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Template Design for Pathfinder Workshop Attracting Inward Investment by Becoming a Host Location for the Offshoring of Business Support Services May 2009.

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1 Template Design for Pathfinder Workshop Attracting Inward Investment by Becoming a Host Location for the Offshoring of Business Support Services May 2009

2 2 Contents Introductionpage 3 Aims and objectivespage 4 Structurepage 5 Key featurespage 6 Facilitatorspage 7

3 3 Introduction The relatively few locations that are established hosts for the offshoring of business support functions reap enormous benefits in terms of job creation, tax revenues and the development of sustainable business and social infrastructure*. Due to the strength and diversity of the various offshoring markets, real opportunities now exist for further locations to attract significant inward investment in this way. Our Pathfinder Workshops help you evaluate your location’s potential as a host for offshoring and develop a plan for attracting such activity This pack presents the template design for the “Pathfinder” workshops (but the design can be adjusted according to your specific requirements) * Locations” in this sense include countries, regions and cities Within our use of the term “offshoring”, we cover both BPO (ie where services are delivered to a client-organization by an external supplier) and internal arrangements (usually called “shared services” or “captives”) By “business support services” we mean corporate services such as HR, finance and accounting, IT, customer management, etc. We do not include “core” organizational functions such as sales offices, R&D units and manufacturing

4 4 Aim and objectives The aims of the workshops are to enable a robust assessment of the target location’s suitability as a host for offshoring to be undertaken and to facilitate the production of: –A vision for how the location will attract a significant volume of BPO activity –A high-level strategy for achieving that vision –A next-step action-plan for initiating the strategy In terms of specific objectives, the workshops: –Equip participants with a sound knowledge-base as to what offshoring is, what is currently happening in the global offshoring markets and what other locations have done to become major hosts of offshoring –Provide structured decision-making and planning processes to allow the group to produce the key deliverables described above

5 5 Structure Market overview Market sizes Key developments The players – suppliers, consultants, clients, agencies Locations So what does all this mean for us? The vision The outline strategy The immediate next steps Introduction Personal introductions Objectives Workshop structure Ground-rules Core concepts BPO Internal and external BPO Offshoring The BPO life-cycle What BPO needs to work Becoming a BPO host location Key requirements – socio-political, legal and fiscal, technological Developing the right vision Realizing the vision

6 6 Key features Participant groups should: –Have a shared focus on / responsibility for the specific target location –Be of sufficient seniority to make decisions (or make recommendations) –Collectively, cover key bases such as human resources, legal and fiscal, infrastructure, marketing Pathfinder Workshops usually take two days, with some preparatory work (for both EMRG and participants) and follow-up if appropriate In order to maximize effectiveness, a number of workshop techniques are used. These include: presentations, whole-group discussions, syndicate group and individual delegate exercises and the use of structured tools and processes to support decision- making and planning

7 7 Facilitators Howard Spode. Howard has direct, hands-on experience at every stage of the BPO life-cycle from both the supplier and client perspectives and he possesses up-to-date knowledge of what is happening in the global BPO markets. He is also a highly-experienced workshop facilitator and so, in addition to providing deep subject matter expertise, he will lead the design and delivery of the workshops. Howard is an occupational psychologist by academic background, and spent his early career in management and organization development. It was in this environment that his workshop techniques were honed. He has worked in the BPO arena since the mid-nineties. He has been a true pioneer in the field and was voted “Professional of the Year” by the UK’s National Outsourcing Association in 2007. Until recently, he was Managing Director of NelsonHall, the world’s leading BPO analyst firm. Amit Badami Amit has over 14 years experience in global sourcing. He has in-depth knowledge of the various offshoring markets and hands-on experience of helping a number of development agencies attract inward investment through offshoring (both captive and BPO). His professional background is in Marketing. Amit will provide subject matter expertise in all these areas. He is the founder of EMRG, which, in addition to working with development agencies, also runs prestigious conferences and seminars on sourcing. Amit will also therefore be able to provide access to a very wide network of contacts across the global buyer, supplier and consultancy communities, amassed from his interactions with over 800 corporates. Prior to his career in outsourcing, Amit worked for Citigroup, Cargill Inc and India’s Godrej Group. He has a Masters of International Management from Thunderbird, Arizona. Nancy Apcar. Nancy has extensive experience in advising regional and national development agencies in the area of offshoring, as well as in wider inward investment strategy, promotion and development. In this capacity, she has worked with the majority of the UK’s regional development agencies and more than a dozen international agencies. She has also provided advice to a large number of client-side multinational corporations on all aspects of their offshoring arrangements. She maintains excellent up-to-date knowledge of what is happening in the global offshoring markets. She will provide deep subject matter expertise in these area and support Howard in the design and delivery of the workshops. Nancy’s career to date has seen her perform key roles as an employee of or a consultant to a significant number of major public and private sector organisations – eg the UK Financial Services Authority, the UK National Health Service, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Andersen, BT, Philips and Cambridge University.

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