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Tru.Lo.Ri.No.Pea Tru:TRUTH Lo: Love Ri:Righteousness No:Nonviolence Pea:Peace.

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1 Tru.Lo.Ri.No.Pea Tru:TRUTH Lo: Love Ri:Righteousness No:Nonviolence Pea:Peace






7 Tru.Lo.Ri.No.Pea Tru * Truth relates to intellect component of mind * Truth concerns with the spirit of inquest * Absolute value of Truth is Intellectual intuition * Relative value of Truth is Knowledge * Sub values of Truth are: Truthfulness; Curiosity; Quest for knowledge; Spirit of Inquiry; Discrimination; Study of oneself; Effective Intelligence; Secularism; Respect for all religions ; Universal and self existent truth ; Honesty; Integrity; Optimism Typical statements* GOOD and EVIL: Evil is evil even if everyone every one does it. Good is good even if no one does it *FABRIC of LIFE has different threads - joy and pain; bitterness and sweetness; good moments and bad moments that seem independent one from the other while they are infact related and form the fabric of life. I cannot choose the color that I like best but I must accept them all. If I were to pull even one single thread the fabric would come apart Pleasure and Pain are interval between each other.* Self is the cause and Self is the effect. You reap what you sow. The good and the bad depend on you.* WHO sees? If I see with the eyes of Love I will discover the unity of all things. * WHO am I? I am not a single person but three: the one I think I am.. The one other think I am. And the one that I think others think about me.* UNITY in Diversity: Only he who looks on the surface does not see the essential unity of the world and of Humanity.



10 Lo * Love relates to psyche component of Soul * Love concerns with Expansion *Absolute value of love is Intuitive Understanding* Relative value of Love is oneness, Generosity, Help, Happiness, Joy, Kindness, Patience, Sharing, Sincerity, Sympathy, Tolerance Typical Statements* Love is the value of values present n every heart * To reach love we have to overcome many obstacles * Love which remains unexpressed is of no use to any one. Love is no love until it shows itself as such. * Love in our life means passing from 'I' to 'We' * Love is like spiral. Love is expansion, egoism is contraction. This is Love * Love is Harmony * Love is not to blame * Do not do to others that which you would not want to be done to you This is Love* Help, love and respect for others are the three hearts that represent love in action* Love dos not know reason or season.* Love admits no return.


12 Ri* Righteousness relates to the physical domain * Righteousness concerns with the sense of Duty * Absolute value of righteousness is Intuitive will * Relative value of righteousness is Talent * Sub values of Righteousness are: ** Self help skills; Grace, Endurance, Enthusiasm, Knowledge, Cleanliness and Hygiene Living etiquettes, regularity, punctuality, determination, decisiveness, Judgment, Self - reliance leading to Self confidence. Social skills; Adjustment, Perseverance, Patience, Tact, Dependability, Respect to others, Obedience, Reverence to common ides, Team spirit, Dignity of Labor, Self-fulfilling tasks, Unselfishness, courtesy Loyalty, Gratitude, leading to Contentment. Ethical skills strengthening Will and thereby generating Honesty, Resourcefulness, Initiative, Courage, Leadership, Justice, Dynamism, Responsibility, Cooperation, Faithfulness, Forgiveness bringing out internal transformation leading to Self sacrifice resulting in Self accountability. *** All these culminate into Self-realization Some Statements * Right idea put into action is right action * Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, but all is transformed. This is right action. This is right action. * Love gives and forgives, selfishness gets and forgets. This is right action.* A stitch in time saves nine. This is right action. * Man must operate in the hands of his conscience. This is right action.* Heaven helps those who help themselves. This is right action.* Society without harmony and cooperation is no society. This is right action. * No one is independent, all are interdependent. This is right action.* Real Liberty means listening to your soul and not the body or the mind. This is right action. * As you sow so you reap. This is right action. * You are in the mould of godliness and so others are. This is right action.* What you profess that you do. That is right action


14 No * Non-violence relates to spirit component of soul* Non-violence concerns with sense of Sacrifice* Absolute value of Non-violence is Intuitive connectivity * Relative value of Non- violence is oneness * Sub values of Non-violence are Oneness; Fellow feelings; Helpfulness; Compassion; Empathy; Tolerance; Universal love; Self-control; Discipline; One for all and all for one; Faith in Democratic values; National unity; Social solidarity; Commitment for development through conservation and preservation. Some Statements * The world is a single family: The only man that sees clearly is he who identifies himself with others. This is non-violence. * Do not waste: Do not waste time, don't waste energy, don't waste money, do not waste food. Am I nonviolent? * The peoples of the earth: Non- violence means different things but always closely united; universalism, sense of cooperation, and of responsibility towards other, humility and a disinterested sense of service * Cow, river and tree: The sense of sacrifice and altruism that are common to the cow, river and tree represent the non-violence. You cannot conquer Nature except by obeying it. This is non-violence * Good and bad: The good and bad exists everywhere Learn the good and unlearn the bad This is the path for non-violence * Double faith: Heart of the world is a whole composed of hearts of differing size and colors. Non-violence requires double faith - in God and in each one. * Who said…? 'Pardon them because they know not what they do! 'By so doing I do no evil to others and do no evil to myself. This is non-violence.



17 Pea * Peace relates to emotion component of mind * Peace concerns with Interior Honesty * Absolute value of Peace is Intuitive sentiments * Relative value of Peace is Equilibrium * Sub values of Peace are: Contentment, Patience, Perseverance, Compassion, Humility, and Freedom from anger, jealousy, greed, ego and lust, Purity, Integrity, Total awareness. Some statements* Peace: Eliminate the I and then Peace will remain.* Tree of Peace: The tree of Peace has its roots in internal balance and produces the fruit of calm, satisfaction acceptance of Self, compassion, thrift, patience and reflection*Eggs that walk: Patience will make me see marvels! If I were to wait for a little time I would also see the egg walk. Patience is the virtue of the strong.* Have I got perseverance? Our greatest virtue is not never to fall but to rise again.* Looking glass: What you think of yourself is much more important than that which the others think of you * Sacrificing the tongue: The wise doctor teaches me the meaning of sacrificing the tongue. When I tastes something good it immediately shares it with the stomach. When on the other hand, it tastes something bitter and it immediately spits it out. I also should have the same sense of sacrifice, sharing with my companions the good things and refusing the bad. When the turbulence of mind ceases the tongue is silent. This is Peace.*The ballet dancer Peace comes with interior honesty: Recognize your own error and you are pardoned by half. When I make a mistake did I behave like the ballet dancer who made a mistake in her dancing steps and put the blame on the traps player?



20 Love is Energy. Love is unconditional. Love is non- conditional. Love is in giving and not in taking. When thoughts are immersed in Love, Truth will manifest in heart. When actions are suffused with Love, then all our acts will exhibit Righteousness. When we experience love, then nonviolence will envelope us in all our endeavours. When our feelings are soaked in Love, we will be able to enjoy Peace.


22 TRULORINOPEA Truth in action is Love Love in action is Righteousness Righteousness in action is Non-violence Non-violence in action is Peace Peace in action is Bliss Bliss in action is well being Well-being in action is Value Management THIS is the task for all You-Me-He-She and They Let us do it and do it well

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