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2822 County Road 62 Auburn Indiana 46706 Preservation, Restoration, Education.

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1 2822 County Road 62 Auburn Indiana 46706 Preservation, Restoration, Education

2 Who am I and why am I here ? My name is Brad Stump. My wife and I live in Garrett Indiana with our four daughters (all are Garrett High School students or graduates) I am a Purdue University graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in History and a focus on military history, especially on the WWI and WWII period I continue to be a student of military and aviation history focusing on the period from just before WWII through the current day I work for DeKalb County government and I’m currently a Garrett City Councilman I am a former member of the DeKalb County Airport Authority and the Aviation Association of Indiana My task is to act as advisor and a resource for your project. I can help you find resource materials, books and photos for your reports and model building.

3 A very brief history of aircraft development from 1903 to 1941

4 December 17 th, 1903 Kill Devil’s Hill Kitty Hawk, North Carolina



7 World War 1 June, 1914 to November, 1918

8 Observation Balloons Battle of Fleurus, Netherlands 1794 German Observation Balloon, WWI

9 Nieuport 28

10 Spad XIII

11 Eddie Rickenbacker 1918

12 Fokker DR.1 (the Red Baron)

13 Civilian aircraft development from WWI to late 1930’s

14 Barnstorming in the 20’s

15 Early Air Mail Preparing an overnight airmail flight, 1925 Loading airmail in Detroit, late 1930’s Airmail beacon tower and generator shed

16 Art Smith (Smith Field Airport) Born in Fort Wayne February 27, 1890. Spent 6 months building his first airplane then crashed on his first flight in 1910. Flight instructor in WWI. Air Mail pilot in 1920’s. Died in a crash near Montpelier OH Fen 12, 1926. Fort Wayne’s Smith Field is named for Art Smith. Northrup HS Sam’s Club

17 May 21, 1927 Charles Lindbergh crosses the Atlantic ocean solo in a single engine powered high wing monoplane built in 60 days by Ryan Aeronautical Company, San Diego, California. The Spirit had no windows forward since the large fuel tanks obstructed any vision. Lucky Lindy took off and landed looking out a side window. The flight took 33 hours and 33 minutes non-stop.

18 Hughes H-1 Racer 1935 Laird/Turner Meteor 1936 Gee Bee R-1 1932 Model 44 1932

19 Daimler-Benz V-12 Pratt & Whitney R-2800 radial engine BMW 801 Radial EngineAllison V-12 inline engine

20 WW II 1939 - 1945

21 Blitzkreig German tactic of making coordinated attacks by armor, infantry, artillery and aircraft

22 Battle of Britain German campaign to bomb England to force their surrender. British pilots and the use of radar carried the day.

23 Air War over Germany Allied air forces bomb German industry and transportation network. German Luftwaffe is virtually destroyed during the fighting.

24 Eastern Front (Germany vs. USSR) Focus on air support of the ground war however also created many German super aces with over 100 “kills” each).

25 Pearl Harbor - Dec 7, 1941 Japanese sneak attack on US Naval base. Attack conducted by aircraft while main Japanese fleet was over 100 miles from Hawaii. Mitsubishi A6M Zero Fighter

26 Island Hopping The Pacific is mainly a naval war to capture enemy-held islands. Distances between opposing forces mean aircraft are the primary weapons for attacking the enemy. Aircraft carriers are the Capital Ships of WWII just as Battleships were in WWI. Japanese carrier Shoho under attack and burning during Battle of the Coral Sea, May 1942

27 Strategic Bombing and Atomic Bomb Japan devastated by strategic bombing. Atomic Bomb eventually forces Japanese surrender. Little Boy Atomic Bomb

28 From Military Development to Civilian Use

29 Civilian Aviation Uses Today Commercial Passenger Service Firefighting Aircraft drops Flame Retardant Commercial Air Freight Service

30 Civilian Aviation Uses Today Corporate Business Jet Parkview Samaritan Medical Helicopter Law Enforcement

31 Civilian Aviation Uses Today Recreational Flying Air Traffic Control Radar DeKalb County Airport ADS-B

32 It’s been an interesting Journey… And we don’t know where it will take us next

33 How did we get from here… Gloster Gladiator Vought Kingfisher Grumman J2F Duck

34 …to here? Gloster Meteor MIG 9 Bell P-59 AiracometME 262 Swallow

35 …to here?

36 To what’s next? June 21 st, 2004 the White Night with Spaceship One makes history

37 And the winning team wins…

38 A free airplane ride at the DeKalb County Airport!



41 The End!

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