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PUNCH 5 INSTALLATION GUIDE. Punch 5 Hose Connections 3/8” Clear Hose Automobile Air Intake 3/8” Clear Hose 3/8” Hose Punch 5 Bubbler & Reservoir Bubbler.

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Presentation on theme: "PUNCH 5 INSTALLATION GUIDE. Punch 5 Hose Connections 3/8” Clear Hose Automobile Air Intake 3/8” Clear Hose 3/8” Hose Punch 5 Bubbler & Reservoir Bubbler."— Presentation transcript:


2 Punch 5 Hose Connections 3/8” Clear Hose Automobile Air Intake 3/8” Clear Hose 3/8” Hose Punch 5 Bubbler & Reservoir Bubbler & Reservoir connections are made with 3/8” inside diameter flexible hose. Punch 5 – When mounting, make sure the positive (red wire) and positive plate do not touch ground when connecting support brackets. Automobile Air Intake – When mounting 3/8” elbow, drill 1/2” hole in intake tube and tap with ½” tap. Water Flow HHO Gas Flow

3 Punch 5 Electrical Connections 85 87 86 30 Ignition Switched Connection to Fuse Tap and 10A fuse in Fuse Box next to Vehicle Battery RL44 Connect to Center Switch Terminal Connect to Negative Bottom Terminal on Switch - From Fuse Holder to Positive Top Terminal on Switch

4 Punch 5 Circuitry Diagram 8685 87 30

5 Punch 5 Relay Wiring Diagram 87 85 30 86 To Ground To Switched Power To Punch 5 Novita Technology RL44 (for auxiliary Lights and Horn) 300 Watt 11-15 Volt DC To Fuse Holder & Battery (20 Gauge Stranded Wire) (10 Gauge Stranded Wire) (20 Gauge Stranded Wire)

6 Notes Summary – Because of my need to preserve the vehicle original setup without make changes that would effect the overall vehicle value, the process of installation was somewhat lengthy. Also because I order parts independently both off the Internet and through local supply stores, it had an effect on the length of the installation process. My biggest concern was the stable mounting of the Punch 5 and the construction of the mounting brackets. Because of maintenance and troubleshooting concerns, I ended up mounting the Punch 5 with the elbows on the top and bottom of the unit. This gave me easy access to the hoses and electrical connections. Mounting of the Bubbler/Reservoir was the second major issue. Due to it’s size, which I like by the way, and due to the space under the hood of my Toyota 4-Runner, it was necessary to strap it to the vehicle battery securely using nylon cable ties. This worked out well. Once these two thing were mounted, hose connections were made with no problems. The RL44 relay I chose to mount on the driver side firewall. I chose to mount the 60 AMP Fuse holder on the fender well near the vehicle battery. The electrical connection from the Punch 5 through the fuse holder to terminal 30 of the RL44 Relay were a breeze. All other electrical connections were easily made until I got the vehicle switched power connection to the safety on/off switch which I mounted on the dash. Finding a good way to make this electrical connection was a little bit of a chore. Because this electrical connections was set to draw less than 10 AMP, I decided to steal power from the vehicle power outlet which operated on a separate relay controlled by the vehicle switch. This worked beautifully. I made all power and ground connection using number 10 gauge single stranded wire and all minor connections using number 18 gauge single stranded wire between relay, safety switch and 10 AMP fuse holder. Once all connections were made, I installed each fuse one and a time and tested continuity for power and ground presents. All tests passed successfully. The only thing left was to mix up my catalyst water solution, fill her up and fire it off.

7 Catalyst During my wait for the ordered equipment to arrive, I had a chance to research HHO water solutions and I came across one that caught my eye. It was called “EZ Electrolyte HHO/Hydrogen”. After reading and researching everything, I decided to order a batch and try it out. The write up stated that the solution was not detectable by the vehicle oxygen sensors thus making an EFIE, CHIP’s and PWM’s no longer needed. Turns out it was too good to be true. A complete scam, please avoid this faulty purchase! It is much simpler to use sodium or potassium hydroxide, which is suggested by Punch HHO.

8 VEHICLE INSTALLATION PARTS LISTS Lowes: #10 Gauge Single Stranded Wire (20 feet @ $.47pf)$9.40 #18/2 Stranded Lamp Cord Wire (20 feet @ $.33pf)$6.60 3/8” Vinyl Tubing (15’ @ $.33pf)$4.95 2 ½” x 5/8” Stanley Corner Braces (63mm x 15mm)$3.27 3” x ¾” Stanley Corner Braces (76mm x 19mm)$3.77 3/8” x ¼” Watts Nylon Hose Barb Elbo (A-295) $1.60 AutoZone: 2 - Bussmann AGU 50A Gold-Plated Fuses$4.99 1 – RL44 Tridon Novita Auxiliary Light & Horn Relay$6.93 Reilly Auto Parts: 1 – Dorman Green Glow Rocker 20 AMP Switch$3.69 Radio Shack: Inline Fuse Holder (40293 12820) $13.99 Inline Fuse Holder 1 ¼” x ¼” 20A 12 Gauge 32VDC 250 VAC (40293 12820) (270-1217)$2.99 Blade Fuse Tap (2701204)$2.34 Local ACE Hardware Store: 1 Household Crystalline Lye (Sodium Hydroxide)$5.41 Walmart: 3 Gallons Distilled Water$2.67 FuelSaver-MPG, Inc: 1 – Wideband Quad EFIE Controller (contains 1 narrowband,1 wideband) To obtain this EFIE, click on the link at the bottom of Tom Punch’s email communications $122.11 Total $206.71

9 Close-up picture of Catalyst Bubbler/Reservoir mounted on Vehicle Battery.

10 Picture of Catalyst Bubbler/Reservoir mounted on Vehicle Battery.

11 Picture of 60 AMP Gauge and Toggle Switch mounted on dash.

12 RL44 Relay mounted on Vehicle Firewall.

13 Picture of Vehicle Fuse Panel under hood and Inline Fuse Holder for Generator.

14 Picture of Switch Connection at Fuse Panel Fuse.

15 Second picture of mounted Fuse Holder on Fender Well.

16 3/8" Elbow Connection to Engine Air Intake.

17 Picture of 60 AMP Gauge mounted on Lower Dash Drivers Side.

18 Picture of Catalyst Bubbler/Reservoir mounted on Vehicle Battery.

19 Front of vehicle without grill installed showing Punch 5 installed.

20 Picture showing 3/8" tubing running along bottom of radiator.

21 Picture of Punch 5 Electrical Connections.

22 Another picture of Punch 5 Mounting, Electrical and Tubing Connections.

23 Picture of Punch 5 and how it doesn't block Air Flow to Radiator.

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