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STRATEGIC YOUTH ACTION PARTNERSHIP REVIEW Research amongst Young People Summer 2010

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1 STRATEGIC YOUTH ACTION PARTNERSHIP REVIEW Research amongst Young People Summer 2010

2 Presentation to Strategic Youth Action Review 24 th November 2010 Jackie Dolton Crawley Borough Council November 2010

3 Aim of the SYAP Review 2 streams What services and activities are available for young people across the town? This focuses on…… –What do young people think of what’s on offer? How and what do they take part in?

4 Aim of the Research What sporting and arts activities; youth forums, uniform groups; and other activities do young people participate in? Where? How often? How do they get there? How do young people find out about what’s going on? –Currently –Their preferred way Why don’t young people participate? What do young people think of what is currently available; ideas for improvement?

5 How was research undertaken? 30 “places” identified – where young people might go –Special holiday activities –Schools –Connexions Staff involved in working with young people acted as researchers Questionnaires available Online questionnaire available Operated throughout summer; official closing date 17 th September; extended to 4 th October

6 What places/events? Ifield Park 7 Bewbush Park 9 Southgate Main86 Tilgate Park 2 Maidenbower 40 Youth Service Mobile Provision 7 Youth Service Residential50 Detached Team46 Where are you Day PAYP 5 PAYP29 Springboard 6 CFA Summer Camp 7 Play Rangers 0 Liquid Envy 16

7 More places……. K2 Crawley Friday Night Project 8 Football Holiday Programme 0 Bowls Holiday Course 7 Star Track Athletics 32 Adventure Playgrounds –Millpond25 –Waterlea 4 –Cherry Lane 29 –Creaseys Drive 0 Broadfield Children & Family Centre 0 Crawley Homes Tenant Event19 Connexions12 Schools & Colleges –Oriel66 –Holy Trinity92 –Hazelwick91 –Thomas Bennett44 –Ifield CC50 Online28

8 Health Warning ! A note of caution….. Methodology –Using a range of different interviewers –Distractions at fun events –Some questionnaires completed by young people themselves –Limited information on reasons for responses Questionnaire designed by “committee” Some self selection Not statistically robust Not necessarily representative of all young people in Crawley; treat as snap shot Needed verification – Youth Conference “You Choose” Needs to be used in conjunction with other information –Audit

9 Response rate 817 completed questionnaires = 30% 26 venues/events Online Highest numbers –Holy Trinity – 11.3% –Hazelwick – 11.1% –Southgate Main event – 10.5% Some others good response rate given lower numbers

10 Profile Fairly event split male/female (47/45%) Good range of ages Good representation from 12 to 14 year olds Range of events ensured broad mix of ages, neighbourhoods and gender

11 Profile 72% White British Good mix of other ethnic groups –Different locations, including schools, helped ensure this All neighbourhoods represented; but particularly –Broadfield –Bewbush –Pound Hill Lowest numbers from West Green

12 Taking part 7 in 10 take part in sport –Seems high? –? Definitions (some include Dance) One third attend a Youth Club –Includes wide range One third take part in arts/music activities –? School curriculum –? Attending events Lower participation rates in other activities There seems to be a dip in sports participation around the age of 14 – verification from other sources also required to ensure accuracy Football tops the list Swimming also popular

13 Taking part

14 Taking part Variety of youth wings/clubs mentioned, also outside of Borough; suggests perceptions about youth clubs/wings More interest in arts/music amongst 11/12 year olds 4 in 10 of under 10’s and one third of 10 year olds attend Uniform Groups (caution low numbers responding) Dance classes/groups seem to appeal more to younger age groups – up to 11 years (same caution re: low numbers)

15 Taking part More males than females taking part in sport Slightly more males for youth clubs More females for dance

16 Taking part Most either get a lift to activities or walk Applies to all activities except Connexions where most walk Almost 60% prefer to take part during weekday evenings, with no variations in days of the week Evening preference drops at weekends. Instead afternoons are favourite on either Saturday or Sunday; but approx 25% also like mornings or evenings. No difference between Saturday/Sunday

17 Connexions 45 had used 20 females 25 males Most respondents were aged 13 Reasons for not going mainly not knowing what it was; for others, not needing it

18 Barriers to participation Lack of interest in a particular activity Not aware of what’s available; where to look; where to go Lapsed participation – sometimes due to age; but also interest wanes Wish to but lack confidence perhaps? Friends not going along Perception that you have to be “good” at something to take part Lack of time Cost

19 Finding out about what’s on Currently friend/family tops the list School and posters popular and remains popular Significant increase in texts emails – all ages

20 Finding out about what’s on Overall, 62% had not seen “Go Crawley” –Just under half of Southgate Event had seen it; –No respondents from Ifield CC –Seems to better penetrate the younger age groups;

21 The Value of Events Schools, Connexions and Internet questionnaires excluded 2/3 said being enjoyable 54% would do it again Half met friends they already knew 3 in 10 made new friends 3 in 10 learned something new 4 in 10 said there were new things to try Youth Service residential seems to achieve the best balance of values

22 What other things would young people like to do? Ice Skating Other winter sports –Ski slope –Snow activity centre Water Sports Extreme Sports

23 What can we conclude? Lots going on –Diversity of responses –Diversity of definitions used –Interpretation of “doing” if part of school day Holding interest is key to participation –Lapsed participants leave when interest wanes –How to keep interest alive? –Comments imply boredom is quick to strike! Peer Group –Important that friends go too –Social elements key; being enjoyable/fun Getting the message out about what’s on –Lots of “Don’t knows where to look/go” –Increase use of texts/emails –Keep the posters going –Develop improved communication channels with schools Market activities for everyone, irrespective of ability –Encourage “have a go” ….. ? Tasters –Confidence boosters –Knowing what to expect

24 The Verification Exercise “You Choose” Youth Conference 19 th November @ K2Crawley Crawley led by Crawley Young Persons Council Workshops on 5 specific questions arising from the research

25 Question 1……. In our survey, 7 in 10 young people told us they participated in sport, but there seems to be a fall in numbers of 14 year olds participating. –How do you define “sport”? –Where are you participating in it (school? Casually – where? Part of a club? Going to K2 Crawley? Somewhere else??) –Is it right that interest wanes at 14 years old? Why is this? How could we keep interest going?

26 Question 1: defining, keeping interest alive Very broad definitions Physical; can be competitive and “hard”; challenging; structured; most seems to be school based Can also be fun, social, less structured If you enjoy sport whilst young and were good at it, more likely to continue in adolescence If it was a chore and you weren’t good at it, will give it up at 14; but the social benefits of sport remain in less structured delivery Seems almost a natural transition/part of growing up Lots happens at age 14 – school work GCSE’s Should we let interest lapse at 14 and encourage again later in life?

27 Question 2………….. In our survey, one third of you said you used Youth Clubs/Wings What words would you use to describe Youth Clubs/Wings? What would you like to do at Youth Clubs? What changes would you make to Youth Clubs?

28 Question 2: words to describe youth clubs/wings Social elements – fun, friends Gives you a voice Gives you support Place to hang out in safe, familiar environment “Down time” place for young people Has a casual feel

29 Question 2: things to do at Youth Clubs Emphasis on less physical and competitive activities Sport is there, but important to get delivery right – make it more casual Wide range of activities suggested but all tend to be social, unstructured, with wide variety (e.g. cooking and life skills courses suggested) Some extreme –BMX, quad biking, graffiti Music, drama and popular culture (e.g. X factor) Need info on what’s on offer and where to find out about it

30 Question 3……………. In our survey, one third of you said you did music/art activities –What makes a great activity? –What changes would you make? –What would encourage you to take part?

31 Question 3: what makes great activity? Fun; availability of equipment (cost of musical instruments) Good atmosphere – welcoming & encouraging Making it accessible and affordable How it is delivered matters (summer schools liked; workshops) Greater commitment and encouragement from schools To understand the benefits of getting involved –As a performer –As a back stage technician Showcase talent

32 Question 4………. In our survey, some young people told us that they “used to take part” in certain activities, but not any more. Thinking about activities you might have done in the past or groups you might have joined but no longer go along to –What stopped you? –What would have encouraged you to stay on? –What would encourage you to go back?

33 Question 4: Barriers to participation Age limits – outgrew it or too young to get involved –Too old for some –Off putting to share gym with adults Bored doing same thing Poor & inappropriate delivery Cost – K2 Crawley mentioned Needs to be fun Staff must be approachable and trained –Understand their needs –Take their views into account –Confidence boosting Activities need structure but not to make this obvious! Attending as part of group of friends

34 Question 4: Encouraging participation Run by the right people Important friends go along Be aware of peer pressure – e.g. not “cool” to be part of sports club Activities away from school campus Lower prices Knowing where to go Hear our voice –Listen –Reflect what we want in activities provided Give encouragement Build confidence

35 Question 5……….. In our survey, only 40% had seen “Go Crawley” –What do you think of the publication (style, content, usefulness) –Where would you look for it? –What would you change about it? –Do you need it? (think of alternatives)

36 Question 5: “Go Crawley” Too much emphasis on sport; want more creative; the arts Front of brochure implies sport Should have photos of groups of young people Needs larger font Too much text on front and inside Colour scheme matters –Didn’t like too boyish or too girlish; more generic; 2009 better than 2010 No reference to “additional” needs, (not “special” needs)

37 Question 5: “Go Crawley” Needs clearer layout – info too difficult to find; too busy; Trying too hard; too much in it Messages needs to be clearer – encourage participation by all Split the audience? –One for younger children: they were more likely to have seen publication. Doesn’t appeal to 14+ –Another method for reaching older teenagers? Split the activities? Printed publication needed to sign post to sources of information; e.g. websites More use of technology for older 14+ –Face book –Identify Iphone/blackberry etc apps that would be applicable to link

38 Question 5: “Go Crawley” Retain and develop posters Design web pages according to activity on offer Could consider pocket size written information Consider simplified “Go Crawley” type of publication for younger children?

39 Research implies….. Definitions vary Unstructured is key for teenagers Yet, discerning about delivery! Competition is a barrier for some Social aspects key Peer Group pressure: friends Being listened to Links to schools Important to boost confidence Costs and relationship to equipment Be aware of inevitable life stage changes Where to look for information needs care, update and modification

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