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1Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Presentation Package for Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Section III: Concept 06 Learning Self-Planning Skills for Lifetime.

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1 1Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Presentation Package for Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Section III: Concept 06 Learning Self-Planning Skills for Lifetime Physical Activity? Created by: Gregory J. Welk Iowa State University All rights reserved

2 2Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Exercise Patterns in the U.S. Despite the many physical, mental and emotional benefits, the majority of the population is inactive!

3 3Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Levels of Physical Activity 34% ACTIVE 66% INACTIVE Vigorous (14%) Moderate (20%) NONE (29%) LITTLE (37%) Data based on information presented in the Surgeon General’s Report on Physical Activity and Health, 1996

4 4Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Determinants of Physical Activity  Personal / Demographics  Cognitive factors –Psychological –Knowledge / beliefs  Environmental factors  Social factors

5 5Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Facts about Determinants  Determinants vary by: –type and intensity of physical activity –age, education, gender, and ethnicity –stages of activity behavior

6 6Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Stages of Exercise Behavior (Sallis et al., 1991) SEDENTARYADOPTION MAINTENANCE DROP-OUT RESUMPTION

7 7Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Discussion Questions  Why do some people find more benefits (pros) while other people report more barriers (cons)?  What are main reasons that people report for being active?  What are main reasons that people report for being inactive?

8 8Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Reasons for Exercising (Pros)  Health and fitness  Appearance  Enjoyment  Relaxation  Challenge  Social  Competition  Feel good about self  Chance to be outdoors Lab 5a info

9 9Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Reasons for Not Exercising (Cons)  Not enough time  Inconvenient  Not enjoyable  Poor health/fatigue  Lack of facilities  Bad weather

10 10Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Self Planning Skills for Planning Exercise Programs  Clarify reasons for exercise  Identify needs  Seting personal goals  Selecting personal activities  Writing your plan  Evaluating progress See subsequent slides for additional information about each category

11 11Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Clarify Reasons  Reasons should reflect why you think you would like to be active. –Examples: feel better, have more energy, social benefits etc...  Reasons are NOT goals but rather statements that help you identify the benefits that are most important to you.

12 12Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Z O N E S Z O N E S LOW MARGINAL GOOD HIGH PERFORMANCE Identify Needs  Because fitness is multi-dimensional, it is important to strive for the health standard (Good) for each dimension.  High performance is NOT necessary for good health.

13 13Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Setting Personal Goals  Most people find better success when using behavioral (process) goals rather than outcome (product) goals  Goals are most effective when they are put in writing My Goals Click for goal setting guidelines

14 14Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Selecting Personal Activities  Weight control  Cardiovascular fitness  Muscular Fitness  Health Program plans will be different depending on the focus of your program. Click for more info on appropriate programs for each category

15 15Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Writing Your Plan  A written plan can serve as a pledge or promise to be active. This can facilitate adherence to your program

16 16Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Evaluating Progress  Record keeping provides feedback and lets you know what types of programs or exercises work best for you. See Web06-5 to download activity logs

17 17Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Program Planning Suggestions  Find activities that you enjoy  Start gradually  Make exercise fun  Vary your program  Use warm-up/cool-down

18 18Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Pre-planned Exercise Programs  Pre-planned exercise programs are commonly found in magazines, TV and the web. These may not be well designed to suit your needs.  Criteria for evaluating pre-planned programs: –Who wrote it? –Does it have multiple levels? –Does it meet your needs? –Do you enjoy it? –Can you adapt it?

19 19Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Guidelines for Promoting Exercise Adherence  Avoid comparisons with others  Don’t expect immediate results  Exercise as a reward NOT as a punishment or chore!

20 20Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Supplementary Graphics Lab Information Goal Setting Guidelines FIT Guidelines for Different Types of Exercise Programs

21 21Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Lab 6a Information Physical Activity Attitudes Questionnaire  Complete the questionnaire being as honest as possible about your overall attitudes towards activity.  Discuss how these attitudes have influenced your activity level. Return to presentation

22 22Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Web Resources “On the Web” “On the Web” pages for Concept Online Learning Center

23 23Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Goal Setting Guidelines  Be realistic  Focus on exercise  Consider heredity  Consider maintenance  Set lifestyle goals  Put goals in writing

24 24Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Weight Control  Focus on maximizing caloric expenditure with low intensity and long duration exercise such as walking. F: 5-6x per week I: 40-60% max HR T: 45-60 minutes

25 25Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e Cardiovascular Fitness  Focus on aerobic activity of a moderate to high intensity. F: 3-4x per week F: 3-4x per week I: 60-80% max HR I: 60-90% max HR T: 20-30 minutes T: 20-30 minutes

26 26Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e F: 2-3x per week F: 2-3x per week I: 60-70% 1RM I: T: 8-15 repetitions T: 8-15 repetitions  Perform exercises for each major body part using moderate weight and moderate repetitions. Muscular Fitness

27 27Concepts of Physical Fitness 12e General Health  Engage in some form of regular physical activity for a total of 30 minutes a day. F: 6-7x per week F: 6-7x per week I: Low-moderate I: Low-moderate T: 30 minutes T: 30 minutes Return to presentation

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