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Water System Energy Savings Don Day Extension Associate – Energy December 2012.

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1 Water System Energy Savings Don Day Extension Associate – Energy December 2012

2 Outline Management Changes – Scheduling – Timing Mechanical Changes – Checking System Energy Source – Fuel Cost Comparisons Other farm water use

3 Irrigation Energy Savings Water only when needed.

4 Scheduling Methods Woodruff Method – or checkbook method – Weather data Recording field information: Sensors – Soil moisture blocks – Tensiometers

5 Crop Water Use from Weather Data

6 MU Weather Stations ndex.htm ndex.htm

7 Fine sandy loam 25-50% AW Soil Water by Hand Feel Method Fine sandy loam 50-75% AW Fine sandy loam 75-100%

8 Granular Matrix Block WATERMARK SOIL WATER SENSOR PVC Pipe ½” SDR 13.5 (Working Pressure 315 psi) I.D. = 0.716” CPVC Pipe ¾” Copper Tube Size (WP 100 psi) I.D. = 0.715”

9 Sensor Installation Depths 12” 12” 12” Soil Depth Intervals Insertion Hole Chisel Slot 16” 6” 18” 42” 30” 12”

10 Hansen AM400 Datalogger Data Logger - 6 Soil water sensors and two soil temperature sensors - Provides in field graph of past 35 days - More difficult to wire sensors into data logger - Special cable needed to download data

11 Easy Access

12 Irrigation Testing Uniformity testing – Takes about 4 hours – Should be done every 3-5 years Pump/well testing – n-pumping-plant-efficiency n-pumping-plant-efficiency – – ag452-6.html ag452-6.html –

13 Maintenance Leaks – Reduce pressure – Affect uniformity Nozzles – Each worn nozzle can cost $4/yr. in energy cost Power Units – Proper maintenance – Keep weeds mowed for ventilation Pumps – Worn impellers – Seals Intakes: lower water levels may require adjustment of pumps due to water level.

14 Pump with Normal Seal

15 Pump with Worn Seal Some water is re-pumped and re-pressurized Worn seal Internal leakage

16 Worn Impellers Enclosed Impeller Open Impeller North Central Region SARE Grant, 2011

17 Impeller Adjustment is Key Bottom Seal re-established, improving output and efficiency (may increase per hour energy use)

18 Irrigation Energy Assessments NRCS: – igation/default_irrigation.aspx igation/default_irrigation.aspx

19 Decreasing Irrigation Energy ItemPotential Savings Improve Pumping Plant Efficiency50% Decrease operating pressure50% Reduce amt. of water pumped25% Load Management50% Down-size electric motors10% Change sprinklers to reduce evap.10% Water at night5-10%

20 Fuel Cost Comparisons htm htm

21 Additional Resources duction-to-energy-efficient-irrigation duction-to-energy-efficient-irrigation

22 Financial Assistance EQIP – USDA NRCS – p.html p.html REAP –USDA Rural Development –

23 Loans and Cost Share Might be Used For: Converting to low pressure Change of nozzles Updating power equipment Converting type of fuel Sensors


25 Livestock Watering Systems ock-watering-systems-energy-efficiency- checklist-and-tips ock-watering-systems-energy-efficiency- checklist-and-tips

26 Livestock Waterers MAESTRO example – Heating elements ran 24 hours/day for 75 days. (600 hrs. run time) – One 500 watt, three 250 watt – Used 2250 kWh at cost of $270 – Cost of energy free waterers, $1650 – Payback = 5.7 years

27 Livestock Waterers Thermostat settings Check for leaks Insulate waterer

28 Pump Houses MAESTRO Example: – Uninsulated pump house: 790 kWh electric use at cost of $95/year Add insulation Reduce to 272 kWh at cost of $33 Cost of insulation = $230 Annual savings = $62 Payback = 3.7 years

29 Pump Houses Seal air leaks Add insulation Use thermostats to control heat

30 Files on the Jump Drive This presentation: Water System Energy Saving Don Day.pptx Bioenergy and Sustainable Energy Series – Encon-2.4-11-30-2012.pdf – Encon-2.4-Irrigation Self-Test.docx

31 Files on Jump Drive ATTRA publications: – Energytips_irrig.pdf – Irrigation-water.pdf – Maintaining_pumps.pdf – Soil_moisture.pdf

32 Files on Jump Drive PowerPoints – Energy Conservation with pipeline design – Irrigation Management Tools for Energy Conservation_2011 – Reducting_Pumping_Energy_Costs12011_final Handouts: – Irrigation Pumping Costs Handout_2011 – Evaluating Pumping Plant Efficiency, K-State – Updating the Nebraska Pumping Plant Performance Criteria

33 Files on Jump Drive Joe Henggler files: – Options to Decrease Irrigation Cost – Expanded Options to Decrease Energy Cost in Irrigation – Fuel Cost Comparisons (Excel File also on AgEbb)

34 Questions Don Day Extension Associate – Energy 573-823-1570

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