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The European Theatre Battles of WWII By: Elizabeth I.

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2 The European Theatre Battles of WWII By: Elizabeth I.

3 Invasion of Poland The Fall of France North Africa Battles Stalingrad Battle of the Bulge D-Day

4 Hitler demanded the Baltic Sea port which was in Polish control Alleged allies such as Britain & France were going to back Poland’s refusal for the sea port Danzig Germany turned to the USSR for support in invasion of Poland Germany attacked from the west and the USSR from the east The warfare became known as blitzkrieg – “lightening war” using tanks & aircraft Poland Fell to German forces on October 5 th 1939


6 The Maginot line were bunkers built in protection against Germany Hitler simply went around the Maginot line and invaded through the Netherlands,Belgium & Luxembourg France was caught by surprise leaving the French & British forces trapped in Belgium A miracle occurred at a port called Dunkirk when German forces halted giving time for evacuation & saved the country from complete defeat by Hitler France surrendered in June 1940


8 US president Roosevelt invaded Morocco & Algeria for the experience and to aid Britain in the fight against Germany in Egypt. During El Alamein General Erwin Rommel who lead the German forces planned to trap US and British forces in between Tunisia and Libya US forces did not fare well up against German force causing 7,000 casualties and losing 200 tanks Luckily Both American and British Forces forced Germany to surrender in North Africa

9 With confidence and persistency Hitler wanted to cut off supplies to Stalingrad which would keep the Soviets in the war Joseph Stalin ordered all troops to hold forcing German forces to the front lines Soviets surrounded 250,000 German troops 91,000 surrendered & only 5,000 survived

10 One last desperate attempt by Hitler involved blocking supplies coming through Belgium Germany caught Americans surrounding them General Patton and troops saved the Americans by attacking German forces Germany lost the battle with 100,000 casualties

11 President Roosevelt and Churchill planned the invasion of France which was lead by General Eisenhower The US forces were going to surprise Germany using rubber tanks,and dummy landing craft. This completely fooled Germany while they attacked through Normandy 100,000 soldiers by boat 23,000 paratroopers

12 Soviet troops began a massive attack on German Troops sending German forces back to Poland The Soviets had Germany by the Eastern border and America had attacked German forces by the Western border This crushed the German forces causing the suicide of Hitler The Surrender of Germany was on May 8 th 1945

13 The End

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