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American Foreign Policy 1900-present A Brief Outline.

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1 American Foreign Policy 1900-present A Brief Outline

2 Events that Shaped American Foreign Policy from 1900-present Isolationism after Spanish American War World War I (1914-1918) Return to Isolationism (1918-1941) World War II (1941-1945) Cold War (1945-1989) Korean War/Cuban Missile Crises/Vietnam War (1950-1973) Persian Gulf War (1990-1991) 9/11 and the War in Iraq (9/11/01 – present)

3 Pre WWI Isolationism Focal Points Develop strong economy Build infrastructure in new lands Return to isolationism

4 World War I: American Involvement 1916 Woodrow Wilson’s Pledge: “keep us out of war” Wins election 1917 RMS Lusitania sunk by German U-boats 128 Americans killed Wilson wants to “make the world safe for democracy”. Therefore, we join the war.

5 America at end of WWI…1919 Pres. Wilson goes to Versailles, France to sign peace treaty. Wilson asks for “League of Nations” to be formed Democracies should work together to ensure world peace.

6 WWI Aftermath League of Nations is turned down by Congress L. of Nations would force us into war to protect other countries. Congress wants to return to isolationism Therefore, League of Nations is established USA is not a member! We are neutral again….until WWII

7 Isolation years in America….1920’s Roaring 1920- 1929 Good times Economic boom! 1929 Stock Market Crash

8 Isolation Years in America…1930’s to WWII 1930-1937 Great Depression! 1937-1941 US making money again Sell goods to Europe while it destroys itself again….

9 U.S Foreign Policy argument in 1940 FDR (Democrat) Believed US should be involved in Europe to stop Hitler Republican Congress Wanted to keep America isolated What does this mean for Europe?

10 Europe in 1940

11 Pearl Harbor December 7,1941

12 End of WWII….boom!

13 End of WWII…beginning of Cold War Main goal of US after WWII Expand democracy to keep Communism from spreading! 1947 POTUS Truman signs the Truman Doctrine Declares U.S. foreign policy = containment of Communism –How? –Keep democracies for becoming Communist –So, America has to be the leader in this war, right??

14 1949…Communism v. Capitalism

15 America vs. Communism 1950 Korean War breaks out North Korea = Communism South Korea = Capitalist –Capitalists win 1959 Fidel Castro takes over Cuba Makes it Communist 1961-1973 Vietnam War North Vietnam = Communism South Vietnam = Capitalism –Communists win

16 Cuban Missile Crises…how the world almost got blown up! 1963 (6 days of Terror) Russia started moving nuclear weapons to Cuba. Castro liked annoying the US. POTUS JFK Told Russia to take weapons out of Cuba or else we would blow it off the face of the Earth! –And we waited….

17 And we waited….

18 Cold War Thaws Out…1963-1989 1963 Russia finally takes weapons out of Cuba. This scary moment leads to détente Stop using nuclear weapons to promote foreign policy. Russia and USA slow down nuclear weapon making. 1989 Russia falls apart Communism ends in USSR.

19 Persian Gulf War 1990-1991 Iraq leader Saddam Hussein orders attacks Kuwait Wants to take control of their oil fields POTUS Bush I Sends in US Army to free Kuwait Why? We want control of the oil!

20 Persian Gulf War ends….or does it? 1991 Hussein orders retreat out of Kuwait. US troops come home. Hussein stays in power…. Does this make sense?

21 9/11 Attacks lead to us going back to fight terrorists….right? Al-Qaeda is from where? From Afghanistan POTUS Bush II Sends US military to Iraq? We kick out Saddam Hussein Start a new democratic government. What about the terrorists?

22 War in Afghanistan, to find the terrorists!

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