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A presentation by: Vince Pavic Director of Human Resources and Employee Relations, Wicomico County Public Schools.

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1 A presentation by: Vince Pavic Director of Human Resources and Employee Relations, Wicomico County Public Schools

2 To investigate and discuss the phenomenon of having five (5) different generations in the workplace and why it matters. Intended takeaways: A better understanding of what makes each of these groups tick as well as tips for managing an ever increasing workforce that is diverse. 2

3 Traditionalists Baby Boomers Generation X Generation Y Generation Z 3

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5 Also known as: Radio Babies, The Silent Generation Major Events: The Great Depression Social Security Act Hindenburg Explosion World War II Japanese attack Pearl Harbor Detroit, MI race riots Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan 5

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7 Loaf of Bread = 8 cents Toilet Paper (called tissue then) = 9 cents for 2 rolls Campbell’s Tomato Soup = 4 cans for 25 cents 7

8 Traditionalists: Have loyalty and respect for authority Very defined sense of right vs. wrong Disciplined Grew up without television Rely on the past (draw on their experiences) Detail-oriented Like consistency and uniformity Military leadership style Few women in the workforce Very patriotic Value courtesy, respect and formality Find feedback unnecessary They seek to do their job, not win approval via feedback Work comes first/willing to sacrifice personal life 8

9 When recruiting and employing the Traditionalist: Newspaper Ads Face-to-face recruitment Being valued as a worker most important Salary important, but work is valued very highly Tap into vast experiences (work and life) Hard workers who value employers Lots of Traditionalists re-entering the workforce struggling with retirement Clear work rules Expect a stable work environment 9

10 Also known as: The Sandwich Generation, The Golden Generation Major Events: WWII comes to an end Korean War comes to an end Brown v. Board of Education (Baby Boomers are the first generation to attend integrated elementary schools) Oral Contraception is approved by the FDA Kennedy Assassination Civil Rights Movement Vietnam War Moon Landing 10

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12 Average home prices: $12,700 - $16,000 Average income/year: $5,000 - $9,000 Gallon of gas: 25 – 35 cents 1961 Dodge Dart Pioneer: $2,780 12

13 Baby Boomers: Value personal choice Very involved in their community Are adaptable Very goal-oriented Work well on teams Value ownership Used typewriters, not computers Despite Civil Rights Movement, gaps in education and income levels remain largely unchanged Work beyond retirement to maintain identity Have raised children while taking care of aging parents Like informal, in-person communication Like meetings (didn’t like my Death by Meeting session) 13

14 When recruiting and employing the Baby Boomer: Value a competitive salary, flexible benefits (child care, elder care) Promotional opportunities, movement up the ladder Prefer promotions and material gains over feedback Flexibility (job sharing, work-life balance) important Many Boomers contemplating retirement, creating a worker shortage Will work long hours and put personal life on hold Want higher status and material recognition of their work Put them to work in teams; emphasize job security 14

15 Presentation Joke Break: 15

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17 Also known as: Baby Busters, Latchkey Kids Major Events: Watergate Iranian Hostage Crisis Gasoline shortages Tiananmen Square protest Berlin wall comes down Reaganomics MTV begins 17

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19 Salisbury, MD (1971) – 3 large bedrooms, large kitchen, dining room, utility room ($16,900) Car 8-track tape player cost $38.99 In 1979 the average income per year was $17,550. Apples cost $0.59 for four pounds in CA (1970) Folgers Coffee cost $1.90/pound (1978) 19

20 Generation X-ers: Characterized by high levels of skepticism Very educated Very independent Very results-oriented with high expectations Comfortable with authority but not impressed with titles Technically competent Forced to “figure it out on their own” May have respect issues due to growing up quickly Work is a task to be finished Appreciate frequent communication/feedback Question “why” before doing something Seek a work-life balance 20

21 When recruiting and employing the Gen X-er: Use multiple avenues to attract (Monster, Social media) Family is important (benefits and salary are critical) Autonomy and choice is important Gen Xers do not do well with micromanagement This is the sandwich employee (Baby Boomers won’t get out of their way) Do not expect loyalty and commitment (this generation was let down) Let them try different roles at work Emphasize goals/results instead of calculating hours 21

22 Also known as: Generation Why?, Net Generation, Millenials, Echo Boomers Major Events: Attempted assassination of the Pope Gulf War Advent of the PC by IBM Los Angeles Riots (Rodney King) AIDS epidemic Challenger Explosion Use of DNA to convict criminals used for the first time 22

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24 In 1990 a new home cost $123,000 and by 1999 was $131,700. Six pack of Coca-Cola was $0.99 (1996) Gallon of milk was $1.90 (1998) Ground coffee was $3.70/pound (1998) Supernintendo cost $159.00 80’s “bagphones” gave way to Cell phone (2G) technology and cost around $200 24

25 Generation Y: Largest generation since the Baby Boomers (3x Gen X) Incredible sophistication Grew up with technology Much more racially and ethnically diverse generation Very accepting of others and differences Raised by protective parents Raised in one of the largest economic booms in U.S. History Inquisitive… “Must know” High sense of entitlement First “global” generation Prefer informal and IMMEDIATE communication Like to have fun at work Seek instant gratification 25

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27 Salary and benefits expectations will be very high for this group. Unmet expectations will cause them to leave Work social activities are important Technology and environment Turnover if not valued Interactive work groups Meaningful work Choice and flexibility Recruitment/communication: they have been using technology since childhood Prefer flexible schedules Crave training opportunities 27

28 Also known as: New Millenials, Generation 9-11, Zoomers Major Events: 9-11 Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster Youtube is launched Hurricane Katrina Twitter/Facebook/Social Media explosion Mars Rover Barack Obama elected as 44 th President of the U.S. 28


30 Last year: Avg. gallon of gas cost about $3.75 Folgers Coffee cost $7.98 Avg. house rent cost approx. $1,195 Avg. new house purchase cost approx. $289,500 2014 Subaru Forester costs $21,995 30

31 Generation Z: Youngest group in the workforce Extremely tech-savvy Preferred mode of communication is texting (email is for “old folks”) Generally happy, and secure Had protective parents that monitored everything; which was seen as positive Team players that like engaging in community service More activities available than ever before; and often co-ed. 31

32 The jury is still out on a lot of what Gen Z will bring to the table Special emphasis should be given toward negotiation and conflict-resolution skills Since protected growing up, they are often not used to conflict or how to deal with it May involve parents or family in issues at work Relationship building is critical 32

33 33 Generational Summary:

34 34 Questions…

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