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World War II Chapter 18 Review Sheet Answers.

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1 World War II Chapter 18 Review Sheet Answers

2 What Treaty ended World War I? Treaty of Versailles
What was the Economy in after WWI and before WWII? A Depression What was the “night of the broken glass” called in Germany? Kristallnacht What type of government did the Soviet Union have after WWI until 1992?Communism What was the leading political party in Germany by the middle 1930’s? Nazi Who were the Black Shirts? Mussolini’s followers in Italy Who were the Brown Shirts? Hitler’s followers in Germany What is the name of Hitler’s “Master Race”? the Aryans What year did WWII Start? 1939 What year did WWII End? 1945

3 Who was the Dictator of Italy during WWII? Benito Mussolini
Who was the President of the United States for most of WWII? Franklin Roosevelt Who was Prime Minister of Great Britain during WWII? Winston Churchill Who was the Dictator of the Soviet Union during WWII? Joseph Stalin Who was the Dictator of Germany during WWII? Adolf Hitler What were the series of laws called that persecuted the Jews in Germany and took away many of their rights? The Nuremburg Laws What was German lightning or fast war called? Blitzkrieg What 2 countries were first to declare war on Germany in WWII? Great Britain and France What country did Germany invade to begin WWII? Poland What are German Tanks during WWII called? Panzers

4 What was the German Air Force called during WWII? Luftwaffe
Jews in Poland were sent to walled in neighborhoods called what? Ghettos Who were the Axis Powers during WWII? Germany, Italy, & Japan Who felt secure behind the Maginot line? The French British troops were evacuated from what town when they were trapped by the Germans in Belgium? Dunkirk What was the name of the Battle that Hitler bombed London for 2 months? Battle of Britain “London Blitz” What was it called when the U.S. sent goods and money to Great Britain before the U.S. was in WWII? The Lend Lease Act What was the SCORCHED EARTH policy instituted by Stalin in the U.S.S.R.? Burn everything as you retreat so the enemy can NOT use it!

5 Where were enemies of the Nazis held? Concentration Camps
What was the name of the Deputy Furer that flew from Germany to England to try to end WWII? Rudolph Hess Where were enemies of the Nazis held? Concentration Camps Who was the “Desert Fox”? Erwin Rommel What British General fought the “Desert Fox” in North Africa? Montgomery Who led the Afrika Corps for Germany? Erwin Rommel What was the Plot that the Afrika Corps leader joined after Hitler refused to let troops retreat from Normandy called? July Plot What was bombed on December 7, 1941 by the Japanese? Pearl Harbor, Hawaii What was the FINAL SOLUTION? Kill all Jews in Europe What conference or meeting was the “final solution” passed? Wanasee At what conference was it decided that the Germans would have to surrender unconditionally? Casablanca

6 What was Berlin declared on May 9, 1943, no more Jews? Juden Frei
Who was “Duce” he was dismissed by King Victor Emmanuel II on July 25, 1943? Benito Mussolini Who refused to allow German troops to retreat from Normandy after D-Day? Adolf Hitler What rockets did Hitler try to use during WWII? V1 & V2 Who was the leader of the French Liberation during WWII? Charles De Gaulle What American became supreme allied commander in Europe? Dwight Eisenhower What was the day called on June 6, 1944 when allies landed at Normandy and started the liberation of France? D- Day What was Hitler’s last offensive of the war? Battle of the Bulge What were Japanese “Divine Wind” pilots called, they flew their planes into ships? Kamikaze What was the battle that was the turning point of the War in the Pacific? Battle of the “Coral Sea”

7 What conference called for the unconditional surrender of Japan? Yalta
Who becomes the U.S. president after FDR dies? Harry Truman Who was hung in a Milan public square [park] so people could really see he was dead? Mussolini How did Hitler’s life end? Suicide in his bunker in Berlin What was the worst of the Nazi Death Camps? Auschwitz Where in the Pacific did United States Marines raise a flag that is now commemorated by a statue? Iwo Jima What was the name of the MODEL Nazi Concentration Camp, the camp the world saw? Theresienstadt 50 Nations joined what world organization toward the end of WWII? The United Nations What city in Germany did the Soviet Army reach and fly their flag over the Richstadt building? Berlin

8 General Alfred Jodl signed the unconditional surrender papers for WHAT country? Germany
On August 6, 1945 what city did the U.S. drop the first Atomic Bomb on? Hiroshima Three days later after the Japanese gave no response what city did the U.S. drop the second bomb on? Nagasaki What country surrendered aboard the USS Missouri on September ? Japan [got to keep their emperor] What were the trials called that were held after WWII to try the Germans for WAR CRIMES against humanity? Nuremburg Tribunals [Trials] Make SURE you STUDY this review sheet!!! THERE WILL NOT BE A PRACTICE TEST!! You WILL NOT be able to use the review sheet on the test. The TEST is ONLINE!! There are 26 True/False questions and 34 multiple choice questions, a total of 60 questions.

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