your neighborhood, your siblings, the government, or anything else? Your mother would ask who made that loud noise, and you would say… Habit 1: Are You Proactive or Reactive by Colby Joiner

4 Do you act like an animal about 70% or more of your life? If you’re hungry would you eat anything you want no matter if there are rules? If someone yelled at you would you yell back?

5 Would you do anything you want to, even if you know it is the wrong thing? Would you not take responsibility?

6 If so, you’re Reactive!

7 Habit 2 Begin With No End in Mind Happily presented by Tyler Sun and Corey Criss

8 Don't have a plan If you don't have a plan then you won't have any goals in life and you will be a clueless person.

9 Avoid goals at all costs If you avoid all your goals you will achieve nothing and you'll become a big couch potato.

10 Never think about tomorrow If you never think about tomorrow then you'll have no plans for anything.

11 Why worry about the consequences of your actions If you don't worry about your consequences of your actions then you'll do whatever you want whenever you want and will end up in jail.

12 Live for the moment… party on! If you live for the moment then you'll only think about what's going on during that time.

13 You have a science mid-term, but your favorite new clothes store just opened up. You couldn’t miss that. You think your science mid-term can wait as you sneak out. You’re grounded, and your mom takes your phone for failing the test. Habit 3 Put First Things Last by Emma and Leah

14 Whatever is most important in your life, don’t do it until you have spent sufficient time watching television, talking endlessly on the phone, surfing the net, playing video games, and lounging around.

15 Always put off your homework until tomorrow. Make sure things that don’t matter come before things that do.

16 Dad can’t you see I’m working here Mom you’re messing up my hair First things Last Finale

17 Habit 3: Put first things last by Jaquline Mueller You get invited to a big party but you have 10 pages due for homework……. You go to the party anyway; you don’t know how to do anything in the class; you are behind on the homework and are failing in the class now.

18 DON’T go to sleep There is a new episode of Pretty Little Liars and you want to watch it but you have to go to sleep because of your big exam the next day… You watch the show anyway and you fall asleep during the exam. You fail, and your mom and dad are contacted because you fell asleep in class.

19 DON’T practice on your sports Your coach says to practice but instead you want to play video games so you play video games…. In the game you stink, you strike out, and you get pulled out of the game.

20 DON’T do your chores You text your friend instead of doing chores and your mom says if you keep texting them she will take away your phone and you will be grounded….. You text them anyway and you get grounded. Your phone is taken away, and you don’t get to use it for a week.

21 To review Whatever is most important in your life, don’t do it until you have spent sufficient time watching television, talking endlessly on the phone, surfing the net, playing video games, and lounging around. Always put off your homework until tomorrow. Make sure that things don’t matter always come before things that do.

22 Don’t do Your Homework You are invited to a friends house but you have an essay due the next day… You go anyway and get bad grades because you didn’t do your homework. Habit 3 by Rachel Walkup

23 Don’t Study You have an exam the next day but instead of studying you play video games all night… You end up failing the exam because you didn’t study.

24 Don’t do Your Chores A chore you are responsible for is to feed your pets. You are continuously calling or texting your friends… Your pets end up hungry, or someone else takes up for your responsibility.

25 Don’t Take Care of Your Possessions You don’t take care of your possessions, you throw them around and don’t care for them… Therefore your possessions are ruined and your parents don’t buy you any more as a punishment.

26 Highly Defective Teens Think Win-Lose See life as a vicious competition. Habit 4 by Kieran and Jovanna

27 Get ‘em first Your classmate is out to get you, so you'd better get ‘em first.

28 They win, you lose. Don’t let anyone else succeed at anything because, remember, if they win, you lose.

29 Drag them down! If it looks like you’re going to lose, however, make sure you drag that sucker down with you.

30 You were born with a mouth so use it. Make sure you talk a lot. It doesn’t matter if the teacher is talking, if a classmate is talking, or even if your mom or dad is talking. Just keep talking Habit 5: Talk First and Pretend to Understand by Caleb Reynolds

31 Always Express Your Side Of The Story First Before anybody else gets to say anything share your part of the story first. Don’t let anybody share their side of the story. Make sure every understands your views.

32 Pretend To Listen By Nodding And Saying Uh-Huh When someone is talking just pretend to listen. Don’t actually pay attention to what they’re saying. Remember no one needs to understand their views as long as everybody understands your part.

33 If You Really Want Their Opinion, Give It To Them Tell them your opinion. Let them know what you think. It doesn’t matter about what their opinion is. Just as long as they know your opinion everything is all right.

34 Defective Habit 6: DON’T COOPERATE By Rose H Let’s face it, other people are weird because they're different from you.

35 YOU WANNA PIECE OF ME So why try to get along with them.

36 HERE PUPPY Teamwork is for the dogs.

37 GO AWAY Since you always have the best ideas, you are better off doing everything by your self.

38 I’M FINE BY MY SELF Be your own island.

39 Never Improve First you must never enhance or improve yourself. ALWAYS be indolent(lazy) Before After We will be doing Habit 7,Wear Yourself Out. To do habit 7, you must… by Adrian Velez

40 Never Study You will not study as well. Quell the urge to pass and relax. Life is a game do not learn ANYTHING NEW ! You must always avoid homework. L losers

41 Avoid Exercise and Eat Junk Food Avoid Exercise and Eat Junk Food Have a ubiquitous amount of junk food and you must be careful not to exercise! Exercise is a plague! Just kidding; do not or you’ll get fat.

42 Stay away from inspiration Avoid inspiration at all costs like good books, nature, and other things that are beautiful and not sullen.

43 Never Improve yourself. Never Study. Avoid Exercise. Eat Junk Food. Stay far, far away from inspiration.

44 Habit 7: Wear Yourself Out Be so busy with life that you never take time to renew or improve yourself. Spend all your time on the computer or in front of the TV A powerpoint by Jupiter Jones

45 Never study. Don’t learn anything new. Avoid exercise like the plague. Eat junk food, And for heavens sake, stay away from good books, nature, or anything that might inspire you.

46 No time to renew. You have no time to renew; you just are too busy to do ANYTHING! Habit 7 by W. Kurtis R.

47 Never Study Why don’t you study? Because you’re too BUSY; you never calm down; you just work and work and work on every thing else!!

48 Don’t learn anything new! You’re too smart to learn anything new….. yeah right! You don’t listen to anyone because you’re SO ignorant!

49 Avoid exercise like the plague! You lazy little bum! You don’t work, listen, or study because you are too busy in front of the T.V!

50 All the things put together! Stay away from books, nature, or anything that might interest you! STAY away from the whole entire world!


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