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Warm up 4/4/13 List the 4 Allied Powers and 3 Axis Powers label each group.

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1 warm up 4/4/13 List the 4 Allied Powers and 3 Axis Powers label each group

2 Warm up 4/7/14 Years for WWII - 2 alliance groups – US president during WWII -

3 summary of big ideas you need to understand after studying WWII Explain a difference between the Holocaust and Internment camps What started WWII? Did the US make the right decision to drop the Atomic Bomb? Why? What do the Code Talkers, Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Midway all have in common? What were the people in America doing during WWII?

4 Why study WWII? WWII started because of dictators wanting more power and territory. They tried to get complete control of their people and expand the power of their country. –Today this is happening in N. Korea, for example. To prevent WWII, some countries used appeasement -giving in to demands for land in exchange for peace -today the US has been accused of this in the Ukraine by doing very little when Russia took Kiev **You are the President, what would you do?

5 During WWII, Hitler and Stalin killed millions of people because of their political views, religion or ethnicity. –Today, (pick 2 of these as examples to write down) * Zimbabwe - President Robert Mugabe * Burma - Than Shwe *N. Korea – Kim Jong-un *China – Xi Jinping *Iran - Ali Khamenei *Eritrea - Isaias Afwerki *Saudi Arabia - Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz Should the world step in?? Yes or no – why? Why study WWII?

6 Why study WWII? Don’t need to write any of this! The Treaty of Versailles that ended WWI was harsh on Germany. The League of Nations had no power to enforce the rules to keep Germany under control. What did the world learn?? Today – The United Nations and the World Court work to resolve problems and gain support for military actions so that 1 country doesn’t dominate the others

7 To end the war with Japan quicker, Pres. Truman agreed to drop the atomic bomb. When Japan did not immediately surrender, the US dropped a second one. Today – the US worries about who has weapons of mass destruction. The United Nations tries to control access to the technology and the materials to make WMDs. Is it right for the US and the UN to make that decision? Why study WWII?

8 Warm up 4/4/14 Define Appeasement Class work today – finish 5 column chart from Monday HW – catch up!! Cover page, vocab, map, notes from Monday, chart from today

9 warm up 4/10/14 Why is the Treaty of Versailles considered a cause of WWII? 1. It was forced Germany to accept all blame for WWI. 2. One WWI winner, Japan, did not receive any new land after WWI. The Japanese government was angry about that. 3. Germany was ordered to pay $300 billion in reparations. 4. League of Nations was created to maintain peace but since the US did not join, it was weak and could not enforce any of the rules.



12 1945

13 today’s assignment Read p. 758 – 763 Use the 3 reading focus questions to guide you Take Cornell notes or create a chart for notes Quiz at the end of the hour

14 Moving the troops to war WomenAfrican Americans p. 762 – 763 both sections & use card HispanicsJapanese Americans – use card Native Americans – use card Title: The effect of the war on the people of the US p. p. 758 - 763

15 1.What spending ended the Great Depression? 2.Name 1 women’s war effort unit. 3.What role did African Americans serve in the military? 4.What did the Native Americans do to help with the war effort? 5.Why was the Bracero Program established? 6.What happened during the zoot suit riots? 7.Give an example of Japanese service during the war.

16 4/11/14 warm up How can you tell that most Americans supported the US war effort?

17 rest of info for 4 th column draw picture Turning points of WWII Eisenhower led the D-Day invasion of France to push the Germans back General Douglas MacArthur led Pacific troops Battle of Midway -1942- US beat Japan to show that US navy strength had returned D-Day Eisenhower led Allied forces to land on beaches of Normandy, France June 6, 1944 Battle of the Bulge -last German offensive - beginning of the end for Germany rest of info for 3 rd column

18 top flap Initial Aggression draw picture US helped Allies for each title US entered the war with strong leaders Battles under the flaps Germany Italy Japan Turning points of WWII - took Austria &Czechoslovakia -invaded Poland - invaded N. Africa - invaded Manchuria *FDR asked for the Lend- Lease Program -sent supplies to Allies even if they couldn’t pay -Ended the Great Depression -women & minorities went to work in factories *FDR asked Congress to declare war after Pearl Harbor 12/7/41 *General Eisenhower led troops in N. Africa & Europe Battle of Stalingrad - Soviets stopped German advance 1943 -turning point for USSR to start winning

19 warm up 4/14/14 Which of the 4 battles from Friday’s notes do you think affected WWII the most? Why?

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