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Heart Ten Fair Rows Hard Harden Pharaoh’s Heart Ex 10:27.

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1 Heart Ten Fair Rows Hard Harden Pharaoh’s Heart Ex 10:27

2 Know Ozark Noah’s ark Gen 7:1

3 Pit He Income Pass Shun Pity And Compassion Jer 21:7

4 Thumb As Sigh Yes Calming The Messiah Is Coming Jn 4:25

5 Breath Wren Brethren Acts 2:37

6 Nay Oh Me Naomi Ru 1:2

7 Dew Nod Fall Hoe Thick Growled Do Not Follow The Crowd Ex 23:2

8 Donut Castor Burls Beef Force Wine Do not cast your pearls before swine Mt 7:16

9 Thick Rate Test Tough Thesis Loaf The greatest of these is love 1 Co 13:4

10 Thus Heaven Hue Nicks The seven eunuchs Est 1:10

11 Low Cost Deaf Hour Ever Wreath Thing Locust devour everything Ex 10:12

12 Peas Beast Ill Peace! Be still! Mk 4:39

13 Bail Lamb Stunk He Balaam’s donkey Nu 22:21-23

14 Arson Full Nay Chore Our sinful nature Eph 2:3

15 Reach Hoist Hallways Rejoice always 1Th 5:16

16 Spear Hit Jewel Active War Sheep Spiritual act of worship Rom 12:1

17 Flew Tip Layers Flute players Rev 18:22

18 Thus Come Huffy Hearth The scum of the earth 1Co 4:13

19 Cries Tied Forest Christ died for us Rom 5:8

20 Eye Yam Are Hose Off Share On I am a rose of Sharon Song 2:1

21 Know Think Kiss Egret Nothing is secret Lk 8:17

22 Tower His Sneer The hour is near Mt 26:45

23 Mail Lick Eye Malachi OT Book

24 Hump Bull Yours Elves Humble Yourselves 1 Pet 5:6

25 Hype Wreaths High Priests Heb 2:17

26 Eye Ham Wit Ewe Wins Pier It I am with you in spirit 1Co 5:3

27 Eye Yell Beef Eighth Full I will be faithful Zech 8:8

28 Prey Oar Rough Awry Jasmine Prayer of a righteous man Jas 5:16

29 Thus Sends Us The Census Lk 2:1

30 Due Whit Hall Forth Hick Laurie Huff Cod Do it all for the glory of God 1Co 10:31

31 Theme Inn Esther The Minister Rom 15:16

32 Thick Ink Dumb Shelby Dull Hoards The kingdom shall be the Lord’s Ob 1:21

33 Ike Omit Mice Peer It I commit my spirit Lk 23:46

34 Gary Eat Chedders Bird Dense Carry each other’s burdens Gal 6:2

35 Bead Ill Agent Be diligent 1Ti 4:15

36 Dull Lowered Sir Chess Savory Art The Lord searches every heart 1Ch 28:9

37 Hit Shell Comb Topaz It shall come to pass Mic 4:1

38 Beer Itch Chin Could Heeds Be rich in good deeds 1Ti 6:18

39 Soars Sir Her Sorceror Acts 13:6

40 Eye Half Ben Golden Ache Ed I have been cold and naked 2Co 11:27

41 And Rue Andrew Lk 6:14

42 Lawn Door Oars Hope Launderer’s soap Mal 3:2

43 Ink Err Rage Won On Otter Encourage one another 1Th 5:11

44 Rich His Czar Nod Far Heifer Riches are not forever Pro 27:24

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