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Challenge to be more than mediocre To step up to a new level and new dimension The new dimension has: – Opportunity – Responsibility.

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2 Challenge to be more than mediocre To step up to a new level and new dimension The new dimension has: – Opportunity – Responsibility

3 Who wouldn’t want a responsibility that goes along with an opportunity that builds an extraordinary life? – Learn to be strong but not rude – Learn to be bold but not a bully Seize the opportunity but don’t push – Leadership by invitation not by threat, aggravation or intimidation. – that shows the weakness of the leader – Leadership by inspiration – to move up the next level. – Be kind but not weak. – Be thoughtful but not lazy – Think and Act – Be humble but not timid – Virtue vs. Illness – Be proud without being arrogant ‘’Arrogance is a childish attempt to make up for lack of self worth.’’ Arrogance from ignorance – worst kind If a guy is smart and arrogant we can tolerate that, but if a guy is dumb and arrogant – that’s hard to take

4 Whatever you sow – you reap. To deserve the harvest you must plant the seed, take care of it. If you sow good – you reap good. You cant reap flowers if you sow wheat. Sometimes it doesn't work at all. – Story of the farmer. – Whether to do it again or not? More often then not – you reap what you sow There is not guarantee but the odds are good – more often then not is better odds than in Las Vegas

5 Behold, there went out a sower to sow the seed: 1.He had an excellent seed, a good story to tell or excellent product to sell. 2.He was ambitious. 1.And it came to pass, as he sowed, some fell by the way side, and the birds of the air came and took them. Somebody didn’t get to meeting? The birds got him! What can you do? – NOTHING You could go chasing birds but that's not a good deal. – You Should Keep Sowing The Seed Sow more than the birds can get. Depend on the Law of Averages – not trying to solve every problem

6 2. And some fell on stony ground, where it had not much earth; and immediately it sprang up, because it had no depth of earth: But when the sun was up, it was scorched; and because it had no root, it withered away. – The hot weather will get some! – Somebody’s excited – Somebody says ‘’Boo’’ – They quit – What can you do about that? – NOTHING – Keep on sowing 3. And some fell among thorns, the thorns grew up, and choked it to death and it died. – Thorns are going to get some. – The cares of life, little duties, little distractions – Didn’t make to meeting? – People let little things cheat them out of big opportunities – It’s a little heartbreaking to watch – but you can’t do nothing about it.

7 And other fell on good ground – It will always fall on the good ground – If you keep sharing a good idea it will someday fall on: a good ground productive ground receptive ground decision making ground.

8 and it yield fruit that sprang up and increased; and brought 30%, some 40%, and some 60%, some 100%. – Everybody’s different – Everybody have different ambitions – You just have to take it like it comes – you can’t change it! – It’s like seasons – you can’t say ‘’I’ll take two summers, a spring and an autumn. No – you’ve got to take them like they flow. – The inevitable erosion of life says that there is always going to be more freshmen than seniors. – Not everybody who started will finish. Some plan in the spring and leave it in summer. – If you want a lot of graduating seniors – you must keep loading the freshmen class.

9 If you do something often enough you will get ratio of results. Once you understand that – the world is yours! In sales – You are getting started – Talk to 10 get 1. Beginning of the ratio. Once it starts it tends to continue! (Baseball – Batting Average) Nobody bats 9/10 Even if you get 1/10 you can start to compete.

10 Here is what I do if I’m new – I MAKE UP IN NUMBERS WHAT I LACK IN SKILL! When my skill increase – I don’t need to do a 100 to get 10. The law of average can be increased – Exciting – In time you get better at it and you get 2/10, 3/10

11 Old Rule of 80/20 20% of people do 80% of the business and other 80% of the people do 20% of the business It’s something you don’t try to change or rearrange – it’s part of the deal. It’s something you work with – till you understand it. Time management You only give 20% of your time to those 80% And 80% of your time to those 20% The pull is the other way – guess who wants 80% of your time? ANSWER – Work individually with the 20% and by groups with the 80% Guess who wants the 1-on-1 sessions? Bring the question to the training.

12 Faith is the ability to see things that don’t yet exist. Faith can torn difficulty into reality – positive reality. 1.Faith is the ability to see it as it is. Does not ignore the negative – use the negative. If there was no negative – there would be no need for faith. If everything was OK what would you need the faith for? Don’t see it worse than it is! 2.Faith sees it better as it is. Could you see beyond the mess, see tomorrow. Dream the dreams, plan, visualize, use imagination.

13 3. Faith makes it better than it is. Faith must be invested in the muscle. If you invest faith into action you can take any situation and make it better. 4.Faith don’t see it more than it can become Thin line between faith and folly It’s great seeing yourself as a millionaire but not overnight! Plenty is possible without being foolish 5.It might be worse than you first see it. Look underneath not only surface 6.It could be far more in the future than you can first see Ask for more faith and walk the next hundred feet.

14 Learn to work with people who deserve it not who need it. You need more money but do you deserve it? Take a step if you want help. Teaching people how to deserve it – start to accelerate their self esteem. Self Esteem-Action-Progress-Fortune Don’t expect a pear tree to give apples! Let them do whatever they can do. You can’t change people – but they can change themselves. The best you can do is Inspire and Hope Give recognition and rewards

15 My Heritage – I was blessed by Parents, Country, Books, Courts, Airplanes and Telephones I inherited. My Experiences – It’s wealth and commodity – Use your experiences My Friends – Support system My Knowledge – Those who passed their knowledge onto me made me rich beyond belief. – Ask for unusual awareness My Future – The good things to come

16 Let others lead small lives – but not You Let Your life be not just acceptable but memorable Let others cry over small hurts but not You Let other waste their resources but not You Learn to help people with their lives not just with their jobs If you work on your gifts they will make a place for you.


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