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Randolph 101 The “Teenage Mystique” 12 March 2008.

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1 Randolph 101 The “Teenage Mystique” 12 March 2008

2 The “Teenage Mystique”: Definition Mystique — an air of mystery and deference surrounding a thing that gives that thing special power Examples: Bill Brewer, 29 Dec 07 2 The Cowboy Mystique The Kennedy Mystique The Feminine Mystique

3 The “Teenage Mystique”: Definition Mystique — an air of mystery and deference surrounding a thing that gives that thing special power Examples: Bill Brewer, 29 Dec 07 3 The Teenage Mystique

4 Why this subject? Secondary traditions often fail … Bill Brewer, 29 Dec 07 4 Why this subject? Secondary traditions often fail …

5 A Mars Hill Interview with Mark DeVries Mark DeVries is an 18-year veteran of youth ministry DeVries has trained youth workers across the U.S., as well as in Russia, Canada, Uganda and South Africa, teaching courses or guest lecturing at Princeton, Vanderbilt, David Lipscomb University, and many other well-known colleges and universities Bill Brewer, 2008 5

6 DeVries is also founder of Family Based Youth Ministry, an organization dedicated to advancing one of the most successful models for youth ministry in America Bill Brewer, 2008 6

7 Deuteronomy 6:6-7 (NASB) “These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up” Bill Brewer, 2008 7

8 Some Major Events in Youth Ministry 1800 1900 2000 Explosion of the Missionary Movement 1 st Sunday Schools England N. America Sunday School Union Formed Christian Nurture – Bushnell YMCAs England N. America Origin of the Species – Darwin Public funds to high schools “Christian Endeavor” formed Religious Education Assn formed “Great Britain Evangelistic Campaign” “Young Life” in Britain Compulsory education International Council of Religious Ed Scopes Trial “Christian Youth” campaigns Youth radio “Miracle Book Club” “Campus Crusade” Collapse of denominational support Integration into seminary & academic studies “Youth Specialties” founded Group Magazine Rise of local & entrepreneurial ministries Youth Ministry Educator’s Forum “Christian Youth Fellowship” Teenage Christian Magazine U. Of Michigan Bible ChairFallout from discipling movement Bible Chair Journal WWIIWWI “Young Life” “Youth for Christ” Bill Brewer, 2008 8

9 Hall’s Theory of Human Development G. Stanley Hall 1844-1924 Australopithecus Ramopithecus Cro Magnon Neanderthal Homo Sapiens Sapiens Adolescence 9 Bill Brewer, 29 Dec 07

10 10

11 Bill Brewer, 29 Dec 07 11

12 Teen Species G. Stanley Hall 1844-1924

13 Four Views of the Youth Ministry 1.The Preparatory Approach 2.The Missional Approach 3.The Strategic Approach 4.The Inclusive Congregational Approach Bill Brewer, 2008 13

14 Modeling the Four Approaches 14 NOW LATER Bill Brewer, 2008 Church of the present Church of the future

15 Modeling the Four Approaches 15 COMEGO Bill Brewer, 2008 FellowshipMission

16 The Preparatory Approach is a specialized ministry to adolescents that prepares them for participation in the full life of existing churches as leaders, disciples and evangelists– Four Views of the Church by Mark Senter III Four Views: The Preparatory Approach 16 Bill Brewer, 2008

17 Four Views: The Missional Approach The Missional Approach views youth ministry as a mission. Young people and youth ministers are viewed as missionaries whose calling is to communicate the gospel to their generation– Four Views of the Church by Mark Senter III 17 Bill Brewer, 2008

18 Four Views: The Strategic Approach The Strategic Approach prepares the youth group to become a new church (in other words, a church plant), with the youth pastor evolving into the pastor of a new church– Four Views of the Church by Mark Senter III 18 Bill Brewer, 2008

19 Four Views: The Inclusive Approach The Inclusive Approach integrates young people into congregational life by treating them as full partners in every aspect of the faith community– Four Views of the Church by Mark Senter III 19 Bill Brewer, 2008

20 Modeling the Four Approaches 20 Missional Strategic Inclusive Preparatory COMEGO NOW LATER Bill Brewer, 2008 Missional Strategic Inclusive Preparatory

21 Some observations and conclusions… Youth ministry professionals themselves have doubts about the wisdom of conventional (segregated) youth ministry Youth ministries prosper primarily due to parental demands In terms of actual outcomes, parental confidence in traditional youth ministries can be misplaced Conventional youth programs can easily contribute to the problems they are intended to fix A basic issue is the choice between … –A relational, biblical model of faith and human development (the Hebrew ideal) –A secular efficiency model (the Greek ideal) Bill Brewer, 2008 21

22 Some observations and conclusions… (cont.) Powerful economic and political forces have huge incentives in maintaining and expanding the isolation of young people from adult community Government Public Schools Business Political Parties Bill Brewer, 2008 22 The Media

23 Some observations and conclusions… (cont.) The church should not acquiesce to or cooperate with a secular conception of young people that … –Distorts and reduces their real needs and capabilities –Transforms them from tremendous resources into significant liabilities –Locks them into a subculture that delays and obstructs their spiritual and physical maturity within the church and larger society –Is hostile to the “parodosis” (the handing over of Christian tradition) to the next generation Bill Brewer, 2008 23

24 Appropriate speechFreedom of speech Right relationshipsRight rules VirtueValues “Right” to be knownRight to privacy Church as Contrast Community "Will of God""Will of the people" Generational solidarity Generational alienation Secular World The Church Affirmation of religious authority Denial of religious authority 24 Bill Brewer, 5 Jan 08 CovenantContract

25 Backups 25

26 Reminders Purpose of “Randolph 101” –Unity –Renewal Purpose of adult Bible class –Edify (build up) the church –Not a substitute for personal Bible study

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