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Patton Saving Private Ryan The Longest Day Letters from Iwo Jima Flags of Our Fathers The Pacific Band of Brothers Downfall (German) Life is Beautiful.

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3 Patton Saving Private Ryan The Longest Day Letters from Iwo Jima Flags of Our Fathers The Pacific Band of Brothers Downfall (German) Life is Beautiful (Italian) Windtalkers Enemy at the Gates Casablanca Red Tails (on Tuskegee Air Corps) The Best Years of Our Lives The War by Ken Burns Thin Red Line Great Escape Pearl Harbor Schindler’s List Boy in the Striped Pajamas Stalag 17 Dirty Dozen The Pianist The Valkyrie Defiance Sound of Music Sarah’s Key Devil’s Arthmetic Inglorious B……

4 Totalitarianism Appeasement Blitzkrieg Third Reich Lend Lease Pearl Harbor Bataan Death March Rationing D Day Midway Hiroshima Mobilization Yalta Conference V E Day V J Day United Nations Office of War Information Executive Order 9066 Tuskegee Airmen Flying Tigers Navajo Code Talkers FDR and Truman Rosie the Riveter G I Bill

5 1939-1945

6 The Holocaust, Japanese Internment, Manhattan Project STAAR Objectives Meetings


8 Anti-Semitism—history Diaspora after Roman occupation of Israel and Judah Middle Ages—laws against Jews “Scapegoats” in literature and history Ghettos—walled communities More diasporas from Spain (1492) and Russia (1917) Pogroms 19 th century—Jewish immigration into Germany


10 Mein Kampf published, 1927 Hitler became chancellor, 1933 Nuremberg Laws passed and enforced Exodus of many German Jews Krystallnacht, 1938 Confinement to walled ghettos Mobilization to concentration camps Labor and eventual elimination






16 Ignorance of facts The ship, The St. Louis Zyclon B Discovery of camps by Americans and Russians Eisenhower’s work Work of survivors




20 /36quest1.html /36quest1.html review/the-holocaust-just-got-more- shocking.html?_r=1& review/the-holocaust-just-got-more- shocking.html?_r=1&




24 110,000 interned Single largest forced movement in American history All Civil Rights denied Moved to holding areas and then camps surrounded by barbed wire



27 Issei—Japanese immigrants Nisei—next generation—Japanese American children of immigrants Sansei—third generation (and subsequent) Japanese- Americans “One, Two, Three”






33 Landmark Supreme Court Case challenging internment Decision determined that Japanese-Americans were safer in the camps away from other Americans during war Overturned later Official apologies and financial compensation paid in later years (Reagan and Clinton)


35 Japanese American Red Cross volunteer during attack at Pearl Harbor U. S. Military service in Europe Senator

36 066.htm 066.htm










46 Who else has the bomb? Who is trying to build the bomb? Bombs are much more powerful today. Nuclear weapons treaties—U.S. and Russia, 2013


48 Militarism Nationalism Imperialism by Germany, Italy and Japan Fascism in Europe Alliance of Germany, Italy, Japan (Axis Powers) Invasion of Poland by Germany

49 Fight aggressive dictatorships Respond to the attack on our Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Rapid Mobilization and Industrialization Domestic and international leadership of FDR and Truman Bataan Death March Multiple Fronts in Europe and Pacific Liberation of Concentration Camps

50 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 U.S. declared war on Japan Japan’s allies—Germany and Italy declared war on U.S. The U.S. had to fight a war on two fronts—Europe and The Pacific The U.S. made the European front its first priority

51 Great Britain (England)--Churchill France—De Gaulle USSR/Soviet Union (Russia)—Stalin These were our friends in WWI and we joined with them to fight the fascists in Italy and Nazis in Germany

52 Europe—invasion of Normandy—D Day Pacific—Battle of Midway

53 Open a second front to fight Germany on its western side This would relieve the Russians from fighting Germany alone on its eastern front We opened the second front when we invaded France at Normandy

54 Victory Gardens Mobilization War Bonds Women at Work Volunteerism Propaganda m/watch?v=l14WDZCnz- w m/watch?v=l14WDZCnz- w Disney, Dr. Seuss, Popeye, Bugs Bunny, Posters…

55 General Dwight D. Eisenhower--Europe General Douglas MacArthur--Pacific Admiral Chester Nimitz--Navy General Omar Bradley General George Patton General George Marshall—Chief Military advisor to FDR and Truman—Chief of Staff

56 Tuskegee Airmen—integration Flying Tigers Navajo Code Talkers--encryption Women in the Military and in the Factories Minorities in the Military and in the Factories



59 The U.S. set up internment camps against the___________________________ The Manhattan Project is when the U.S. built an _____________________________ The killing of 6 million Jews is called The ___________

60 President during WWII: a)Wilson b)Teddy Roosevelt c)FDR Allied commander in Europe: a)Eisenhower b)Patton c)Bradley Allied commander in Pacific: a)Nimitz b)Patton c)MacArthur

61 Name three totalitarian dictators in Europe: Name the emperor of Japan. Name the prime minister of Japan.Tojo What event made England and France declare war on Germany?



64 D-Day VJ Day Atomic Warfare Women at Work—Rosie the Riveter Bonds Ration Coupons Iwo Jima


66 U.S. had first peace time conscription (draft) before Pearl Harbor—we were not fully prepared for war but we were not completely unprepared Meetings—Casablanca, Tehran and Yalta Focus on defeating Germany first and Japan second Internment of Nisei (Japanese American-born) Lend Lease sent to France, Great Britain, USSR, China Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley ISMs—Fascism, Nazism, Communism Manhattan Project

67 War financed by war bonds Industrial contracts made weapons and war materials Waste prevention oversight by Senator Truman of Missouri Mobilization—gathering and movement of troops Women— Rosie the Riveter and Norma Jean Baker Scraps—saved all metal, rubber, nylon Rationing—tires, gas, sugar, shoes, etc. Victory Gardens— pulling together ‘’Loose lips sink ships ’’

68 Japanese Internment camps 1944 election of FDR over Dewey G. I. Bill—provides money for returning GI’s to go to college or start a business (GHW Bush etc.) POW camps—Gainesville, TX War Brides—Japanese, German, British, … U.S.O. shows—Bob Hope Tuskeegee Air Corps WACS, WAVES, WASPS (see archives at TWU!) ‘‘The Greatest Generation’’ Cartoonist Bill Mauldin in Stars and Stripes


70 Munich  appeasement Atlantic Charter  Lend-Lease White House (Dec. 1941)  concentrate on Europe first Casablanca (January 1943)  demanding unconditional surrender from Germany Tehran (Nov. 1943)—The Big Three  discussed a United Nations and a second front Yalta (Feb.1945)—Big Three  discussed the future of Eastern Europe—beginning of Cold War? Potsdam (July 1945)—New Big Three  discussed UN, thebomb, USSR entering Pacific War San Francisco—wrote United Nations charter

71 Place NameTimePeople Accomplishments

72 January 1943 Stalin was a no-show Germany and unconditional surrender

73 November, 1943 USSR needed a second front in Europe Future of Germany

74 February, 1945 Future of Postwar Europe United Nations peacekeeping organization


76 Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe Soviet dominance in Eastern Germany and Berlin Soviet-sponsored elections in Eastern Europe Spread of communism in Eastern Europe

77 July, 1945 Postwar Europe, UN USSR agreed to join Pacific War Truman shared news of atomic bomb

78 1. Choose a document to work with. Is it a primary or secondary source? 2. What “special topic” does it address? Example: The Holocaust, Japanese Internment, Manhattan Project, etc. 3. Write a title of the document (if there is one) and describe it: size, content, details 4. What have you learned about history from this document? Be specific.

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