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Pedometers in the School Setting Chuck Morgan Arizona State University.

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1 Pedometers in the School Setting Chuck Morgan Arizona State University

2 Why Physical Activity? Surgeon General’s Report, Health People 2010 –Health Benefits from minimal PA Definitions of physical activity and fitness Focus on the process (Physical Activity) rather than the product (Fitness) History of Physical Activity paradigm

3 Blair and Connelly (1996)

4 Focusing on the Product Fitness Testing/Skill Assessment –Genetics and trainability –Age Have we turned people off from physical activity by focusing on fitness?

5 Focusing on the Process: Physical Activity… Provides success for all students Helps the unskilled and obese children Has long and short term health benefits Increases likelihood of becoming an active adult Reaches beyond P.E. class

6 Assessing Physical Activity How do you measure physical activity? –Parent ask you “How active is my child?” Instruments must be… –Valid –Reliable –Cost-effective –Unobtrusive –Easy to use Pedometers

7 Basic Uses for Pedometers in Schools Promoting physical activity outside of PE Teaching students about physical activity Enhancing public relations Improving instruction Providing accountability Integrating other subjects How many steps are they getting?

8 Promoting physical activity outside of PE Promote walking, biking, skating, etc. to school 1 mile or less (Health People 2010 objective) Provide a safe area to store bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, etc. Provide supervised access to facilities before/after school, during recess/lunch Provide physical activity equipment that can be checked out before/after school, during recess/lunch

9 Promoting physical activity outside of PE Organize intramurals before/after school, during recess/lunch that are gender equitable Promote physical activity outside of school with various organizations (youth sports, scouts, clubs, etc.) Organize a “pedometer walking club” before/after school, during recess/lunch

10 Promoting physical activity outside of PE Promote family physical activity (PE nights at school) –Games and activities to teach the family Pass the pedometer Pedometer chore time Errands with a pedometer Testing different activities Family dance night More Allow students to earn the “Presidential Active Lifetime Award”

11 Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) Alternative to Fitness Awards –How many earn the PPFA? Parallels national health objectives Who can earn it? –Anyone, regardless of fitness or motor skill ability How do you earn it? –11K girls, 13K (6 weeks of 5 days per week) or –60 minutes of daily activity (self-report) Log activity on-line or on log sheet www.indiana/~preschal www.indiana/~preschal

12 PALA Award includes an emblem, certificate, & stickers Other awards– I am the proud parent of PALA winner Active Lifestyle Model School www.indiana/~preschal www.indiana/~preschal Cautions –Low active children –3-5K (goal setting 10%) –1st-3rd grade –Extrinsic award – but hopefully manifests into Intrinsic motivation – “Love to be active” –Benefits outweigh the risks

13 Teaching Students About Physical Activity How active are you? Get students thinking about different types of physical activity (pyramid) Let all children experience success while being physically active Allow youngsters to find out how active they are with immediate feedback

14 Determining Baseline Step Counts 4-5 days of data for elementary students 8 or more for adolescents Physical education, during school, or all day Students or adults record Set goals using this data

15 Teaching Goal Setting Set goals for a lesson, a day, or a week Goals should be a percentage of the baseline data (5-10%) 10,000 steps ????? Individual Goals –Based on percent increase Cooperative Goals –Group total or group average

16 Enhancing Public Relations Parental involvement Letters home about pedometers Allow students to check pedometers out Family activity nights using pedometers Invite parents to a physical education lesson Let parents wear pedometers during open houses

17 Improving Instruction How active are your students during a lesson? What can impact activity level? –Management time –Instructional time –Teacher role-modeling –Environment –Lesson type/Activities selected Diagnosing students with low activity levels

18 Providing Accountability How can you demonstrate you are teaching? Are your students learning? –Skill Assessment –Fitness Testing –Assessing Physical Activity Using Pedometers During physical education During school Outside of school

19 Integrating Other Subjects Math History Health Computers (log activity on-line) English/Writing Science

20 Issues for Schools Funding and Purchasing Loss Rules and Routines –“You shake it, we take it” –Checking Out –Recording Data Introducing pedometers to the school

21 How many steps are they getting? Figure 1. Boys’ percentage of daily step counts (expected average step counts), by context Figure 2. Girls’ percentage of daily step counts (expected average step counts), by context

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