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2 Workers pumped millions of pounds of sand away from the city, lowering it to sea level. Workers constructed a six-mile sea wall and used sand from the Gulf to elevate much of the city. Which of the following demonstrates how Galveston has adapted to or modified their environment after the storm in 1900?

3 Each member of the commission had specific knowledge on certain city development The Commission form of government was more responsive to the people The commission form of government was created in response to the tragedy in Galveston and adopted by many other cities. Why was this favorable over traditional forms of government?

4 The Prohibition amendment to the U.S. Constitution banned the sale, manufacture, and transportation of - ANSWER?

5 Using the information in the graph above, what conclusion can be drawn about the distribution of Texas’s population between 1920 and 1970? Rural residents died younger than those who lived in cities. Rural families had more children than those who lived in cities. Many Texas farmers moved to other states. Many Texans migrated to cities within the state.

6 SPINDLETOP Which of the following answer choices best represents how the discovery of oil at Spindletop brought economic change to Texas? Oil companies grew in large numbers, and cities grew around oil facilities, a condition that provided many new jobs Many oil companies began to use state money, originally intended for schools and welfare programs, in order to survive. industry hurt the newly developing auto industry.

7 The Spindletop well produced between 70,000 and 100,000 barrels per day, much more than any other well in the world at the time. Refineries turned this oil into chemicals, fuels, and other products to meet the growing demand. Using the text above, which of the following statements best describes the most significant effect of the discovery at Spindletop? It created a safe and clean environment in the Texas Oil Industry. It increased the lumber needed to build oil derricks. Growth of the oil industry in Texas helped other related industries grow.

8 OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY How did the petroleum industry create economic and social change for Texas in the early 1900’s? Population growth and prosperity for many cities and towns in east and west Texas. The failure of the oil industry caused severe unemployment. There was a period of prosperity, but many Texans left to find better jobs..

9 OIL AND GAS INDUSTRY “They’ve picked on the oil industry that’s paved more roads, built more schools, educated more children, and has done more for the United States than any industry alive today. I dare anybody to say that’s not true.” What viewpoint is being expressed in the above statement by Clell Reed? The oil industry has had a negative impact on society The oil industry has had a positive impact on society The U.S. government is dependent on contributions from the oil industry

10 WORLD WAR I The final event that enraged Americans and served as the catalyst for the United States entering into World War I: The Zimmerman Telegram. The sinking of the Lusitania.

11 WORLD WAR I During WWI, Germany asked Mexico to join them in fighting the United States. In return for Mexico’s participation, the victorious Germans would have given to Mexico - the southwestern United States. unrestricted access to the Panama Canal. ____12.

12 WORLD WAR II “Mr. Vice President, and Mr. Speaker, and Members of the Senate and House of Representatives: Yesterday, December 7, 1941 -- a date which will live in INFAMY … the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.” President Roosevelt, December 8, 1941 In the quote above, President Roosevelt asked Congress for a declaration of war in December, 1941. Based on the reasons for which Roosevelt asked for the declaration, which of the following U.S. Presidents faced similar circumstances? President Dwight Eisenhower President Abraham Lincoln President Woodrow Wilson President Harry Truman

13 WORLD WAR I Economic data from this graph supports the conclusion that World War I... cost the United States many billions of dollars caused international trade to decrease was a significant benefit to the U.S. economy created an unfavorable trade balance

14 ALPHABET AGENCIES Alphabet agencies such as the WPS, CCC, PWA, FDIC, and AAA, were created in Texas as a result of: World War I World War II The New Deal The growth of the petroleum industry

15 THE GREAT DEPRESSION Which of the following statements explains why the Texas economy did not suffer as badly as other states at the beginning of the Depression? Few Texans had invested in the stock market Texas was considered a poor state before the crash, so it didn’t suffer a drastic change Texas had more farm workers than industrial workers

16 ANSWER The photograph above represents which era of U.S. history?

17 Texas farming communities suffering from lack of rain, the beginning of farm subsidies, dependence on irrigation & new farming techniques, and population re- distribution are all results of-

18 DUST BOWL What technology might have helped prevent or lesson the effects of the Dust Bowl if used properly? Cotton Gin Windmill Barbed Wire Branding Iron WHY:

19 DUST BOWL Which answer choice represents the human factor that contributed to the Dust Bowl? overuse of fertilizer on crops and fields severe drought high winds and cold temperatures that froze crops extensive and poor farming techniques

20 WHAT OCCURRED 1 ST …2 ND …3 RD …4 TH …? Put the following major events in chronological order: 1. Dust Bowl 2. World War II 3. Great Depression 4. World War I 1) 2) 3) 4)

21 WORLD WAR II Mass production was key to victory in World War II. Which of the following best represents the shift that took place in Texas as a result of the war? The economy of the state moved more toward industrialization. African Americans became the largest minority groups. Population growth caused more people to move from the suburbs to the cities. ____22.

22 WORLD WAR II "Women who stepped up were measured as citizens of the nation, not as women...This was a people's war, and everyone was in it."- Colonel Oveta Culp Hobby. This quote from the commander of the Women’s Army Corps demonstrates which of the following effects of World War II? All women were beginning to be seen as valuable to the war effort. Women were not as able to serve in the military. Women had no place in the military. Women who served in WWII proved that they were as worthy as men of equal rights.

23 WORLD WAR II Which of the following best describes Dwight D. Eisenhower? Isolationist Military Leader Industrialist Civil Rights Leader

24 WORLD WAR II Which of the events below best describe why the U.S. finally decided to enter World War II ? Germany invaded Czechoslovakia France surrendered to Germany Japan attacked Pearl Harbor Germany bombed England

25 The best title for the graph above would be Significant Texans of WWI Texans who contributed to WWII Political Leaders from Texas Leaders for Social Change in Texas

26 “When I was a child, I was told that men were branded by war. Has the brand been put on me? Have the years of blood and ruin stripped me of all decency? Of all belief? Not all belief. I believe in the force of a hand grenade, the power of artillery, the accuracy of a Garand [rifle]....We have been so intent on death that we have forgotten life. And now suddenly life faces us. I swear to myself that I will measure up to it. I may be branded by war, but I will not be defeated by it.... I will learn to live again.” - Second Lieutenant Audie Murphy The quote above from a Texan who took part in WWII reflects which of the following? Social Effect Economic Effect Political Effect Cultural Effect

27 How did this propaganda figure help to implement social and economic change? Women were encouraged to serve in the armed forces during WWI. Women were forced to stay in the home and maintain traditional roles. During WWII, women had to take on non-traditional jobs as well as help maintain working conditions in our country Women were encouraged to obtain a college level education for the first time.

28 WORLD WAR II During WWII, the countries of Germany, Italy, and Japan made up the... Axis Powers Allies Central Powers North Atlantic Treaty Organization

29 WORLD WAR II Texas claims many military heroes from WWII. How did Texans who were not in the military help with the war effort? Women fill jobs traditionally held by men, working in factories and doing heavy labor. People used meat, sugar, and other goods sparingly and planted “victory gardens” to be more subsistant. People bought war bonds to help the government pay for the war

30 WORLD WAR II Which statement identifies a change in American society during World War II? Economic opportunities for women increased Government regulation of the economy decreased. The Great Depression worsened. Racial tensions were eliminated.

31 ANSWER Which Amendment to the United States Constitution granted women suffrage??

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