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2 The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. - William Arthur Ward

3 The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled. - Plutarch (56 – 120 AD)

4 PROF. OKKIE DE JAGER Excitement of Science. Go for the “big” projects. Relevance. The money will follow. You only publish so often: make each publication count. Invest time in subordinates / colleagues: you will reap the harvest. Keep a broad perspective. Make papers out of your ‘mistakes’. Be approachable.

5 PROF. OKKIE DE JAGER Try new things – take a shot in the dark! Ask questions! Derive creative constraints. Focus on ‘zero order’ before moving to the next. Engage with fellow-scientists. Connect the dots: bring people together. Seize opportunities. Legacy: ideas, people, character.

6 DR. ALICE K. HARDING Be on top of things: Aware of latest developments, while maintaining a handle on the basics. Be open about open questions. Be ambitious when writing research proposals – it’s a competitive endeavour! Connecting people / research. Regular feedback: keeping up momentum & discipline.

7 PROF. MARIUS POTGIETER Discerning motives behind actions – those of others and your own! Worldview. Hard work, excellence. Structure, punctuality, organization. Say no to frivolous requests. Find own work rhythm and up your productivity. Understand the system. Choose battles. Be aware of opportunities for growth. When in doubt – choose the action that would be to the student’s advantage.

8 PROF. STEFAN FERREIRA Be the best you can be, but not more. If the cost is too high, it is not worth it. Stop to smell the coffee! Focus on the important, not (always) on the urgent. Don’t take yourself too serious. Listen to all parties, then make the hard decisions. Don’t base worth on opinions of others. Keep on learning. Focus on the positives.

9 PROF. JOHAN VAN DER WALT A relational approach in science. See the larger context. Make connections. Find things to laugh about. Think things through. Accommodate another’s strengths and weaknesses. Broader interests make life interesting.

10 PROF. ADRI BURGER Systematic thought. “It’s how you say it.” Assessing plausibility of arguments (“That one’s not gonna fly!”). Be assertive when needed. Collegial. Give it time – nurture your talents. Sometimes it’s wise to wait.

11 PROF. HARM MORAAL Attention to detail. Integrity: making the profession venerable. Persistence. Involvement. Nurturing the field. Stability. High expectations, yet flexible. Strict but fair. Take the long view: balance resources.

12 PROF. PIETER STOKER Genuine interest. Encouragement. Example. Hard work. Devotion.

13 DR. HELENA KRUGER Service-oriented. A teacher’s heart. Fair. Accommodating. Strong principles. Dedication. Dependability.

14 PROF. MARKUS BOETTCHER Wisdom to pursue change or not. Hard work. International collaborations. Balancing physical and intellectual needs. Academic freedom. Loyalty.

15 CENTRE FOR SPACE RESEARCH Research culture. Research community. Research excellence. Research environment / infrastructure. Research support (special focus on young people; career planning). Strategic and fair use of time / human resources. Unity & diversity. Consider different viewpoints and find best solution.

16 If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. - Sir Isaac Newton (1643 - 1727)

17 “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life...” - Jesus Christ (circ. 28 AD) By way of analogy: NOT: I will show you the way NOT: I will find a way NOT: I will make a way NOT: I will ask for the way I will BE the Way…




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