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PRE WWII. Russia Jan 1924 Lenin dies Next in line was Trotsky –Stalin more on state strength –Dec. 1927 Stalin emerges Trotsky flees to Mexico Because.

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2 Russia Jan 1924 Lenin dies Next in line was Trotsky –Stalin more on state strength –Dec. 1927 Stalin emerges Trotsky flees to Mexico Because Stalin is paranoid he had Trotsky killed

3 Russia’s Famine -1930’s Caused partly by government running farms Government lied about it Had to buy food abroad Stalin thought it was sabotage 1/3 of the Communist party was “expelled” 3 million people

4 Russia -- 1935  Bloody Purges begin  Stalin kills:  Friends who opposed him in the 1920’s  Bolsheviks from the old days  Military who helped Germany Constitution Revised –Secret Ballot –Only one party 2 nd Bloody Purges –8 high ranking marshals Including only general who knew Hitler’s military plans –Wiped out all leading officers in army

5 Italy 1st Fascist State Places importance of nation above the value of an individual Came out of WWI in debt 600,000 dead Never got Promised Land in Africa, from France Economy worst in Europe Poor economy creates a Socialist movement –1/3 Socialist Mussolini takes the lead –Blackshirts Past: Journalist, Teacher, and Draft Dodger

6 Italy -- 1922 300,000 members 31 seats in Parliament (less than 10%) Mussolini demands to be named Prime Minister or he’ll march on Rome *King agrees to the demand Mussolini takes control of Army Any complaints and you would be killed Mussolini has control of: Farming—from production to consumption Newspapers Fascism still has private companies Good Things *Economy picks up *Trains ran “better” *Streets free of Beggars *Ambitious Educational Plan *Worked out an agreement with the Pope

7 France Came out of WWI victorious. However: *1.4 million dead *Visible devastation *Spent 25% of total national wealth on WWI *Future leaders were dead or severely wounded---- Trouble for future *Didn’t get what they wanted out of Treaty of Versailles 1920- French signed an alliance with Belgium. *Cornerstone of French defensive strategy *Try to build a central wall-“Little Entente” to stop communism *France, Poland, Romania, Yugoslavia, and Hungary *Socialist party splits in half -Now 1/2 is communist

8 France -- 1928 French create Maginot line *Line of forts *Swiss border along German and French *Several hundred yards *Pill boxes 2 miles apart -Protection from Germany *Would force fighting in Belgium instead *Now Belgium upset and went running to Germany for protection *In 1940 the line held perfectly but Army relied on it too much and let itself fade.

9 England Not as bad economically *Pound dropped *U.S. allows for just reparations to be paid -No war debts 1935- started rearmament *Mostly to navy fleet *People became upset -King George V dies - Edward VIII takes over but never gets crown -Abdicates throne. *For love of a woman who had been divorced twice *Church denies her -1st man to willingly give up the crown -George VI takes over *Ed’s little brother -William Chamberlain now Prime Minister “Policy of Appeasement” *Seen as a policy of weakness

10 England Continued 1937- sent Diplomat to Germany to ask what Hitler’s demands would be -he said Austria 1st 1938- Hitler invades Czechoslovakia *Britain tries to be mediator Outcome- Munich Crisis *Mussolini, Chamberlain, and Hitler sell out checks *When Germany takes the rest of Czechoslovakia it ends the Policy of Appeasement -Draft begins September 1st 1939- *Germany invades Poland *Britain enters war

11 Germany 1928 Austrian National Bank collapses Germany and Austria make economic union France cried foul and were backed up by Allies Made Hitler upset Elections: Hitler got 37% of the vote Hindeberg won the Presidency but gave Hitler title of Chancellor Hitler could not get the majority until he was backed by the Catholic Center Party Once he got power he abolished all other parties Jews no longer citizens Dachau Was created for political prisoners Later became a concentration camp

12 Germany 1935 Hitler denounces Versailles Treaty Hitler starts the draft Mussolini wants to attack Ethiopia so begins alliance With Germany March 1936 Hitler sent forces into Rhineland No one helped the French Not even French politicians So Hitler stayed October 1936 Rome-Berlin Axis Hitler and Mussolini Friendship Pact Anti-Commitern Act Japan joins Axis Pact against communist aggression Violates Versailles treaty November 1937 1st Solution Occupy Austria Czechoslovakia, Poland and Russia

13 Germany October 1938 Kristallnacht (Crystal Night) Attacked businesses and homes of Jewish families Now all Jewish people had to register all property S.A. Major problem Hitler had no control So he had up to 1,000 of them killed Hitler takes over Army Must take oath to Hitler S.S. becomes more powerful December 1938 Germans just roll into Austria and take over When Hitler takes Czechoslovakia Russia wanted to Help Czechs Poland wouldn’t allow it August 1939 Russo-German Non Aggression Pact Decide to divide Poland September 1939 Germany takes Poland Russia invades too

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