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Pippin Ch. 9 The Great Depression and World War II By Matthew Pippin.

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1 Pippin Ch. 9 The Great Depression and World War II By Matthew Pippin

2 Pippin Major event that occurred on October 29, 1929 forcing the U.S into a Depression. Stock Market Crash Day know as Black Tuesday People where without jobs and farmers went out of buisness.

3 Pippin Term given to a dry period during the Great Depression that caused extensive damage to the farm economy. Dust Bowl

4 Pippin President that was blamed for the great depression. Herbert Hoover

5 Pippin Name given to communities built of tents and shacks outside of towns during Great Depression Hoovervilles

6 Pippin President elected during the worst years of the depression and strived to help the “forgotten man” to get out of the depression. Franklin D. Roosevelt

7 Pippin Legislation passed during FDR’s presidency that helped boost the economy and put people to work. The New Deal (1932)

8 Pippin The New Deal was based on three R’s 1. Relief-Stop suffering by providing direct money or jobs. 2. Recovery- provide aid to farmers, business owners, and workers in order to get people back to work. 3. Reform- to make sure that there would never be another depression.

9 Pippin Act that gave loans to farmers to improve the agricultural industry. Agricultural Adjustment Act (1933)

10 Pippin Created by congress to build hydroelectric dams and bring electricity to rural parts of south and provide employment. Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Example is Lake Guntersville in north Alabama

11 Pippin Est. by congress to insure people that their money in the bank was safe. Federal Deposit Insurance (FDIC) Guarantees up to $100,000 in case of bank failure.

12 Pippin Est. by Congress to provide jobs for unskilled workers. This org. built many of the government buildings during 1930’s Works Progress Administration (WPA)

13 Pippin Title given to FDR’s radio speeches where he spoke directly to the nation to bypass the press. Fireside chats

14 Pippin Fascist leader of Italy during WWII who ruled as a dictator. Benito Mussolini

15 Pippin Emperor of Japan during WWII Emperor Hirohito

16 Pippin Political party that formed in Germany during its terrible depression. National Socialists also know as the Nazi Party. Leader of the party is known as the Fuhrer

17 Pippin Nazi leader of Germany during WWII that preached a message of racist fascism or the belief in a superior Aryan race. Adolf Hitler Aryan means Caucasian people of non-Jewish descent Gained support because people where suffering and he promised help.

18 Pippin Secret police used by Hitler to help suppress protest against him. Gestapo

19 Pippin Brutal leader of the USSR that ruled by using extreme force and executed 1.5 to 7million Soviets Joseph Stalin

20 Pippin Pact formed between Italy, Germany, and Japan prior to WWII Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis Later called the Axis Powers

21 Pippin The opponents of the Axis powers during WWII that consisted of Britain France and U.S Allied Powers

22 Pippin Conference were France and Britain agreed to let Hitler capture Sudetenland and in exchange Hitler would not capture more land in Czechoslovakia or anywhere else. Munich Conference- September 29-30, 1938 France and Britain refused military aid from Stalin in Czechoslovakia.

23 Pippin Event that caused the start of WWII Hitler and Stalin’s invasion of Poland

24 Pippin Term that means lighting warfare in German. Blitzkreig

25 Pippin American policy at the start of WWII Neutrality Neutrality act gave president authority to ban arms sales to warring nations.

26 Pippin Act that allowed the U.S. to help friendly countries defend themselves by lending, leasing, or selling supplies to them. Lend-Lease Act (1941) Allowed the U.S to help will remaining out of the war.

27 Pippin Created by congress to provide employment for unmarried men between ages of 17 and 23. Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Men worked in national parks, planted trees, and built fire towers.

28 Pippin Major attack by Japan against the U.S Navy that was docked in Hawaii on Dec.7 1941 Attack at Pearl Harbor This event led to the U.S becoming directly involved in WWII

29 Pippin Symbolized the working women during WWII Rosie the Riveter Women were plunged into the work force because most of the men were serving in the military.

30 Pippin Sold to citizens during WWII, and promoted by Famous celebrities to help pay for the war. War bonds

31 Pippin Signed by President Roosevelt, this order allowed U.S military to place Japanese Americans in prison camps. Executive Order 9066 Done to protect Japanese Americans and to control suspicion of their involvement in war.

32 Pippin Group of African American pilots that were trained at Tuskegee Inst. In Alabama. Tuskegee Airmen These men earned the Distinguished Flying Cross for their heroism during their more than 500 missions.

33 Pippin This invasion began in November 1942 and led to victory for the allies in the continent of Africa. Operation Torch

34 Pippin Supreme allied commander of the allied forces in the European Theater Dwight D. Eisenhower

35 Pippin Operation coordinated by Eisenhower that consisted of bombings, Rail way destruction, and would end with the amphibious attack known as D-Day. Operation Overlord

36 Pippin

37 Landing of allied troops on the beaches of Normandy France on June 6, 1944 D-Day

38 Pippin Term given to the genocide of Jew by the Germans in Concentration Camps Holocaust

39 Pippin Occurred on May 8, 1945 when Germany Surrender ending the European conflict. V-E day or victory in Europe day.

40 Pippin Japanese suicide bombers during WWII Kamikaze

41 Pippin Leader of the Allied forces in the Pacific General Douglas MacArthur

42 Pippin Secret project by the U.S to create the first atomic bomb. Manhattan Project

43 Pippin Name of B-29 bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb Enola Gay

44 Pippin Sites where the first two atomic bombs where dropped 1. Hiroshima 2. Nagasaki

45 Pippin Japan surrendered to General Douglas MacArthur on August 14, 1945 ending WWII. Japan was forced into surrender because of the devastating effect of the atomic bomb. Surrendered on the ship called The U.S.S. Missouri

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