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How much do you know about this man? Please help us make his story known.

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1 How much do you know about this man? Please help us make his story known

2 Jewish boy and girl refugees in a camp at Dovercourt near Harwich “Wilfrid Israel launched the Kindertransport of l938, the rescue of some 10,000 Jewish children who were admitted to Britain on the understanding that refugee organizations would guarantee their maintenance. Few were ever to see their parents again”. Naomi Shephard, W.Israel’s biographer. Author of: “Wilfrid Israel- German Jewry’s Secret Ambassador”.

3 Memorial paving stone on site of the store: “Wilfrid Israel savior of Jewish children”. “Wilfrid's father, the wealthy owner of the famous and fashionable Kaufhaus Israel department store in Berlin, gave his son, the humanitarian Wilfrid, the opportunity to devote himself to good causes, an important one of which was the rescue of Jewish children from the dangers in which they were engulfed. It is a great pity that Wilfrid Israel's role in the rescue of endangered Jewish children from the infamous Nazi regime has received insufficient attention from those who have involved themselves in Kindertransport history. This is a situation which needs to be reversed”. Paula Hill, PhD, (Was one of the rescued children who later wrote her thesis on W. Israel).

4 Lisbon Wilfrid B. Israel was a British-born member of an important Berlin Jewish family and a strong supporter of Zionism. Before and during the World War II Israel was active in aiding Jews escape Nazi tyranny. On 26 March 1943 Israel left London for Lisbon, Portugal and spent the next two months investigating the situation of Jews on the peninsula; during WWII the fascist regimes in Spain and Portugal sympathized with Nazi Germany but refused to hand over Jews to the Germans. By the end of his trip Israel had found as many as 1,500 Jewish refugees living in Spain, many of whom he aided in finding passage to Palestine. Before Israel left the peninsula he had proposed a plan to the British government to aid the Jewish refugees in Spain. Israel was killed on 1 June 1943 when British Overseas Airways Corporation Flight 777 was shot down over the Bay of Biscay by eight German Junkers. From Wikipedia

5 A letter to Wilfrid’s mother

6 From Martin Buber:

7 Wilfrid Israel Museum at Kibbutz Hazorea The Wilfrid Israel Museum originally based its exhibition on the unique Far East collection of Wilfrid Israel. He was a true friend of the founders of Kibbutz Hazorea and bequeathed his priceless collection to them. The Museum opened in the year 1951 and ever since has displayed Wilfrid's unique collection that grew significantly during the years, side by side with other art exhibitions and varied activities.

8 The film is designed to be shown in the museum as an introduction to the visit. Since the main motivation is to make Wilfrid Israel’s story known it could be also shown elsewhere. This 15 min. film will tell about the man and his special role in the Holocaust. The Children’s Transport will be emphasized among other rescue operations and activities that W. Israel was involved in. The director is Dr. Amir Hargil, a well known film director who received different awards for his work. Please enter: Dr. Amir Har-Gil's CV Dr. Amir Har-Gil's CV Amir started the production by traveling twice to England to interview Naomi Shephard (W. Israel’s biographer- “Wilfrid Israel- German Jewry's secret ambassador") and to Berlin to photograph the place where the N. Israel department store stood, across from the municipality of Berlin. He also interviewed Prof. Paula Hill who also researched Wilfrid's life and he was helped by the staff of the kibbutz archives as well. Please help us make his story known

9 The total budget is $80.000 and the required sum to complete the project is $70,000. The Wilfrid Israel Museum is a non profit organization and therefore contributions to it are tax deductable. Contributions within the U.S.: 1) Checks are to be sent to P.E.F. in New York, 317 Madison Ave. Suite 607, New York. N.Y. 10017. (212) 599-1260, fax (212) 599-5981, e-mail and made payable to: "P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc." with a recommendation that it be used for : "The Wilfrid Israel Association Ltd". 2) In the recommendation letter please include the purpose of the donation. Contributions outside the U.S. : Checks should be made out to - "Wilfrid Israel Association Ltd." or (חברת וילפריד ישראל בע"מ) Mail to: The Wilfrid Film Wilfrid Israel Association Ltd. Kibbutz Hazorea, 36581 Israel. The names of contributors of $5000 and more will appear in the credits of the film. Thank you very much for helping us making it happen. Sincerely, Eytan Tel-Tsur – and Ophir Baer – Presentation by Eytan Tel-Tsur.

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