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DEVELOPMENT of IMPROVEMENT INNOVATIVE IDEAS -integrate with prototypes and evaluation.  use annotated sketching, real time digital images and interactive.

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1 DEVELOPMENT of IMPROVEMENT INNOVATIVE IDEAS -integrate with prototypes and evaluation.  use annotated sketching, real time digital images and interactive dialogue to generate and record a wide range of initial ideas which explore possible improvements;  (photograph, record and comment as it actually takes place)

2 DEVELOPMENT of IMPROVEMENT  DEVELOPMENT- Integrate with ideas and evaluation  make sufficient appropriate prototype models to establish the validity of the proposed idea in terms of:  physical requirements, e.g., construction, movement, stability, composition, strength,  aesthetic qualities / taste as appropriate;  suitable manufacturing processes;  suitability of materials, components or ingredients;

3 DEVELOPMENT of IMPROVEMENT  ONGOING TESTING & EVALUATION - Integrate with Ideas and development.  test and evaluate developed ideas against the specification in real time and justify the choice of one idea worthy of being taken forward; ALL THREE SECTIONS TOGETHER RECORD IN REAL TIME 10 A3 SHEETS or PP56 MARKS



6 Click below to view tie/belt model Click below to view sleeveless tops model Video 8.57 MB 6 secs. Video 9.33 MB 7 secs Excellent short videos would benefit from ties/ belts/tops Click here




10 Click below to view trousers Click below to see close-up of base unit and hook Video 11.2 MB 8 secs Video 36.6 MB 29 secs click here




14 Skills needed for ongoing evaluation in both the Advanced Innovation Challenge and the Product Study. Add video clips and sound bites to Product Study PP. This is ‘Interactive dialogue’ in practice. (discussing rain cover) 6.2 MB 17sec Click here




18 FUNCTIONALMATERIALSMANUFACTURINGAESTHETICSCOSTSAFETYERGONOMICSMORAL ISSUES AIM: The first idea is a lightweight clamp system that is small and easy too use and store In the outside environment. The peg is designed to be long-lasting in outside conditions. The peg is designed to make it much easier too hang clothes on the line, the user barely has too handle the peg after they have taken it from the packaging and put it on the line. DESCRIPTION/FUNCTION: The peg fits all washing lines because it users a rubber structure shown here that allows different sizes of line to be pulled through and then be held securely and tightly. The function of this peg is based on the clamping action of the mouse trap. The clamping action of this peg is controlled by two cogs which cause a tight clamping action which will be enough too hold all types of clothing in place on the line. The peg is very thin so that lots of them can be pushed next to each other when being stored. When the product is attached onto the line it does not have to be removed, they can be pushed together whilst still on the line and then left until they are needed next time. The line can still be rapped up whilst the pegs are on and put in a bag r hung on the wall outside, which means the washing line does not have to be out all the time. Too use the product you simply push the clothing into the bottom of the peg as shown here. To release the clothing you simply pull down, this causes the clamp too open and the clothes to be released. The peg then remains ready on the line for next time. INITIAL MATERIAL IDEA’S: PA poly amide is used because moving parts will rub against each other so a tough and self lubricating material like this is a good choice. It is also waterproof so the peg will not decay. Then sharp edges of the cogs could harm the user. This will need some form of heavily rubberised plastic too provide grip and durability. This would not be suitable for all types of washing lines because the line has to be removed so that the peg can be attached, this would not be suitable for rotary washing lines for example. Parts shut as these will not be easy too manufacture they are an intricate shaped and may need to be injection moulded, compression moulding could be used if the cog was made from a material such as urea formaldehyde. The product will cost more too produce than the conventional clothes peg as it has more components to be produced. The product does not look very appealing in is quite long so will be noticeable in the garden environment. A more simple mechanism would be needed for it to be mass produced It would be difficult to take one off the line if it breaks they would all have to be removed Different shapes of handle cut out using the laser cutter too see which is the most comfortable fit. I found that the combination of these to designs would be the most comfortable fit I then used a design program to draw my idea so that I would have a better idea of what it would look like in 3D with different coulours Now that I had a good idea of what the product would look like when made I used foam too cut the shape of the product out so that I could see how comfortable it was too hold and how it would function I decided from this model that it would be too bulky and difficult too store The product is too long I then modified this model by coming up with a different method to hold the product so that it could be much smaller and easy to store I found that the cog mechanism will need to be simplified so that it is easy to manufacture On windy days the pegs would rattle against each other which would be noisy and annoying To use the product now it only requires 2 fingers so the product will be much easier to use I decided too see how the product would function when operated by a simple spring I also modelled the product so that the two half's would over lap during operation to reduce cost and materials Does not look as good as the previous method and saves little space I cut out the 3 best in foam to see how they would feel in the hand This area can still be made smaller so that it uses less space and is easier to store. I found that the spring mechanism would be the best way to operate the peg as it allows a much more hands free method of attaching clothing to the line. This model was made to reduce the size of the finished product and make it easier to use, it allows me to see where to put the spring and will allow me to have a much better idea of what the final product will look like I needed to redesign the mechanism as it would not open because the turning point is not in the right place Final model Model 1Model 2 Model 3 Model 3B Model 4 Model 4B Model 5 I had to redesign this area so that it would open, I added an extra circle and made my pivot point in the center of the circle so now it would open and close easily The material should be see through so the user can see how it works This area needs rubberized plastic to make it comfy to hold The product needs to be easier to use by having adapt ions to make the product shut automatically The spring needs to be internal instead of at the back as shown in model 4B

19 FUNCTIONALMATERIALSMANUFACTURINGAESTHETICSCOSTSAFETYERGONOMICSMORAL ISSUES AIM: This second idea is designed to both aesthetically pleasing whilst also carrying out the desired function efficiently and effectively. It will appeal mainly to the user which has an interest in design and is interested in innovative design in their home. Different styles and shapes will allow it too appeal to more market segments. DESCRIPTION/FUNCTION: The product is attached to the line as in idea 1. The product works by using two magnets on opposites sides, as shown here. The magnets are of opposite charges so that they attract each other causing the peg to close and hold the clothing in place. The function is similar to that of idea one, the user pushes the clothing up into the peg as shown until they hit the trigger labeled here, when this trigger is touched it causes the magnets to get closer together and therefore attract each other and clamp the clothing in place. (The magnets will be powered by a very small battery similar to that of the ones used in watches, the magnets will be electro magnets so there magnetism can be turn on and off). To release the clothing you simply press the button which is shown here, this separates the magnets and releases the clothing. The magnets use very little power and are solar powered so the user never has to replace the batteries, unless they are damaged in some way. After use the product can then be left on the line until next time. INITIAL MATERIAL IDEA’S: The body of the peg is made from a heavy duty rubberized plastic which will protect delicate parts if dropped and provide waterproofing and durability. The body very small solar panels molded in that provide the energy. AESTHTICS: As the product is designed to be aesthetically pleasing it offers many different shapes and designs, the one shown here is a lady bird which fits in with the garden theme. The product will also be able to be shaped into other garden animals, Having these different designs will make the peg a much more appealing product and instead of buying it just for its intended function it could now be bought for the way it looks as well. Having these different shapes will also take some of the tedium out of the chore of having to hang up clothing on the line. Magnets Trigger Solar panels The peg is too large and bulky Release button difficult to get too Not enough support between the peg Cannot be used a rotary washing lines etc, because the lines needs to be removed to attach the peg Could be dangerous if the magnet is too powerful More energy may be needed than these solar panels can create The many functions including the solar panels will make the overall product very expensive The product will not be quick and easy to manufacture The product will be heavy so will cause a safety hazard if thrown. The product is not very easy to recycle, it will also use a lot more materials that the conventional peg so will have a bigger effect on the environment. I designed this on a design program so that I could have a more virtual image of what the finished product will look like The second model made from card was intended to show me how the product would open and close Model 2 Model 1Need to find how the product will function The product is very wide. Lots of materials will need to be used to produce this outer shell More detail is needed so the user knows it is a ladybird Model 3 I designed this model as a test to see how many would fit on the washing at the same time, this would allows me to see how big the final product should be and if any modifications to its size should be made Final model This model allowed me to show how components like the magnets and solar panels would fit together, it allowed me to get an internal view of the product The model is very large when side by side 5 of these pegs takes up a lot of space. In its current form the product will be to heavy and will be a safety hazard. The product is very wide and will therefore take up a lot of space on the washing line The shear weight of the product will mean that the number that can be held on the line will have to be kept low because too many could cause the line to snap, with all the pegs and clothing attached to the line a lot of weight will be on the line. The model is large so more materials will be needed to produce it causing an increase in price The product will need to be built up in layers so that the solar panels and other internal features will fit in Area for solar panel energy collector Area for the electromagnet The 3 layers make up one section of the peg Because each side has 3 layers it would be still expensive to manufacture If the product was to be injection molded it would need it would need 3 different mould to product it so it would take longer to manufacture The product needs more detail in areas so that it looks more like a ladybird Need to be thicker for more support These engravings could collect water that would pour onto the clothes The clothes will slip out of here as there is not enough support they need to look like this The edges will need to be rounded The product could still be smaller The elastic band shows me how the clamping mechanism would work When the sides clamp together there will not be enough contact with the clothing they need a wider surface area in contact with the clothing The two half’s rub against each other which would mark the material and eventually where it down There is no specific place where the product can be held comfortably Only one of the pegs can fit in the users hand at once

20 FUNCTIONALMATERIALSMANUFACTURINGAESTHETICSCOSTSAFETYERGONOMICSMORAL ISSUES AIM: This peg is intended to carry out more functions at once making it easier and quicker to hold clothing on the line. The peg will be able to be easily used by all users so will fit a wider market. DESCRIPTION/FUNCTION: The peg can be taken on and off the line easily it does not Have to permanently stay on the line. It attaches to the line at the points shown here which hold it securely to the line, These straps are Velcro so are easy to take on and off. When attached to the line the clothing can be attached easily to the secondary pegs which are labeled below. The peg will appeal to the elderly because clothes can be attached to it and then can be hung onto the line so the user does not have to stretch up as much as they do with the conventional clothes peg. The hole structure can hold up to five secondary pegs, these pegs can be spread out so that they can hold a shirt or 5 sox. Having this layout means that pegs are easier to store. And are less fiddly too use because they are not scattered everywhere, and they are all in the same place so they are much easier to use. To release the clothing you simply press the button labeled here, this releases the clamps grip on the clothing and allows them to be taken away. INITIAL MATERIAL IDEA’S: The structure is made from 3 materials which are Velcro, GRP and Poly amide. The materials that I choose to make this with will need to be strong and not bend or snap easily. Secondary pegs Pegs should be able to move side to side Too bulky and not very aesthetically pleasing Too many buttons which will waist time The product will not provide many jobs as it is relatively simple too mass produce Sharp corners could cause damage to user The user may not know how to use the peg straight away as it does not look like the conventiona l clothes peg Needs to have different shapes as the rectangle shape is too bland and boring The product is fairly long and so will not be easily stored in the workplace The product is long and so will be easy to snap if bent or stood on Will not be strong enough to hold the peg on the line in all condition s Must be longer to provide more clamping power The product does not have anywhere for the user to hold it easily, it is not obvious where to hold it Will not be strong enough to hold clothes on the line in all conditions Model 2 This model showed me what the product would look like in 3D so that I would have a better idea of hot to model it using materials from the workshop Model 1 Model 3 Model 4 Final model This model allowed me to see how big the final product would be and too see where the pegs would attach and overall dimensions of the different features The product is too long it would take up too much space on the line and there would not be enough room to hold all the users washing at the same time The pegs are to spaced apart so more pegs can be added to hold more clothes The product is hard to store as it is so long it will need to be taken off the line after use so is not very practical in its current state I designed this model to see if there was a different way of attaching the pegs together that does not take up as much space. I used nylon string to hold them together in this case to show me if it would be a suitable method This sketch was intended to show me how the pegs could be made to make the product quicker and easier to use A very strong material would be needed to make the peg because at ii is so long it will be easy to snap if stood on Needs areas which make it easier to hold pegs Slots that allow more pegs to be added or pegs to be put in different positions There is no where to attach the pegs to the string securely therefore the product would not be long lasting The pegs will get tangled and will be difficult to store There is no way of adjusting where the pegs are, they are in a fixed position The peg needs indentations here to make it easier to grip The peg is very square and is not very pleasing to the eye The sharp edges make in un safe The product is too large and will blow around in windy conditions Because of its size more vans will be needed to transport lots of it The product would be difficult to recycle as it cannot be detached from the string The product will be difficult to take on and off the line as it has to be tied on. A strong material will need to be used here which could be expensive Need to be rounded edges Too thin and may snap if dropped Needs attachments for other pegs The cuts here work like a ratchet the pegs can be pushed along into different positions and are then held in these cuts. The peg will click as it moves along so the user knows it is working. More pegs can be attached to it Too many settings then are needed This area should be a circular tube instead so that it is easier to hold Attaches to line using Velcro here The peg will be expensive as there are a lot of parts This area needs indentations which allow the user to hold the peg comfortably The ends are to sharp and pointy and could be a safety hazard for the user The grooves here are sharp and uncomfortable These will be hooks instead

21 FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS MANUFACTURINGAESTHETICSCOSTSAFETYERGONOMICSMORAL ISSUES AIM: The main intention for this design is to make hanging clothing on the line very quick compared to the traditional methods. DESCRIPTION/FUNCTION: The peg is intended to allow its user too hang clothing up in much less time, by using this product the user will be able to hold more clothing in their hands at one time and then simply attach them to the line without having to open the peg. The user can simply hold the clothing between the peg and as they do this the sensitive trigger will cause the clamp too shut by in the same way as a mouse trap, the user can then move on to the next peg whilst still holding the bulk of there washing in their arms. The peg will allows the user to hang items like socks on the line in half the time it would take them with the conventional cloths peg. The peg works by using a spring to clamp it shut. The spring causes the mechanism which is shaped like a cross to close the too sides of the clamp and have a firm grip on the clothing. Too remove the clothing from the line you pull down which opens the clamp and resets the spring for the next time you need to use the peg. INITIAL MATERIAL IDEA’S: The trigger and the spring will made from sprung steel and the rest of the casing will be made from a material that can be injection molded and is strong. There will also be some heavy duty rubberized plastic used too make the product easier to grip. Delicate trigger that would be easy to snap If the spring were to rust then the product would be less effective Spring needs to be have better protection as it could spring loose The arms pf the clamp are too short to hold all types of clothing The many moving parts would mean that the product has much greater chance of breaking The product would be expensive to make as it uses more than 5 parts to produce it Trigger Spring Attaches to line here Areas for increased grip on the peg Indentations where peg can be held securely The hole product is not very aesthetically pleasing The product looks quite painful if it were to clamp to the hand this would stop people buying it The clamping action is very similar to the mousetrap in the way that it snaps shut on impact this might shock some user when they first use it The product could snap shut when not is use e.g. when in storage The product is not very easy to recycle as it is difficult to take apart Different parts of the product will nit be easy to replace as there are so many of them making the product expensive Model 1 Model 3 Model 2 I designed this first model so that I would have a better idea of what the product would look like, it allowed me to see if it would work and what would need to be changed. It also gave me an idea of what size the product would be. I could immediately tell that the cross section shown here would not work, there is no where for the pivot points and there is too many parts make it fiddly and difficult too manufacture The sprung steel shown here needs to be molded into the peg or it will just snap off This support bar will need to be thicker and a triangular shape to provide more strength This area is too long and does not flow together it needs to have smooth edges and to be shorter. There are lots of components which would make it difficult to manufacture and expensive This model allowed me to get a more functional view of how the product will work, it showed me how the peg would clamp the clothes and hold them in place and if it would be effective at doing so. This model allowed me too see what the product would look like when it has all the components in their desired colors and formats. It showed me how the product would look when finished and allowed me to test which colors looked best and where. This sharp edge will be a safety hazard if dropped on the user. The sharp edge will also make it uncomfortabl e to hold in the hand Another support bar is needed here as there is not enough holding the peg together at the moment May need to be thicker to add support The product does not look very pleasing to the eye and needs more exciting colors These will be rounded edges because currently they are a safety hazard The product looks quite menacing and needs better use of colors so that it does not stand out to much when hung on the washing line The product needs to be able to fit all washing lines as currently it cannot fit onto rotary washing lines These are to square and do not look good enough they need to be rounded edges The product will not be very comfortable to hold as it only has one are to hold it which is the dark blue area

22 JUSTIFYING THE IDEA TO BE TAKEN FORWARD EVALUATION OF IDEAS AGAINST THE SPECIFICATION IDEA No.FUNCTIONMATERIALSMANUFACTURIN G ERGONOMICSAESTHETICSCOSTSAFETYMORAL ISSUESOVERALL 1 It opens and closes easily due to its size and its shape. It provides enough force to hold clothing on the line in all conditions and allows clothing to be hung on the line much more easily, it is not compatible with all washing lines. The materials are waterproof lightweight and durable which is very important in the outdoor conditions, the material did not leave a mark on the clothing when rubbed against it. The product is relatively easy to be manufactured as it is injection molded, it can be produce quickly and easily as there are only 3 components it is very cost effective and can easily be mass produced for high profit, the moulds for injection molding will be very expensive 2 3 4 The product is light weight and easy to hold it has been designed to fit the hand comfortable, it is easy to open due to indentations designed to fit the users finger and make it easy to open. It also will fit all washing lines. The wide range of coulors make it attractive but the product does not fit in with the garden theme. It has a curvy innovative shape that will appeal to the user, the product is designed to simply carry out a specific function and therefore is not aesthetically pleasing The product is cheap to produce as it has only 3 components, it is able to be mass produced cheaply and so will make a large profit when it comes to being sold, it is easy to recycle and replace parts. It is small so is easy to store in the workplace and is flat so is very easy to transport large amounts of them The product is light, has no sharp edges and is small so posses very little danger to the user. It does have a spring that could be a choking hazard for young children. Its curved and rounded edges make it easy to hold. The spring does not provide enough clamping force to harm the user. The product is very easy to recycle all parts can be separated easily and all 3 parts can be recycled, the product does not provide very many jobs as the production process is very capital intensive. Overall I believe the design is very good it completes its intended function well and effectively. It meets a lot of the needs that were specified. And would work well in the garden. It is easy to produce and makes hanging clothing on the line much easier which is the goal that I was trying to achieve when designing the product. The product carries out the function very well it holds clothing on the line securely and in all conditions, it is very quick and easy to use. Its size stops it from being easy to store when not in use, it will be very visible on the washing line. The material is waterproof and strong but, it is made from so many different materials so is heavy. The many number of materials make it virtually un-recyclable. The product is very difficult to manufacture as it is so complex. It will not be quick to manufacture. It will be difficult to store in the workplace because there is lots of components. It will provide lots of jobs but will be expensive to produce The product is large but it does not need to be held it allows clothing to be hung on the line without having to hold onto the peg. The product comes in different shapes and colors that resemble animals in the garden this allows it to fit in with the garden theme. It will appeal to the user because of its innovative design and its looks. It does not look like the conventional clothes peg so this may confuse the user. The product will be very expensive to produce so will not be affordable by all users, it will also not be cheap to fix as components will be expensive. It is solar powered and so will not effect the environment once in use and may appeal to users who won't a sustainable product. The product is heavy and large so is not incredibly safe, it has a rubberized plastic coating that protects the user from harm if the product is thrown at them The product will use a lot of energy when being produced as more than one production process will be used to produce it, this will have a negative effect on the environment. The product is not easily recycled and so is not helpful for the environment. The product is very good in the way that it allows the user to hang washing on the line in a very short amount of time it is the quickest method as the user does not even have to touch the peg when they use it. On the other hand the product is very expensive to produce and would only appeal to people that are sick of seeing the same cloths peg day in day out and won't a change. It is a low profit project that would not be mass produced due to its design and the costs of producing it. The product is quick and easy to use and will appeal to all ages. The product will not be very easy to store when not in use, in windy conditions it could get tangled up with the washing line which would make it annoying and prone to breaking The product is relatively simple to manufacture as it is simply produced by injection molding and the held together by nylon rope. It can be mass produced with ease. It will be relatively easy to store in the workplace but could get tangled if not transported properly. It is recyclable and does not play a part in global warming. It is waterproof and will last a long time in outside conditions without having to be protected in any way. The product is small and fiddly, it has no areas that make it easier to hold and it would become uncomfortable to hold after a sustained period of time. It will fit on all washing lines due to its design. The peg looks like the conventional clothes peg so people will know how to use the product as soon as they remove it from the packaging. It is not very aesthetically pleasing as it has not been made into an appealing shape, it does come in a range of colors. The product will be relatively cheap to produce and will be affordable for all users. It will be able to be sold at a low price and will be very cheap to produce so will be able to generate a substantial profit. The product does not have any specific features that are intended to protect the user from harm, it is light weight so will cause little damage to the user if used incorrectly, the clamp is not too hard so the user will not be harmed by it. It is held together by string which could get tangled with pets. The product is very easy to recycle so the environment is not effected if it is disposed of properly, it will provide jobs for the local economy. Any waste materials generated during the production process can simply be recycled and used again. Overall I believe that the product is two much like the conventional clothes peg, it is easier to use but is still very similar. The product would get tangled up and would not be very easy to store. I believe that the product would not be very successful in the market place because of this. The overall function of the product is very good it allows the user to hang clothing on the line in a very short space of time. When not in use it is easy to store as it can be left on the washing line. It can be used by all ages easily and efficiently. The materials are lightweight and durable they are intended to last a long time when moving parts are rubbing together. The materials are strong and tough and can withstand impact. They can bend without snapping so will not break very easily. The product is relatively easy to manufacture it can be mass produced at a low cost and would be sold for a high a profit. It is small to will be easy to store in the workplace and thousands will be able to be transported in a lorry. The product has been built with ergonomics in mind it has areas that make it easier to grip, it has indentations that will fit the users fingers so that it is easy to hold securely in the hand. It is comfortable to use and does not leave any marks on the user after repeated use. The peg does not look like the conventional clothes peg so the user may have too look at instructions before they attempt to use it. It comes in a range of different colors. The product is small but looks quite menacing this may put some users off purchasing it. The product will not be cheap to produce but it will also not be to expensive, it will be affordable for most users but not people that are looking for the cheapest product they can find with no real interest in quality. The consumer will be purchasing a quality product which will be value for money. The product is not particularly child friendly this will not be a problem as it will be stored in the washing line out of the reach of children this will need to be brought to the attention of the user when purchasing the product. All of the parts to this product can easily be taken apart and recycled. It is small so thousands of the product can be transported in the same van which will lower co2 emissions. This product is a simpler way of hanging clothing on the line than in idea 3. it is effective but is not the simplest idea to produce, some user may be put of by the way it functions and some may even be scared. The product will be a much easier way to hang clothing on the line much quicker than ever before. 88895779 61 77596354 46 6874677853 8767565751 Key Each design is marked out of 10 and an overall mark out of 80 I have chosen to take idea 1 forward because I believe that it is the design that meets the specification of the product the most, this is shown as it scores 61 out of 80 which is the highest scoring design that I made. The design meets the needs of the consumer by providing a quick and easy way to hang up clothing without the hassle of storage. I believe that this product would be the most successful in the market and would sell well and in high quantities. The product is very producible and would not be too expensive to be mass produced. I have decided to take this idea forward due to these reasons and feel that this is the right choice.


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