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Is War a Rational Idea?.

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1 Is War a Rational Idea?

2 War Some facts “Since 1495, no 25-year period has been without war”(War). “There are 92 known cases of nuclear bombs lost at sea” (War). “Global spending on defence total more than $700 billion. Global spending on education is less than $100 billion ”(War).

3 Is War Needed? If Hitler would not have been stopped in WWII Unheard of amounts of people would have been slaughtered. The United States split across the middle not brought back together by the Civil War things would be a lot different now.

4 Good Reasons to go to War
The threat of world wide security To protect millions of innocent lives who can’t protect themselves

5 Bad Reasons to go to War To gain land To Exterminate a type of race
To try to control the globe

6 Positive Effects of War
Produces new technologies that improve standard of living such as- Nuclear energy would not have been discovered if not for the Manhattan project which was started to help bring WWII to a close Sonar would have not have been developed had submarines not need to be aware of its surroundings, this has helped us map the ocean floor WWII helped lift the United states out of depression

7 Negative Effects of War
Environment ravaged Many soldiers are usually either killed, wounded, sickened, or left with post traumatic stress disorder Many innocent people die for doing absolutely nothing Destroy important cultural icons and buildings Forces losing countries to rebuild, give up land, possessions, or money Can cause social splits within a country

8 U.S Involvement in Wars The United States has only declared war officially five times, it has used military force many more times than just these five instances The war of 1812 The Mexican-American war The Spanish-American war World War I World War II

9 War on Terror The War on Terror can not be officially declared a war since there is no country to declare it on. The cost of the War on Terror since 2001 is currently $853,584,526,436 and counting In Iowa alone the cost of war is $6,462,932,540 and rising

10 Rational Idea? Although war can be used to help people it still kills some of the people it is trying to assist. Bombs do not only blow up terrorist buildings or terrorists they also destroy the land and the innocent people. Rational not really, necessary in some cases yes It can be used as a last ditch effort if a diplomatic solution can not be reached

11 Citing For the cost of the current war go to for a running counter

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