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TEACHER CHORE LIST FOR MONDAY AFTERNOONS TASKS ASSOCIATED WITH CHILD FIND DAYS Plan/prepare for Child Find Day Assessments – review case files, gather/prepare.

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1 TEACHER CHORE LIST FOR MONDAY AFTERNOONS TASKS ASSOCIATED WITH CHILD FIND DAYS Plan/prepare for Child Find Day Assessments – review case files, gather/prepare testing materials needed, prepare initial procedural paperwork Depending on number/type (Birth – 3 vs. other referral sources) of screens and evaluations scheduled for Child Find Days, scoring protocols and writing ERs and IEPs usually requires more time to complete than that time remaining in the afternoon of the Child Find Day that is allotted for this task Holding MDE/IEP meetings for Child Find students when parents need alternate meeting times FOR CURRENTLY ENROLLED STUDENTS Preparation of all paperwork associated with ERs and IEPs. Though in theory we have the IEP days allotted by contract, in reality, these are “built in” to our Child Find Days. Consequently, we cannot take IEP time as needed, but rather, when it is available and assigned to us within the Child Find schedule. With an enrollment of 20+ eligible students it takes a considerable amount of time to prepare the paperwork as well as to hold that number of meetings There are a variety of ongoing tasks/paperwork related to the constant flow of students in and out of our program and service changes (ex. Placements, days of attendance, support services) that occur throughout the year – NOREPS, Transportation Request Forms, IEP Revisions, consultation with parents and other service providers Gathering information and maintaining current Health Records and medications Progress Reports – all eligible students ECAP – data collection/consultation with parents and other service providers, completion of data collection form (17 pgs.of criteria per student to be condensed to a 3 page form), and on-line data entry for all eligible students Transition Students – Scoring test protocols, consultation with other service providers for input, completion of paperwork related to Transition Meetings Owing to the fact that our students are often in the initial stages of referral/ diagnosis/treatment for various disabilities, we have frequent consultation and associated paperwork with parents, outside agencies and service providers (ex. For students in dual placements, Children.s Hospital, TSS and BSC workers, CASSP); all contacts must be documented Creation and maintenance of Plan Book Emergency Information for each student Update of Substitute Folder Information for current students/class needs

2 TEACHER CHORE LIST FOR MONDAY AFTERNOONS Misc. Tasks Kurtz Order and General Supply Order (April) – due to the nature of the learning process for our age level of students and the various disabilities represented in our classrooms, completion of these orders takes considerable time and planning Contacting supply companies to request catalogues to complete the General Supply Order (these are not necessarily sent without specific request). Since school-age catalogues on hand in our buildings are not appropriate for our use, we must request our own. Most companies have automated request lines so it requires time to go through the system to make a request. Unpacking supply orders (done with aides so everyone knows location of supplies) Filing Preparation and/or supervision of aides preparation of specialized materials for instruction (ex. Boardmaker pictures, art activities, jigs, PATHS materials and handouts). This is a weekly need owing to the “hands-on nature” learning requirements of our students Planning and preparation of supplies/materials needed for Parent Workshop Days (this is time consuming with anywhere between 50 – 80 people in attendance) Lamination of educational materials Planning and changing the room’s theme/décor for the start of the year We have to keep four different attendance forms. One is for each of the three classes for the 3-5 year olds. As there is no standard form that the IU uses, each teacher has to generate their own specific to each of the three classes each year. The second is for kindergarten-age students and is the state form used by school – age. This is easier to use but requires time to complete the summaries at the end of the year. cleaning out and packing files of students exiting the program at the end of the year Parent contacts, roster changes, transportation forms, IEP revisions needed to set up new schedule of the upcoming school year Review/learn information for new processes/procedures/programs that are periodically implemented (ex. IEP Writer, ECAP, PATHS, HWT) Meetings/visits with parents of prospective students (these are parents that want more than to just observe the classroom; they want time to meet/discuss their child with staff) Preparation of desk calendar to outline the year’s requirements/due dates. Preparation of Due Date Form to keep track of all Due Process Dates for each student for the current year (there are 6 dates for each student to be entered) Preparation of Weekly Class Schedule. The new form we’re using is much more time consuming to complete. Average length of time for completion by the staff I spoke with was about 4 hours. As the document was not set up for Early Intervention and required reformatting to use, it took 6 hours complete.

3 TEACHER CHORE LIST FOR MONDAY AFTERNOONS Misc. Tasks Completing adjusted schedule in spring for snow day make-ups Planning and completing paperwork for field trips

4 AIDE CHORE LIST FOR MONDAY AFTERNOONS Cleaning - - - We do not have janitorial services except for cleaning the toilet daily, sweeping floors, and yearly washing/waxing of floors and/or rugs. All furniture must be annually cleaned by preschool staff. Since we do not have staff days to do this, the task must be spread out over the course of the year. Due to ages of our students, many still “mouth” objects, their fingers, and do not have good control of their “bodily fluids”. Cleaning of toys, educational materials, and furniture is an ongoing need. This requires blocks of time. Large scale cleaning isn’t feasible during planning time as other routine tasks need to be completed at this time. Also, since the Aides are now part of the Child Find diagnostic process, they do not have that time available to perform these types of chores Changing of room décor for themes and seasons; creating student art displays Completing supply inventory for Kurtz Order. Very time consuming!!! Preparation of specialized materials for instruction (ex. Boardmaker pictures, art activities, jigs, PATHS materials and handouts, cutting lamination). This is a weekly need owing to the“hands-on nature” learning requirements of our students so much time is devoted to this Copying-large scale tasks (ex. Progress reports, ER/IEP paperwork, educational materials) - our copy machine does not collate so each page must be individually copied, hand sorted, and stapled---a time consuming task Filing of large scale copying tasks Preparation of data collection sheets for progress monitoring of IEP goals for each student Review and revisions to class roster. Data is constantly being added, corrected, deleted. Since even previously correct information sometimes gets inadvertently altered with the new printouts we receive, each piece of information for every student must be reviewed for each new roster. We are required to do this every month ---very time consuming!!! Periodic defrosting and cleaning of the refrigerator Changing out/cleaning Discovery table sensory materials Making up “First Day Packets” ( handbook, IU forms for completion) and various nametags and tickets for daily use for new students Cutting Student Daily/Weekly Report forms (they come two forms to a page)

5 AIDE’S DAILY RESPONSIBILITIES DURING PLANNING TIME Setting out materials for student’s arrival (soft landing toys/activities ) Restocking consumable supplies needed in the classroom daily for ease of access (ex. plates, cups, napkins) Prepping paper towels for bathroom use – there’s no dispenser and the types of towels available need separated and placed in a tray for student access Periodic dusting needed for the areas near the air conditioner and furnace vent Children are required to assist in clean-up but the Center Areas usually need to be “touched up” by an adult to keep them tidy Cleaning tables after snack Washing any dishes and toys soiled in daily activities Scrubbing bathroom sink Emptying trash cans after each class (done 2 times daily) Sweeping floor between A.M. and P.M. Classes if needed Taking and logging phone calls Copying –smaller scale jobs that can be accomplished in a shorter period of time Labeling student papers/notes to be sent home with student names – enables us to keep track of “who received what” when students are absent - necessary with three classes and near thirty students Cutting laminated materials Student material/artwork prep (this can take place during the week as well as Monday afternoons depending on types of activities scheduled for the week and how breaks and workshops fall in the schedule) Shopping for snack food and items not available through warehouse order Completing grocery order forms Completing consumable supply requisitions Unpacking consumable supply orders for storage Hanging student artwork for display Setting up chairs for Circle Time (different sizes/types needed for different ages/student needs) Put names and dates on Daily/Weekly Report forms (My Day at School, My Week at School); these must be sent to the parents of all students weekly/daily For Family Workshop Days - preparing attendance sheets; documenting food items donated by families; filing parent response forms, assisting with craft preparations, assisting with room setup decorating, and cleanup following event,

6 TEACHER’S DAILY RESPONSIBILITIES DURING PLANNING TIME Gathering/putting away materials needed for day’s lessons Taking phone calls/sending notes – because of the age levels, parental concerns associated with the age levels of our students, and limited language skills of our students, we have numerous and frequent contact with parents on a variety of matters (ex. illness, soiled clothing, bumps and bruises, completion/return of required paperwork, student absence, pick-up/drop off changes etc.) All contacts must be documented. Completing Daily/Weekly reports to parents (My Day at School, My Week at School); these must be completed daily and sent to the parents of all students weekly/daily Daily entry of data on Data Sheets for progress monitoring - with 20+ students this takes some time to complete Misc. periodic paperwork – (ex. IU requests, Foster Grandparent Program, LICC orders, mailings etc.) ( The above 5 tasks take up the bulk of my planning/resource time on a daily basis) Laminating if the need arises Student material/artwork prep (if aides can’t get to everything as needed) For Family Workshop Days – planning activities/menu, completing lesson plans for the days activities, preparing crafts/ activity materials, assisting with room setup, decorating, and cleanup following event (We typically expect between 50 –80 people to be in attendance so this is time consuming) NOTE While I may do some general long rang planning during planning time, I typically do my weekly lesson plans at home. Given the amount of detail and documentation required in our plans they usually take between 3-4 hours to complete. It’s too difficult trying to do them piecemeal in between all the other things going on at this time. I do a good deal of ER/IEP writing at home as well. There are many tasks that are impractical to complete outside the classroom so I give these priority during my classroom time without students.

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