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WWII 1.28 Children demonstrate that it takes 100,000 German marks to buy one U.S. dollar.

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1 WWII 1.28 Children demonstrate that it takes 100,000 German marks to buy one U.S. dollar

2 WWII 1.2C Adolf Hitler

3 WWII 1.2D Pro-Hitler poster

4 WWII 1.2E Benito Mussolini addressing Fascist followers in the Coliseum

5 WWII 1.2F Hitler and Mussolini after forming the Rome-Berlin Axis

6 WWII 1.2G Hitler with Japanese Ambassador Tojo at Berchtesgaden in 1938

7 WWII 1.2H Hitler and Neville Chamberlain

8 WWII 1.2I German tank in a Sudeten street. The banner reads: “Hail to our German borders”

9 WWII 1.2J

10 WWII 1.2K “Path of Appeasement”

11 WWII 1.2L Lend- Lease crates being unloaded in England

12 WWII 2.1A German citizens in 1925 experiencing economic troubles and despair.

13 WWII 2.1B A portrait of Adolf Hitler entitled “Our Leader” This is one of Many “adulatory” images of Hitler made to promote his political career.

14 WWII 2.1C Adolf Hitler being sworn in as Chancellor on March 21, 1933 at the Garrison Church in Potsdam.

15 WWII 2.1D Head of the S.S. Heinrich Himmler; S.A. Chief Viktor Lutze, who replace the murdered Ernest Roehm; Deputy Fuhrer Rudolf Hess; and Adolf Hitler. They are saluting followers at a rally.

16 WWII 2.1E A German poster for a “German Folkiness,” June 24-25, 1939.

17 WWII 2.1F Young men in a Hitler Youth brigade at a rally.

18 WWII 2.1G A caricature of a Jew as typically depicted in German propaganda.

19 WWII 2.1H Three members of the Nazi Party S.A. the Stormtroopers, holding signs calling for a Jewish Boycott.

20 WWII 2.1I German students and Nazi officials preparing to burn “un-German” books.

21 WWII 2.1J German police checking the identity papers of German Jews who are wearing the Star of David.

22 WWII 2.1K Damaged storefront in Vienna, Austria, after a riots on November 9,1938

23 WWII 2.1L A group of women and children being lead from a Jewish ghetto to a concentration camp.

24 WWII 2.1M A Jewish resistance fighter hiding form the Germans.

25 WWII 2.1N Prisoners barracks at Duchau, outside Maunich, Germany.

26 WWII 2.10 Prisoners in their bunks at Dachau.

27 WWII 2.1P Christian and Jewish prisoners in the barracks of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

28 WWII 2.1Q A Polish man about to be murdered by an S.S. guard.

29 WWII 2.1R A concentration camp shower.

30 WWII 2.1SThe crematoriums used to burn bodies in a Concentration Camp.

31 WWII 2.1T A prisoner overcome with emotion immediately after liberation.

32 WWII 2.1U A scene from the Nuremberg Trails, which lasted form December 1946 to the spring of 1949.

33 WWII 1.2N A draft of FDR’s declaration of war speech

34 World War 1.2O President Roosevelt signing the declaration of war on Japan

35 WWII 3.1A African-Americans aboard a naval vessel

36 WWII 3.1B Mass production of U.S. war ships

37 WWII 3.1C Mexican-Americans being rounded up for the crime of wearing a Zoot Suit

38 WWII 3.1D U.S. serviceman receiving inoculations at during their physical

39 WWII 3.1E Rationing goods at a neighborhood stroe

40 WWII 3.1F Rosy the Riveter polishing nose cones of B-29 bombers

41 WWII 3.1G Japanese-Americans awaiting relocation

42 WWII 3.2A A news headline on the Japanese-American internment that declares Ouster of All Japs in California near!.

43 WWII 3.2B Japanese-Americans with their belongings awaiting a train that will take them a “relocation center”.

44 WWII 3.2C Japanese-American store with a signing reading, “This Entire Stock Must Be Sold at 25 Cents on the Dollar.”

45 WWII 3.2D Manzanar, one of the interment camps, located in the desert of southern California near the Arizona border.

46 WWII 4.1A

47 WWII 4.1B

48 WWII 4.1C Hitler in Paris

49 WWII 4.1D London during the Battle of Britain.

50 WWII 4.1E London bomb shelter

51 WWII 4.1F Royal Air Force propaganda poster

52 WWII 4.1G Rommel in North Africa

53 WWII 4.1HAllied troops ashore in Sicily

54 WWII 4.1I German soliders in Stalingrad

55 WWII 4.1J Destruction of Stalingrad, October 1942

56 WWII 4.1K Eisenhower prepares troops for D-Day

57 WWII 4.1L Troops landing at Normandy

58 WWII 4.1M Aerial view of D-Day invasion

59 WWII 4.1N V-E Day celebration in London

60 WWII 4.1O

61 WWII 4.1P

62 WWII 4.1Q Devastation of a Pacific island.

63 WWII 4.1R General MacArthur.

64 WWII 4.1S Marines at Iwo Jima

65 WWII 4.1T Raising the American flag at Iwo Jima

66 WWII 4.1U Atomic explosion at Nagasaki.

67 WWII 4.1V

68 WWII 4.1W Poster of Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill.

69 WWII 4.2A Albert Einstein answering questions.

70 WWII 4.2B Harry S. Truman being sworn in as president after Franklin Roosevelt’s death

71 WWII 4.2C Ruins of Hiroshima.

72 WWII 4.2D Japanese victim of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

73 WWII 4.3A Nazi Stormtroopers holding signs calling for a boycott of Jewish businesses.

74 WWII 4.3B German Jews being stopped by police and having their papers examined.

75 WWII 4.3C The Day after Kristallnacht.

76 WWII 4.3D European Jews begging for documents that would allow them to escape

77 WWII 4.3E The barracks in a concentration camp.

78 WWII 4.3F The evacuation of the Warsaw ghetto

79 WWII 4.3G The execution of Jews by the Nazis

80 WWII 4.3H Jewish prisoners being disinfected by Nazi guards

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