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Arsenal Technical High School Herb Budden, ITW Director, IPS Retired Teacher, and IPS TLC.

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1 Arsenal Technical High School Herb Budden, ITW Director, IPS Retired Teacher, and IPS TLC

2 Two areas of concern:  Why do SSR?  Key Factors for Success

3 Would a good coach say: As we prepare for the big game Friday night, I won’t be conducting any practices at school. Instead, I want you to go home and practice on your own for a number of hours to improve your skills. Good luck, and I’ll see you at the game.

4 Virtually all worthwhile endeavors require supervised practice. SSR is a way to practice reading comprehension.


6 The average amount of time spent reading for all grades is 7.1 minutes per day in public schools around the nation.

7 The peak reading years are the fourth and fifth grades. By the time students reach high school, they are spending about as much time on self-selected reading as kindergartners.

8 Students in the top 5 percent of national reading scores read 144 times more than students in the bottom 5 percent

9 Students in the highest- performing states in the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) reading study engaged in 59 percent more reading than those states in the bottom quartile Paul, Terrance. 1996. Patterns of Reading Practice. Institute for Academic Excellence.


11 PERCENTILE RANKMINUTES OF TEXT READING PER DAY EST. # OF WORDS READ PER YEAR 9890.74,733,000 9040.42,357,000 7021.71,168,000 5012.9 601,000 203.1 134,000 101.6 51,000 Anderson, Richard et al, 1988. “Growth in Reading and How Children Spend Their Time Outside of School.” Reading Research Quarterly 23: 285

12 Local Research Proves SSR Raises ISTEP Scores: Leslie Preddy, Perry Twp. Schools, Indianapolis

13 ATHS is ahead of the curve in establishing and maintaining a powerful SSR program among urban high schools in the city, state and nation! It needs YOUR further commitment!


15 TECH’S SSR Program: Teacher Comments  One year ago, as the planning phase for our SSR program was winding down and we faced the implementation phase, I was skeptical. Today, I can report …it has been better received than I expected

16 In fact, there has been a need on several occasions and in several classes to remind students that SSR time had expired for the day and it was time to put away their books. As for myself, I have read more books (12) for pleasure in this school year than I have read in my previous 56 years on the planet. I do not know whether the school I will be assigned to next year will have SSR; I certainly hope it does.

17  I love the way SSR leads so logically right into a climate of learning, even in my area which is usually noisy! It is a calm and understated way of preparing the mind for learning. I do not want to go back to teaching without it!!!

18  I experienced an incident in my class this year that demonstrated to me the value of SSR and how seriously the students regard it. I was talking to a student from my at-risk group of non readers …This was a student who is not in my SSR group. He noticed the Stephen King book Dream Catchers. He asked to borrow it to read but I explained that it was for my SSR group and added that it was a hard back book and was very expensive.

19 The next day he brought me a $10 bill and begged me to hold his money while he took the book to read. He said that if he lost it or damaged it that I could keep his $10... I let him keep his money and sign out the book based on his promises. In about 2 weeks, the book was returned in good shape.

20 A Tech Student Writes: January 23, 2008 Few books have the ability to capture my attention for longer than a few minutes. I am by no means an avid reader. I find it excruciatingly difficult to pick up a book and begin to read. With so many different forms of entertainment available, reading a book seems like a chore. But there was one book that was able to keep me glued to its pages from beginning to end.

21 …The school had …a reading program named SSR that forced us to read in the mornings. I browsed through the classroom’s library of books and found a book with a nice cover. The book was Ender’s Game, a science fiction novel about a young boy that is raised and trained for the sole purpose of defeating an attacking alien race…

22 At first I thought the plot was dumb, but as the story progressed I found myself getting lost in the fictional world. I would read that book for hours at a time whenever I found myself with nothing to do. To this day I have yet to have such an enjoyable experience while reading a book. I have only finished reading a handful of books because it is hard for a book to capture my attention from the first page to the last…it was a book that I deeply enjoyed and a story that I wish never ended.



25 FACTOR ONE: Students need access to High- Interest reading materials. *** More books=more reading=better reading


27 FACTOR TWO: Students must have a structured time and place to read Your SSR program does this

28 FACTOR THREE: Teachers must model the value of reading. Adults who don’t read for pleasure themselves during SSR send a powerful message: time set aside for reading isn’t important.

29 We often have to model positive behavior ten, twenty, or thirty times before we see it take hold in adolescents. But if they see us model a bad behavior ONCE, they learn it immediately. Think of this at the beginning of each SSR.

30 FACTOR FOUR: No grading, yes, but accountability matters. SSR time should be inviolate and the room absolutely conducive to reading silently.

31 FACTOR FIVE: Faculty commitment to show students what’s in it for them. It’s our responsibility to “SELL” SSR (extrinsic value) in order for them to “BE SOLD” (intrinsic value) on it!

32 Experience + research shows that carrying out these factors consistently will result in higher student achievement.

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