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Swasthya Slate (Health Tablet) Dr. Kanav Kahol

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1 Swasthya Slate (Health Tablet) Dr. Kanav Kahol

2 Contents Introduction to Swasthya Slate
End to end automation use cases Proposed Work Experimental Framework Timeline Conclusions

3 Have been provided excellent training Need to integrate all the health
Communication Material 54% of time on administrative work Limited buy in due to lack of diagnostics Need integration! Pree-clampsia Deaths from preeclampsia due to lack of timely detection 14% of all maternal deaths (16,380) 10% of all pregnant women (2,700,000) Lack of timely detection

4 Swasthya Slate An integrative device with data analytics and reporting for monitoring and planning. Takes off-the-shelf validated and approved products, links them to a tablet and allows ASHAs/ANMs to conduct these tests with ease. System provides end to end integration from diagnosis, referrals, followups to reporting, health communication and healthy behaviour promotion Our main contribution is to allow a one-stop-shop for all functions of healthworkers and allowing them to accomplish all tasks with ease. Diagnostics allow a health profile of all patients and allows proactive monitoring.

5 Diagnostic Tests We support multiple vendors for each test.
All vendors being used in government hospitals

6 Rural independent clinics charge ~`50-100 per test
Available May, may not be available Diagnostic test Availability in a sub centre Availability in a PHC1 Time taken at the PHC or sub centre Availability on Swasthya slate3 Time taken on Swasthya slate4 Blood hemoglobin 2 Instant 1-3 days Blood pressure 3 ECG 5 Water quality 6 Rural independent clinics charge ~` per test Not available Blood sugar 1 Urine protein 4

7 Health Worker Education
Functionality Reporting Diagnostics Referrals On-spot recommendations Health Worker Education Health Worker Certification Patient Education Feedback Planning Resource Allocation

8 Cardio Vascular Screening App Preeclampsia App Decision Support App
Urine Protein Registration Swasthya Slate App Ante natal care App Cardio Vascular Screening App Preeclampsia App Decision Support App Breakfast Planner Game App Nutrition Records App Dai Maa App Patient History Direct access to 108 services for emergency and training material for service. Telemedicine App Health Communication App

9 Cloud Based EMR Our diagnostics feed data directly into EMR.
Geotagging for patient verification Patient confidentiality is given special attention. Never share the data without consent Ability for different views and privileges. Aggregation services and visualization services started

10 Swathya slate enables real time demographic epidemiology research (1/2)

11 Swathya slate enables real time demographic epidemiology research (2/2)

12 Pilots

13 MCH Study In Punjab, where we have screened 1000 mothers, we found 120 mothers with preeclampsia. (before slate 10 detected 8 deaths with slate 0 deaths) Our antenatal care visits went from an average of 0.8 per mother to 4.1 per mother in Mukhtsar district. We also were able to provide mothers with timely information on breast feeding and nutrition using our apps.

14 Screening

15 Mother & Child Care – Diagnosis, referral & follow ups
Aari Khera village in Moradabad district observes its Village Health & Nutrition Day (VHND). ASHA Shanti visits for regular check ups The ASHA registers her in the Swasthya Slate system and performs diagnostic tests. Uses telemedicine app to consult doctor and contacts emergency service A pregnant lady with some complications visits her The Swasthya Slate System is equipped with apps like Preeclampsia, ANC to cater to pregnancy related issues. The Apps allows the ASHA to automatically schedule follow-ups for doctor/ANC visits, vaccine schedule in her tablet Emergency Services DEO ANM Doctor Swasthya Slate system sends out the data in real time. The lady is registered under JSY scheme by the DEO PHC doctors can make further follow-ups using the patient data received on the MCTS Division of Affordable Health Technologies, PHFI

16 Mother & Child Care – Diagnosis, referral & follow ups
The lady gets OK with the timely check up The ASHA returns to the lady on the scheduled days for follow-ups Gets automatic schedule for later visits (follow-up) through task Scheduler App Helps in arranging mobilisation for the expecting mother Helps in post natal exercise teaching (Health Communication), infant nutrition etc. Can schedule vaccination plan for the infant Division of Affordable Health Technologies, PHFI

17 Health Communication – Reaching the masses
A health supervisor uses an online portal to upload the education material remotely Dharupur village in Sultanpur Dist. (UP) observes its Village Health & Nutrition Day (VHND) Shanti, an ASHA visits the village. She’s been assigned a task to educate the villagers about health & hygiene The uploaded materials get downloaded on to the ASHA’s Swasthya Slate. She uses Health Communication app on her Swasthya slate to show the videos, books, audios to the villagers. She can rate the videos and give feedbacks Officials can overlook the on-going process of the education exercise from remote location using the online portal. The portal gives information about the videos, books that have been viewed with the date, time & location of viewing Map showing places Where the video has Been viewed Division of Affordable Health Technologies, PHFI

18 Reporting – Swasthya Slate Data Bank
Example Using the Heat Map Has to prepare weekly, monthly reports on health related issues or needs data for any other purpose Ministry Official The heatmap looks at patients from a region and averages their BP to produce a colour representing the seriousness of BP issue in that region. This visualization helps you plot where to focus the intervention and reap the best benefit from public health schemes. Swasthya Slate system provides multiple options for information gathering & data acquisition, the access to which is restricted to authorised users only Above Normal BP of population represented as red. Optimal for maximum Impact of intervention Real Time Dashboards Patient Demographics Disease Heat Maps Geo location Database Temperature Logger Portal Swasthya Slate Patient Information System Visualizations Swasthya Slate Database Real Time Records Uploaded from Swasthya Slate Division of Affordable Health Technologies, PHFI

19 Swasthya Card

20 Vaccination

21 ASHA’s Field Visits

22 Conclusions Swasthya Slate represents an opportunity to integrate technology use across the spectrum of functions of the public health system. This pilot will allow for refining the implementation modalities and ensuring maximum benefits for population and fulfilling the objectives of RMNCH+A and NIPI. PHFI will oversee the pilot and develop the training, maintenance and implementation material which will support frontline health workers and doctors. The model will be tested for sustainability across multiple dimensions and evaluated for access and effectiveness in the evaluation study.

23 Thanks 9650922228

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