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Understanding the System: Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) For those on the Waiting List 386-238-4607.

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1 Understanding the System: Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) For those on the Waiting List 386-238-4607

2 Values and Philosophies of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities Inclusion Self-Determination –Freedom, Authority, Support, Responsibility, Personal Information Sharing Person Centered Approach and Planning Personal Outcomes Chapter 393 of Florida Statutes

3 Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) –Defines eligibility criteria Mental Retardation Cerebral Palsy Spina Bifida Autism Prader-Willi Florida Administrative Codes –Provide clarification pertaining to Florida Statutes –Due Process Policies and Procedures 14 area offices

4 Preparing Yourself and Others Family-Centered approach Type of care and supervision needed Who will help/ make necessary decisions Type of home, neighborhood Type of employment/ daily activities Quality of life/ leisure time activities How all needs will be provided/ financed Transition

5 Your TEAM YOU Your family Your friends Your school or community agency personnel Human Service Counselor (APD) Privately paid support person

6 Benefits/ Benefits Planners Social Security Administration (SSA) –1-800-772-1213 –Retirement –Disability benefits (SSDI and SSI) –Dependents –Survivor See Red Book pages 14-15

7 Health Insurance Medicaid 1-800-273-5880 –Provider Directory Medicare (Eligibility not based on age) –Hospital Insurance Part A –Medical Insurance Part B –Prescriptions Part D

8 IMPORTANT! The eligibility criteria for Social Security Benefits, Supplemental Security Income, Medicare, and Medicaid are ALL DIFFERENT. You do NOT have to choose one or the other. You may be eligible for only one, or two, or all four. The Social Security Office can advise you which you are eligible to receive.

9 Other Programs Serving Persons with Developmental Disabilities Clearinghouse on Disability Information –(877) 232-4968 Toll Free Department of Children and Families; District 12 –Volusia and Flagler Counties – –386-238-4750- –Adult Services –A.C.C.E.S.S. (Automated Community Connection to Economic Self-Sufficiency) Food Stamps / OSS (Optional State Supplementation) / Medicaid –Substance Abuse and Mental Health –Housing assistance

10 Department of Elder Affairs – –210 N. Palmetto Ave Suite 408 Daytona Beach FL 32114 –386-238-4946 –CAReS Unit (Comprehensive Assessment and Review for Long-term Care Services) –Ombudsman - Suite 403 (386) 226-7846 Local office for complaints regarding Nursing Home, ALF, etc. Other Programs Serving Persons with Developmental Disabilities

11 Department of Health – –Volusia County Health Department Daytona (386) 274-0676 New Smyrna Beach (386) 424-2074 DeLand (386) 822-6223 Deltona (386) 575-0373 Other Programs Serving Persons with Developmental Disabilities

12 Volusia and Flagler County Human Services –-(386) 736-5956 ext 2980 (West Volusia - (386) 254-4648 ext.2980 (Daytona Beach) -(386) 423-3375 ext 2980 (New Smyrna Beach) - (386)775-5204 ext 2980 (Orange City) -(386) 437-7350 (Flagler County) Other Programs Serving Persons with Developmental Disabilities

13 Department of Education - - Volusia County School System DeLand (386) 734-7190 Daytona (386) 255-6475 or (386) 258)4660 New Smyrna Beach (386) 427-5223 Osteen (386) 860-3322 x20000 - Flagler County School System (386) 437-7526 - Division of Blind Services (386) 254-3800 - Daytona Beach Community College Student Disability Services (386) 255-8131 x 3807 Adult Basic Education (386) 506-3468 Vocational Rehabilitation - - DeLand (386) 736-5360 - Daytona /Flagler (386) 756-7408 Other Programs Serving Persons with Developmental Disabilities

14 Individual Support Plan: Short Version Direct and participate in decision making Short Version of Support Plan is used while on the waiting list –What services are needed to achieve quality of life? –Who will take the lead in obtaining services? –Updated annually –Written by APD Human Services Counselor

15 Individual Support Plan Full Version Develop with your entire team Home Work, School, Daily Activities Personal and Social Health Desired Goals and Outcomes

16 Supports for Persons with Developmental Disabilities Home and Community-Based Services Waiver –DS/HCBS Waiver or “Big waiver” Family and Supported Living Waiver –FSL Waiver or “Little waiver” Consumer-Directed Care Plus (CDC+) –Florida Freedom Initiative

17 What services does APD provide? Adult Day Training Behavior Analysis Chore Companion Consumable supplies Dental Dietitian Durable Equipment Environmental Adaptations Homemaker In-Home Supports Medication review Non-Residential Supports Occupational Therapy Personal Care Assistance Personal Emergency Response Systems Physical Therapy Nursing (Residential, Private, and Skilled) Psychological Assessment Residential Habilitation Respiratory Therapy Respite Speech Therapy Support Coordination Supported Employment Supported Living Therapeutic Massage Transportation (Underlined Services are available on FSL)

18 Finding the Handbook Click on “Clients and Families” Under “Medicaid Waiver Information” Click on Developmental Disabilities Coverage and Limitations Handbook

19 The Handbook CHAPTER 2 Requirements to receive services Documentation Requirements Definitions Listing of all services: Description Limitations Place of Service Special Considerations

20 Additional Supports Natural Supports –Family –Neighbors –Friends –Etc Community Supports –Church –Parks and Recreation –Shelters –Etc

21 CHAMPS C.H.A.M.P.S. –Citizens Helping Assess Maintain and Provide Supports Network of community members helping people to live safe, healthy, and self- sufficient lives Feedback may be positive or negative

22 Legal Protections Bill of Rights Chapter 916 of the Florida Statues –provides protection for those who have involvement with the Criminal Justice System and a Developmental Disability –Court Liaison available through APD (386) 238-4607

23 Advocating and Coordinating Care Support Plan Cost Plan Your Support Coordinator is responsible for the development of both.

24 Empowerment Capable of determining your own needs Encouraged and supported to develop your own resources –Not dependent on the service delivery system –Deciding what services and supports you want

25 Following the Line of Authority Discuss your concerns with the Support Coordinator Gather information Put information in writing Write to the Agency for Persons with Disabilities Central Office Legislators Advocacy Center or other legal assistance

26 Due Process Rights Administrative Hearing –Chapter 120 available when APD denies a service or fails to act on a request for assistance request has to be made in writing in the area where your family resides you have 90 days to make your request

27 Due Process Rights Continued Administrative Hearing Chapter 42 only when service in question is being paid through the Federal Medicaid program services denied services not acted on in 90 days services suspended, terminated or reduced

28 Advocacy Family Care Council – Legislators FLAC- Florida Local Advocacy Council –Delmarva results on the internet Florida Developmental Disabilities Council –

29 Self-Advocacy Family Care Council –

30 Choosing the best place to live Own home Family Home Foster Home Assisted Living Facility Group Home (Residential Habilitation Center) Skilled Nursing Home

31 Work and Retirement WORK –Use your resources- who do you know? –Vocational Rehabilitation –Department of Education –One-Stop Career Center –PASS Plan from Social Security –Private Pay for employment services –Self Employment –Volunteering in community

32 Work and Retirement Continued RETIREMENT –Recreation –Volunteer –Senior Center –Nutrition Site –Clubs, Groups, Hobbies –Church Related –Council on Aging

33 Protecting Rights Alternatives to guardianship Family and friends Local Review Committee (LRC) Abuse Registry 1 800 96 ABUSE Advance Directive –Durable Power of Attorney –Living Will –Health Care Surrogate

34 Protecting Rights Continued Client Advocate –Co-signer of bank accounts –Representative Payee

35 Protecting Rights Continued Guardianship –Full (plenary) –Limited –Emergency Temporary –Voluntary Guardianship –Standby Guardianship –Foreign Guardianship –(Public Guardian- not available in Volusia or Flagler Counties)

36 Guardianship The Process –Seek Legal Council

37 Making an Estate Plan Will Letters of intent Trusts Tax Issues Selecting an attorney Other helpful tips

38 Dealing with Healthcare Concerns Quality Health Care –Appropriate Communication –Person-centered Care –Continuity of Care –Comprehensiveness of Care –A community Base –Individual Empowerment

39 Common Effects of Aging Vision Loss Hearing Loss Changes in Bones and Muscles Hormonal Imbalance Memory Loss

40 Coping with Changes and Loss Dealing with personal loss Grieving Funeral Plans

41 Personal Information Summary A Form that has helpful information about the person located in one place and can be utilized when working with various people who need information about the person.

42 Choosing your Waiver Support Coordinator Support Coordination Selection Packet –Sent upon enrollment –Brochures and contact information –Delmarva Findings Interview as many as you wish Plan good interview questions –Experience and resource connections relating to a person’s goals

43 Transition to waiver services Time frames for transition Meet as often as necessary to cover all areas Choosing the right provider Important information –Waiver Medicaid –Personal information –Medical information –Family medical history –Financial information –Legal documents such as wills, guardianship, special needs trusts

44 Resources APD Quarterly Calendar of Events & Training Florida Developmental Disabilities Council Center for Autism and Related Disorders Disability is Natural- website Top Health Newsletter One Voice for Volusia First Call for Help/ United Way

45 Any Questions? Thank you for your time!

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